Instagram’s Effect on the Food Industry

Has Instagram Effect on the Food Industry?

We live in a day and age in which the social media pretty much informs us about everything. A Large amount of the younger population gets all of their information and knowledge from the internet. The food industry is no exception more so to this fact. Let’s focus on Instagram’s effect on the food industry.

Instagram is a large social platform that people use to share photos of their life, their business, their pet and so on. Most restaurants use it to share their dishes, see what people really think about it. Let’s focus on the positives and the negatives of using Instagram to promote their business.

Instagram's Effect on the Food Industry


The list of positives is enormous. People often find a place for their breakfast, lunch or dinner online because it’s simple. People can very easily be reached via Instagram, making it a free advertising platform with huge reach. People can share their positive experience via Instagram as well, kind of a free recommendation for your future costumes.

Social media can be your best advertising platform if you are an uprising business. Promote your dishes or your menu on Instagram and make sure that your posts reach the right people. If you are using it for advertising you should have a target group, people who actually go out to eat.

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Putting your business out in the open when it’s not ready can be a risky thing to do. People have no problem with openly critiquing your business, making it less attractive for your future consumers.

People can be pretty harsh online and Instagram is no different, so, unless you are one hundred percent sure that your business is ready for social media, don’t use it. Spend more time designing the menu and making sure that your dishes are perfect. After that hit the open waters.

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