11 Best Apps To Animate Photos [Updated]

With social networks featuring more and more images and videos, the trend is growing in popularity among users. You can add filters and animations to your videos using a number of photo editing apps on the Google Play Store. 

If you spend hours browsing the feeds of these platforms, you will notice that animated photos, GIFs, and videos are becoming increasingly popular. Users consistently upload new images and videos every day. 

But do you think that how it gets created and how you can do the same? You can also create animated still images with a few of the best apps listed below and make your photos look stunning on social media platforms.

List of Best Apps to Animated Photos

Here we have compiled the list of best apps from which you can animate photos and give life movements to your pictures by using the superb features of these applications.

GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine


On Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat & more, users can search, share, with GIPHY, including photographs, videos, animated reactions & more.

GIF files offer an enormous collection of GIF files. Also, at this site, you can watch highlights from your favorite sports leagues and award shows in real-time.

So, get ready to enjoy content from HBO, Comedy Central, Drake, Rihanna, and more, including memes, TV, music, and movies.  

Get the most extensive library of free downloads of GIFs, clips, and stickers! And reach to more than a billion sorts of content. It’s a stunning library of GIFs & Clips, which has the perfect animated GIF for every occasion! Don’t miss it!

Download: Android l iOS



Video to GIF, Photo to GIF, GIF Editor, etc., are just some of the power tools ImgPlay provides for making GIFs because this is not the end list. Also, you can cut and paste video clips or select several photos that will produce GIFs or slideshows. 

ImgPlay makes it easy to create GIFs from photos and videos. This application simplifies the creation of animated GIFs. Utilizing ImgPlay, you can bring all your pictures and videos to life.

Applying a filter to existing GIFs will create new, beautiful, and funny GIFs that you can share online with your friends on Instagram, Twitter, or any other social networking site. Aside from adjusting the frame rate, you can change the direction of the playback as well. 

Be ready to create an animated GIF with ImgPlay now! by installing this excellent app on your device.

Download: Android l iOS

Photo Animator & Loop Animation Editor


By using “Photo Animator & Loop Animation Editor”, one can make animated scenes based on static photographs, such as water flowing, fire burning, hair blowing in the wind, and more.

Take pictures or images directly from the camera and create animations. Loop Animation and Photo Animator enable you to create animated GIFs from your photos. You can create eye-catching visual effects such as Cinematic by merging images with video overlays. 

Additionally, moving images and videos can be embedded within features, as well as many unique overlays. This video explains how overlays are used. You can turn your vacation pictures into animated slideshows.

You can create cinematic effects using the camera or the Gallery. It also contains overlays and motion effects, as well as several exclusive effects.

Download: Android 



It is possible to turn any photo into an animated 3D photo using several powerful tools, such as adding motion through arrows, changing the speed, and changing the background. 

The best part is that it’s free! You can edit and create animated pictures with it! Picture effects based on artificial intelligence make it easier for users to edit fine details or highlight certain parts of their images.

Create captivating videos by adding motion and 3D effects to your still images, so they flow like a GIF or boomerang.

With Motionleap, it’s easy and fun to add effects to your photos, whether you are taking a picture or an animation. Your friend or follower will be amazed by your animation effects and cinematographic pictures. 

Download: Android l iOS



A 3D photo editor and video editor with music for live photos, live wallpapers, animated gifs, and 3D animations are Movepic. So, use Movepic to create motion pictures or cinematography and share them with your friends.

The light motion picture can be animated by drawing a path. You can even change the speed of the loop animation. Effects include 140+ popular filters, 170+ dynamic sky filters, 230+ live 3d stickers, plus 170+ dynamic sky filters. Particle dispersions and glitch arts are also available.

You can add a touch of magic to your images by adding a sky. Your photos can be transformed into sci-fi movies with dispersion effects thanks to our awesome presets. More exciting is that you can break particles away in a specific direction, at a particular speed, and with a particular mode of motion.

Moving pictures can be created in the sky, with dolphins, astronauts, etc. Social media will be blown away by them. Your pocket sky videos can be turned into pixel art, and you can create masterpieces from them. 

