12 Best 3D Launchers Available For Android

Android’s fantastic and adaptable operating system is helping to grow its popularity day by day. The number of android users is increasing day by day, and there are millions of users around the world praising the inclusion of numerous advanced features.

A great feature of the Launcher is that it makes customizing quite simple. Not only does it allow Android devices to adapt nicely to your style, but it also makes your device surprising and distinct from the rest of the crowd.

Because of the rapid development and acceptance of semiconductor technology in tablets and phones, traditional launchers are being replaced with 3D Launchers.

Launchers with 3D effects show off your phone’s GPU. You can change the transition effects and 3D icons and widgets as you see fit. In this post, we will be covering the best 3D Launchers available for android devices.

Best 3d Launchers Available For Android

List Of Best 3d Launchers For Android

If you’re bored with your Android device’s appearance and want to give it a new lease on life, check out some of the top 3D launcher apps listed below.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 3D launcher apps for Android to help you customize your phone’s interface. Check it now!

3D Launcher


As the name very well suggests, it is one of the most eye-catching launchers for Android nowadays. There are almost 300 different themes available in the theme store with cool wallpaper with 3D parallax effects.

It enhances your smartphone’s 3D effects, making your daily mobile life more convenient, exciting, and productive. It supports more than ten gestures, and there are effects involving the fingers of a magician.

You may set a lock on hidden apps if you want to hide them, ultimately making it one of the best 3D launchers of all time.

Download: Android l iOS

Pro Launcher


“Pro Launcher” is one of the recommended 3D launchers which completely alter the look and feel of your phone, including the OS14 Home screen, widgets, lock screen, passcode, control center, and notification center. 

With daily-changing launcher themes, Pro Launcher provides your phone a fresh look. Then there are the notable features, such as the phone sponsor, waste cleaner, battery saver, and CPU cooler. There is only one Launcher required.

You can rearrange app icons, remove apps, create and manage folders, select many cool wallpapers for your phone! 

A widget and notification manager lets you do things like check the weather and favorite contacts and read and manage notifications. With Pro Launcher, your phone will look and feel better than ever. 

Download: Android

LightLaunch Light


LightLaunch is a flexible light launcher with slick 3D graphics. This Launcher has 3D effects, but it doesn’t use OpenGL to do so. It also has unlimited pages, which can be created by dragging and dropping icons.

Most of the icon packs available on Google Play are compatible with the launcher app. It enhances your Android user interface with stunning 3D graphics.

Despite its small size, LightLaunch Light allows for plenty of Customizations. It will enable you to personalize it in several ways. It enhances your Android user interface with stunning 3D graphics.

Most of the icon packs available on Google Play are compatible with the launcher app. It offers excellent flexibility with slick 3D graphics. It has icon packs, which can be used to create icon themes. It also has icon scaling, which allows users to change the size of icons.

Download: Android  

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Lens launcher


“Lens Launcher” is one of the top suggested 3D launchers for android apps. The program not only alters the appearance of your Android’s interface but also improves the overall efficiency of your phone.

Lens Launcher is a new and improved way to browse and launch your apps. Its two distinctive features eliminate the need to navigate through extensive lists or swipe through numerous pages.

Additionally, Lens Launcher features a comprehensive Settings menu for fine-tuning every aspect of the Lens, including distortion, scaling, icon size, haptic feedback, and more. An “Equispaced Grid” shows all of your apps regardless of screen size or the number of apps.

Lens Launcher is a new and improved way to browse and launch your apps. Lens launcher lets you customize your home screen with a custom wallpaper, hide apps and icons, and more.

Download: Android 

3D Effect Launcher


Using 3D Effect Launcher, your phone will look brand new, fresh, and cool. In addition to the fantastic screen visual effects, live wallpapers, and cool themes, the 3D Effect Launcher apk makes your phone look brand new and fresh.

3D Effect Launcher offers many helpful features not found in your phone’s default launcher, making your daily mobile life easier and more efficient.

There’s a magic finger effect, desktop transition effects, edge effects, and much more. Aside from that, the 3D Effect Launcher’s theme store offers over 300 themes, 30 live wallpapers, and over 20 3D parallax backgrounds.

It also provides many valuable features that aren’t included in your native phone’s Launcher, making your daily mobile life easier and more efficient to work.

Download: Android l iOS

ARC Launcher


When it comes to personalization, ARC Launcher offers a wide range of free 3D themes that can completely change the look and feel of your Android device. 

Additionally, ARC Launcher gives users access to a music player, news feed, and a performance center, among other features.

