13 Best Caller ID Apps – An Inside Look At Best Apps

How often do you receive calls from an unknown number? Working or doing something important shouldn’t be disturbed while on the phone because it diverts our attention from doing something productive. Some people often make you irritated with their calls.

But there is a solution to all such unwanted calls. You can spam calls and list them as fraud calls plus also prepare a blacklist of them. For this a mobile app lets you identify and block fake calls and messages known as a “Caller ID” app.

Thus, you can now identify your callers via an app. You will be notified in real-time of incoming spam calls through a spam caller database or other resources. The call can be accepted, rejected, or blocked, based on your feelings about it.

List of Best Caller ID Apps

Here we have compiled the list of best apps that you can download and install on your device and stop all the suspicious and malicious calls and activities.

Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, Spam block


One of the best apps that makes it easy to communicate safely and efficiently is “Truecaller”. You can identify whoever is calling you with Truecaller. You can contact your friends for free using Truecaller’s voice calling feature. A significant part is the call recording – you can record important phone calls to your phone and store them.

You can manage all your calls and messages quickly by filtering out telemarketers, robocalls, and other unwanted noise. This is accomplished through a global spam list that is updated continuously. You can also report spam in real-time using the Community feature. 

Google Drive can be used to backup call history, contacts, messages, and settings. The call blocker and SMS blocker can identify and block telemarketers, scammers, fraudsters, salespeople, and more. It offers advanced blocking options so you can block countries and similar digit sequences.

Download: Here

Phone by Google


Google has released its official phone calling app for the first time. The phone lets you easily connect with friends and family, block spam callers, and know who is calling before you answer.

Thus, be aware of who is calling you. Spam protection is also available. The number will display warnings about suspected scammers, telemarketers, and spammers. If you don’t want one to contact you, then you can block that number.

There is an additional feature of “Hold for Me.” You won’t have to wait on hold anymore. Let Hold for Me take care of everything. As soon as you are put on hold, Google Assistant will let you know when someone is ready to speak with you.

Download: Here

Mr. Number: Caller ID & Spam Protection


Call blocking becomes easy with Mr. Number. You can protect yourself from unwanted calls. You can begin with reading what others have to say when a spam call comes in. You can also automate the blocking of spam and fraud calls.

In addition to blocking unwanted calls, Mr. Number provides a dialer that identifies and stops spam, scams, and fraud. You can name numbers when you dial them out. Block individual numbers, entire countries, or entire area codes. 

Do not let debt collectors and telemarketers waste your time. When you receive calls from private or unknown numbers, you can put them on hold. You can report them as spam calls so that other users will be warned. 

Download: Here

Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID


You are alerted to incoming spam phone calls by automatic spam alerts. Additionally, you can report spoof calls to Hiya. You’ll know when a scammer is calling you with Hiya’s virus protection and phone security. Block spam phone calls automatically with FREE spam call alerts. 

The Hiya app shows you the actual caller ID, so you know who’s calling. Integrated caller ID, call blocking, and fraud detection – Hiya protects you from spoof calls and fraud numbers. Stop junk calls forever!

Find out who’s calling – whether it’s a friend, thief, or fraudster. Hiya provides real-time context on who’s calling. There is a feature of contacts management in which Hiya adds names and addresses to your phone book.

Download: Here

Whoscall: The Best Caller ID & Block App


You can prevent spam calls from interrupting your quality time with the built-in dialer. Before calling out, verify unknown numbers. There is an integrated Whoscall interface where you can know about unknown numbers. 

Furthermore, Whoscall offers Whoscall Call Interface to identify incoming and outgoing calls. 

It is well known for its ability to identify incoming calls & SMS, block malicious spam calls & SMS, and provide highly targeted marketing using a massive database of over 1 billion numbers. 

Caller ID & Block functions are available in Whoscall, making it a well-regarded phone app. Using the offline database, you can identify callers who are not connected to the internet.

Download: Here



You can view the caller id and location of a caller with Showcaller. It can be added directly to your number book, contact list, and phone book when a result is found. Track unwanted calls and block them before they reach you.

You can see the incoming caller’s name so that you can identify incoming calls without having to look at your contact list. It is the most accurate & easy-to-use caller identification app. Auto spam alert that’s easy and smart.

Based on a one billion phone numbers database, Showcaller has millions of users who rely on it every day. You can block spam calls automatically using FREE spam alerts.

Download: Here

Mobile Number Locator


In addition to searching for any phone number, the application allows you to search for any number from the USA, India, Russia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, and any other country in the world. 

This is a location-based caller identification service: you can learn who is calling you and identify unknown incoming calls via caller id and name information, including city operator and state name. With Mobile Number Locator, you can find any phone number from any country in the world. 

