Instagram: a Great Small Business Marketing Tool

Business Marketing with Instagram Works?

Instagram is a photo-sharing app available on mobile platforms. Users can post and edit images and short videos, record Instagram stories, and go live with video.

How to Market on Instagram

Businesses can also advertise on Instagram. There are three different ways of advertising; Photo Ads that also have labels that are sponsored above the photo and button to Learn More.

Instagram: a Great Small Business Marketing Tool

Video Ads also label that is sponsored on top and Carousel Ads where followers can swipe through several photos. Always ensure that you have enough followers who can even make your photos go viral.

Some Instagram strategies to use are showing off your product, going behind the scenes, engaging your employees and asking your clients and followers to showcase their pictures.

You can also post select deals on your Instagram and offer your Instagram followers discount. It makes them feel appreciated and might tell their colleagues about the business. You might also wonder how to get 100k followers on Instagram aren’t you? Well, click here to find that out!

Tips and tricks on Instagram

Avoid using links in Instagram captions. You can post a link that is working to take users to a site in your profile or a button on a sponsored post. If you need to direct traffic to a particular website, you can change the link in your bio to that particular page and indicate to users that the links is on your profile.

Ensure your posts relate to your brand. Don’t share photos of people, food fashion and animals if they are not related to your business.It makes your social marketing look disorganized and can confuse your followers.

As an entrepreneur you can look for a way to incorporate such pictures and still make them relate to the business, and it could boost your social marketing policy.

Connect with other users and reply to people’s comments on your posts. It indicates that you are attentive and caring to what their opinion is. It will motivate them to follow and interact with you if they feel they are valued.

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