9 Best Animal Face Changer Apps That Will Make Your Look Animal

The trend of posting photos on social media has now reached a point where almost everyone loves to post pictures in different formats. One of these formats is the Animal Face. Animal faces are becoming a new trend that is booming on social media.

Here I’m going to share 9 unique and incredible applications that I have tested among thousands of apps and chosen the top-notch apps. You can quickly turn yourself into a wild animal with these beautiful Animal Face Swap Apps.

Now, let’s look at these apps.

Best Animal Face Changer Apps for android & ios

Best Animal Face Changer Apps For Android And IOS

These apps make it super easy to make you look like a wild animal in no time. Just take a picture or select that you want to edit, pick an animal for which you want to look like it, and those will render your picture into it automatically.

These apps allow you to replace your face with an animal face. In addition, you can replace half of your face with an animal face. The procedure looks like a game, and you can share it as a funny picture on social media.

RankingApp’s Name
2Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing
3YouCam Fun
4Beauty Face: Animal Face
5Animal Face Photo App
6SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor
7Zooface – GIF Animal Morph
9Insta Animal Face Maker



Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps with over 200 million active users, but in addition to social media, it has many amazing video and photo capturing options that everyone looks forward to using. 

You can use multiple filters at once and use them to create more creative videos and photos.

You can also use it for swapping faces. If you see a trend or not, which is a child face trend, you can do it as well. To use filters, you need to download the app from the play store or from the Apple App Store. Then make an account with the app.

Once that is complete, you can go to the capture section and select the effect you want or choose the Face Swap option and capture it. Afterwards, it is ready to share on any social media platform. 

Download:  iOS | Android

Beauty Face Plus: Face Morphing


Beauty Face Plus is another excellent app that lets you edit your face to look like an animal. It has the largest collection of effects which you can modify as you like. Aside from that, it’s one of the most popular apps among social media creators.

It allows you to apply five types of masks, including face-off, face morph (four options), part face, split effect and face blend. In addition, You’ll find a selection of 50+ animal masks too, so you’ll have an option to use as per your taste.

There are also options for face objects like eyes, mouths, noses, and so on. And you can use these effects and tools to make a picture you desire. After that, all the options are at your fingertips so you can show your full creativity.

Additionally, you can share your creations on social media sites to show creativity. This app is currently only available for Android, so IOS users will not be able to download it. But soon for IOS users too. Overall, this is an excellent app. Do try it.

Download: Android

YouCam Fun


The Youcam Fun app is also among the best, which is packed with a great selection of masks, animal muzzles, and more. It is easy to use, and you can instantly use realtime filters, animated stickers, motion stickers, and pictures to make your photographs more creative.

The animal effects you can choose from are varied; you’ll find Panda, tiger, raccoon, owl, and so on in this app. You also have the option to use only an object of the animal or the entire muzzle on your face, which looks cool.

The app makes photo editing easy. You can add your images in the app, choose a filter, and edit them as you wish. There is also the chance to edit your videos with the realtime effect; I can tell you they are amazingly realistic.

In addition to photo editing, you can edit the background of your photos and videos as well, with frames, light leaks, etc. Overall, it’s a great app, and you should give it a try.

Download: Android | IOS

Beauty Face: Animal Face


Despite being another nice app with cool effects and creative designs. You cannot ignore Animal Face Masks, So It has more than a dozen types of animal masks that can quickly transform you into a cat, a fox, a panda, etc.

You can easily adjust and edit your photo with the easy to use interface. This will help your images look more creative. There is also a cool feature called refresh that applies a random animal’s face to your picture.

The app’s editing is too easy. You just have to take a photo or choose an image from the library, Swap stickers to head, Adjust head stickers by the finger and Save your picture on sd card and share it on social media.

It is currently available only for Android users, so IOS users cannot use the Beauty Face: Animal Face app. I recommend trying this app at least once; you’ll indeed find it enjoyable.

Download: Android 

Animal Face Photo App


Animal Face Photo is another good app with a variety of unique features and an easy-to-use interface. The app can make you look like an animal in a split second; you just need to select the effect and adjust it as per your taste.

This app is also compatible with group photos so that you can apply filters to your friends’ faces as well. 

There are colourful stickers, animal masks, with every sticker cut for an eye, and you can make it more realistic by zooming in and out, flipping, rotating, adjusting the opacity, and changing the colour of the stickers.

This application offers many animal masks that can be used as single or multiple masks at the same time, and you can use text on your photos with full customization like changing fonts, colours, patterns, etc.

Once you have completed the editing, you can share the modified image on various social media. Try it once; you’ll love it.

Download: Android

SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor


SWAG Animal Face Photo Editor is the perfect tool to edit your photos creatively. It is based on a face recognition system, so it can do most of the work by itself, and you simply have to adjust the effect to suit your taste.

It is not difficult to use; you just have to install the app and insert a photo. After that, you click on the button then all the effects are randomly applied. Once finished, you can adjust zoom and resize.

The application also allows you to add hats, sunglasses, and other editing things to your photo. Once completed, you can share your creative photo on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with friends. 

Currently only available for Android, so this app cannot be used on iOS.

Download: Android

Zooface – GIF Animal Morph


Zooface is another app for editing your photos to make them into animals with GIF animation. It is a different photo editing app that allows users to edit their pictures with animation and save them to their phones.

All you need is download the app, add a photo to it and choose the effect. After editing your photo, you can save it as a still photo or a GIF animation. This app is also popular for creating great selfie videos.

The application also offers the option to share it with friends and family. the app is available for both IOS users and Android users which you can download from the below link.

Download: Android | IOS



Catface is one of the easiest apps to use out there, and when we talk of interface and features. You can customize your photos by simply manipulating the tools. There are more than 200 stickers included for free.

There are other amazing features such as heart, crown, stickers with themes like birthdays, flowers, heart crowns, anniversaries, and so on to enhance the photo. It is always updated with the latest trends, so you don’t have to find the right app for effect.

There are 50+ color mysterious filters available, such as classic to modern beauty or dawn to dusk, as well as funny effects to enhance your photos. You can also crop your photos in many aspect ratios and resize them in the app.

There are many effects at your fingertips, so that you can adjust them to your liking. It also has colourful filters for you to make your photos look like you want. Overall, it’s a good app. You should try it.

Download: Android

Insta Animal Face Maker


This is yet another great application for editing photos; in this app, you can turn your photos into an animal very easily. It provides 15+ animal faces, like pandas, lions, cats, dogs, cows, and so on, so you can imagine the creative output.

Additionally, you can add texts and perfect filters to your photos to make them more creative. To edit your picture, you need to open the photo gallery or take one with the camera. Tap on the plus (+) button to add more faces to your picture and adjust them as per your taste.

 After completing the editing, you can share your photos on social media very easily. Insta Animal Face Maker is a freemium app, so if you upgrade, you’ll gain access to 100 more animal faces, as well as many more features for editing photos.

Currently, the app is only available for iPhones, so android users cannot use it, but it may soon be available for Android users as well. Overall, it’s a great app. You can download it using the link below.

Download: iOS

Final Thought

The Animal Face Changer Apps are available for Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the given links. After installing them and you can edit your photo with a few taps; I hope you will enjoy this app post.

We would love to hear about any other apps you think we have missed, and if you liked this post and found it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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