Download: Android l iOS

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Animated backgrounds and live wallpapers are the features available to add some movement to your home screen. You can assist the screen with the cinemagraphs, live experiences, and live themes. 

It is also possible to set lock screens and wallpapers. Live artwork is created from still images by combining animation effects and unique filters. 

With PixaMotion, you can create visual imagery that’s both innovative and captivating. Make your photos more engaging by adding animated effects with PixaMotion Photo Motion Editor & Animator. 

With PixaMotion, you can create impressive animated results and apply refreshing filters to any of your photos, transforming them into captivating pieces of artwork. 

Short videos can be easily created with PixaMotion. In cinematography, the picture is moved by a natural movement that synchronizes with the concept. Animated backgrounds are impressive and captivating. 

Download: Android l iOS

StoryZ Photo Motion


Add effects and elements to your photos, or use a Cinemagraph maker to create moving pictures. You could also use StoryZ Photo Motion Maker to add music to your photos. 

The StoryZ Photo Video Maker and Loop Video Animation make it easier than ever to create photo-based videos. Simple interfaces and straightforward formats make the program a joy to use.

It is possible to improve the viewing experience of still images using the software. The software makes stills into moving pictures for better viewing. 

Get creative by creating moving portraits, double exposures, and Cinemagraphs. An animated video can be produced using animation effects created from still images. 

Download: Android l iOS

Animate Me


You can share the videos you create with your friends on social media or directly on Animate Me. The app offers a lot of animation options. 

Your friends will smile or laugh when they see Animation Me. It is easy to create animations with the service, and you can get started immediately.

A quote or verse can optionally be recorded while a GIF plays. With this, dynamic postcards can be sent instantly to friends.

Download: iOS



To showcase your creativity or express your emotions, it offers more than 200 animated video effects. Because of this, Lumyer’s photographs will strike you as dramatic and realistic. 

Anyone who enjoys taking beautiful pictures will enjoy this app, including photographers, selfie lovers, and friends who want to take photos. 

It’s easy to record videos using Lumyer. Just choose the effects you desire! Spread the word about Lumyer’s great features! It will be easy for you to create artwork from your smartphone pictures.

After you use Lumyer effects, there is no turning back. You can also use masks to enhance videos in addition to selfies. Lumyer products can now be applied live through Live Lumy.

Additionally, you can choose a picture from the Gallery or import one from your computer and add it to make animations, customizations, and sharing options. There are no limits to your creativity! You simply need to click a button! 

The animated images in this app are one of its most vital features. Consider sharing them on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, messaging, etc.

Download: Android l iOS

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By automating your image and applying moving photo effects, filters, and overlays to your vision, VIMAGE makes it possible to create cinemagraphs, living pictures, GIFs, or creative living pictures. 

VIMAGE will enhance your skills as a photographer or as a storyteller. Through this application, you can share your art with your friends and other VIMAGE creators. While having fun, you can take engaging moving pictures and live photos with VIMAGE.

Virimage is a powerful project animation tool that lets you create 3D animations, animation effects, motion simulations, parallax effects, 3D flow animations, and overlays for your pictures. 

Download: Android l iOS



With the advanced features of this app, you can turn your photos into awesome pictures with exciting loops and spark the beauty of your creations everywhere around.

Here, there are several loops to choose from, but you need to subscribe if you wish to access and unlock more circles.

Now you can access a variety of features like it’s gallery and camera and the loops that are already installed inside this app. You will likely enjoy sharing your photos on your social media handles with your friends and family.

Give your family and friends beautiful, unique gifts made from your photos. Your pictures will look amazing as videos. Choosing 3Gp from the Options menu may be helpful if you cannot view videos.

Download: Android l iOS

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Final Thought

GIFs and videos are becoming increasingly popular on social media. Stock photos have long disenchanted social media users and viewers. They are difficult to animate. As a result, you have the opportunity to add some movement to your photos! 

Creating these GIFs and other animation effects lets you enjoy the wonderful experience of feeling special and gaining popularity among your social media channels. You can easily outperform everyone there and show your level of creativity by using these great advanced features.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best apps to animate photos with your friends as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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