You can very well make your Android’s home screen as fast, cool, stylish, small, and safe as possible. If you also desire to customize your phone like in a futuristic sci-fi movie, use Arc 3D Launcher. It’s not just about the sci-fi movie feel; it has a tonne of performance-driven features that save battery life as well.

Download: Android 

U Launcher 3D


It’s arguably the greatest and most highly rated 3D launcher software available for you. There are 10,000+ 3D themes and HD wallpapers available with the Android launcher software. 

Custom icon packs and wallpapers can be found in the free launcher DIY theme store in the form of themes.  Android free themes for all kinds of people can be found here!

All themes are compatible with 99 percent of Android devices, including Vivo, Lenovo, Samsung Galaxy, Coolpad, Huawei Honor, Xiaomi, and Redmi, and a specially developed theme for iOS10 and an iPad phone.

An in-house team of theme designers constantly updates free wallpaper and desktop backgrounds and thus is a highly recommended app for users. Additionally, U Launcher 3D includes several system-optimization features such as Junk Cleaners, a speed booster, and more.

Download: Android 

Curve Launcher


Still, one of the most liked 3D launchers is “Curve Launcher,” which is exceptionally flexible and execution-driven with an excellent appearance and characteristics.

It offers a wide range of fantastic and practical functions, as well as a variety of color themes, all of which help to personalize your phone. 

A completely redesigned user interface makes it much easier for the user to engage with it. Free 3D/2D Themes are included with the circular section Launcher, as well as all the customization options you’ll need for your phone. It’s not simply about how Science Fiction movies and Futuristic subjects make you feel. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started and make your home screen incredibly swift, intelligent, and simple, all while keeping it safe from harm. It includes impressive execution-driven features to save you 3x time every day.

Download: Android 

GO Launcher Z


“GO Launcher Z” is an elegant and personalized 3D launcher. You can customize your home screen, menu, and lock screen with screen 3D effects, App Widgets, and over 1,00,000 free HD backdrops.

It offers more than 10,000 stunning portable themes. There are many jazzy launcher subjects in a wide range of styles, such as stars, anime, gaming, and animation.

GO Launcher also provides you with a speedy and secure working involvement in indirect, smooth, and superb 3D effects, thus improving the personalization experience.

Download: Android 

ME Launcher – 3D


APSU Launcher 3D is an Android Launcher that’s fast, fluid, and safe, and the users highly rate it. It is a massive free topic and live background that consumes virtually no memory and has a smooth sliding liveliness and simple usage administration. 

There are numerous free features available, like 3D themes, 3D live scenes, finger wizardry, 2D symbol packs, and so on, to let you personalize your phone’s user interface.

You can use a variety of 3D change effects to rethink your sleek Launcher. It makes your life easier by enabling Quick inquiry and focused application grouping.

Download: Android 

Ace Launcher


‘Ace Launcher” changes the launcher theme on your phone every day to keep it fresh. In the meantime, it provides useful functions like a phone booster, junk cleaner, battery saver, and CPU cooler. 

Ace Launcher offers live 3D effect backdrops, parallax backdrops, and far-reaching influence live backdrops, among other options. Many different console-related issues are covered here.

In addition to launcher themes, locations, and symbol sets, it also has some fantastic console themes. It is an excellent center for Customization with beautiful themes, free launcher themes.

Icon packs are updated weekly to keep things fresh for you. Awesome live wallpapers with 3D effects are also provided.

There will be no more light backgrounds for you to look at anymore!

Download: Android 

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Cool R Launcher


“Cool R Launcher” is a stylish app with various vital highlights, excellent subjects, and backgrounds in the Cool R Launcher for AndroidTM 11.

It is built on top of the Android 11 Launcher code and includes a slew of new features where you can easily customize your device’s outlook.

Additionally, you can customize your phone with a plethora of options. If you want to make your phone look BRAND NEW and MODERN, use this Cool R AndroidTM 11 Launcher.

Download: Android 

Make your homepage and theme appealing

Several 3D launchers let you design your homepage, or anything else, according to your taste or preferences, such as adding a clock widget in a different style or adding other information.

Not every launcher app supports this method, but there are a few. You just have to customize the page/theme to suit your taste, otherwise, you can search on YouTube for “launcher name + setup” for example. – nova launcher + setup.


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Final Thought

These launchers make your Android home screen more reasonable and dynamic with powerful effects, stunning devices, and an intuitive 3D interface. A 3D Launcher App is exactly what it sounds like.

Android launchers can also be used to change the look and feel of your Android device entirely. If you have any queries, comment below and share this post with your friends and near and dear ones and give them the pleasure of customizing their look of Android in the way they think is best for them.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article!

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