You can view the city, state, country, network provider, and the GPS location of the phone call on the maps. You can also find your location and the distance along with information about the city, state, country, and phone company.

Download: Here

Call App


Call App lets you customize your address book, caller ID, dialer, recorder, and more. You can select among different themes to customize your calling experience. You can identify WhatsApp calls from IM, Social Media Apps, and SMS with CallApp+ – WhatsApp Caller ID. Also, call incognito for ultimate call privacy is again a good feature provided under the app.

You can automatically record a call with Phone Call Recorder! Whether you’re calling on business or for personal reasons, incognito call is here to help! Call with complete privacy! You can block unknown callers, block robocalls and receive spam messages with Caller ID Blocker.

Caller ID app is the world’s most popular and rated best in Tech Magazines. More than 100 Million users trust Caller ID, Free Call Recording & Robocall Blocker to identify robocalls & block spam calls. Know who called you, block robocalls & know the Caller ID.

Download: Here

Eyecon: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Contacts


All you have to do is select the Eyecon icon, and you will see all the information about the person on the other side. There is no better caller identification app than this. Eyecon lets you know who is calling you before you pick up the phone – you can see a picture and their name.

Using Eyecon, you can create a beautiful, visual gallery of all your friends with your contacts and address book. Your name and number will be transformed into the image of the person you love. 

You’ll be able to access all your contacts, apps, and people in one place when you click on the icon. Now you won’t have to answer calls you don’t recognize. So you can identify the spam callers quickly with the app!

Download: Here

Hiya: Caller ID & Spam Blocker


You can block spam calls and spoof calls automatically. The “neighbor spoofing” calls should stop coming from numbers that look similar to yours. The advanced phone spam protection engine identifies and blocks every robocall, telemarketer, debt collector, and fraud call, such as neighbor spoofed calls.

Block spam phone calls automatically with FREE spam call alerts. Using Hiya, you’ll know exactly who’s calling, so you never miss a call. Hiya’s integration of caller ID, fraud detection, and phone number lookup enables you to protect yourself against spoofing and fraud numbers. Stop spam calls once and for all!

Download: Here

Caller ID – Phone Number Lookup, Call Blocker


The most popular actual name-caller identification app is Who Called Me. With Caller ID, you can look up phone numbers, block spam calls, dial numbers and view call history. 30 million people trust!

Unknown callers are identified with Caller ID, so you know who is calling you. Unwanted calls and spam calls are easily blocked with the help of the app. Caller identification helps identify unknown or private callers. It displays caller identification and name. You can also see more information about the number. 

By adding unwanted calls to the blocklist, you can prevent telemarketing, spam, robocalls, and fraud calls. You can remove all spam calls from your block list by using the Caller ID app.

Download: Here

Simple Caller Id


Type in an unknown phone number and tap it in the dialer to perform a reverse phone number lookup. With over 8,000,000 users around the globe and on all major platforms, Simpler Caller ID is loved and trusted!

The True Caller ID feature on Simpler Caller ID reveals the caller’s name and shows it on screen. You won’t have to wonder who called you. Unknown numbers will no longer be able to disturb you. With the best free spam call blocker, you can quickly identify and block spam calls. 

Caller ID and Spam detection is perhaps great feature. Merge all duplicate contacts, and also, on one tap, you can backup your contacts! Instantly send group text & email. This is a great featured app available for download to the users of Android!

Download: Here

CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker


You can quickly identify an anonymous caller, regardless of whether it is a business or personal number. As well as blocking unwanted calls, the CIA warns you about spam or scam calls based on user reports from millions of users.

Currently, the app’s database contains contact information for over 1.5 billion numbers worldwide. Blacklist numbers and block them from contacting you. Innovative call actions include muting or blocking calls, rejecting calls with predetermined text messages, or setting a call-back reminder. 

You can block telemarketers, spammers, scammers, and other types of telemarketing callers with a phone call blocker. To identify an unknown caller, you can use the Caller ID feature. Keep an eye on who is calling with real-time Caller ID. During a call, you can move the Caller ID up or down, tap to minimize, or swipe to dismiss.

Download: Here

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Final Thought 

As with any other app, caller ID apps are an important part of your device. There is a need today to be aware of all fraudulent or suspicious calls that are specifically designed to steal your money. With these apps installed on your mobile device, you will avoid annoying telecalls and spam calls. 

Also, share this post with your friends and dear ones to let them enjoy the list of best caller ID apps to make them aware of suspicious calls. If you face any doubts, feel free to comment them down and allow us to solve them.

Hope you find reading informative!

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