7 Best Cooling Apps For Android [Updated]

If your Android device often gets heats up, there could be several possible reasons for that, like you had installed several resource-hogging apps on your phone.

Still, the significant part here is that you need to cool down your device as quickly unless it deteriorates its performance completely.

Cooling apps are a way out. These apps give you an instant notification when your phone’s temperature crosses a certain threshold and give your phone relief by maintaining temperature.

This post contains a list of the best Android cooling apps that you can use to keep your phone’s temperature regular and when it rises to cool down. Apart from lowering your smartphone’s temperature, these would eventually help your phone increase its speed and performance.

Best Cooling Apps For Android

List Of 7 Best Cooling Apps For Android

If you wish for an app to assist you in storing your phone’s CPU performance and solve the trouble of instant overheating; the list mentioned below will be the solution that you need for every Android device:

Cooling Master


This cooling app is a must for every Android device for lowering the temperature of your smartphone. It makes use of a temperature sensor which gives a notification when the temperature gets dramatically increased.

After the scanning process is completed, these apps will show you a list of those responsible for a hike in CPU temperature. Thus, the cooling master starts with its functioning and shuts down those overheating causing gaps causing more consumption of battery.

You can even modify the settings and choose automatic cooling for your device. To prevent this app from a particular closing application, you can lock it and return it to the cooling process.

Download: Android

Cooler Master


It is yet another one of the best cooking apps available for Android users that keeps track of real-time Android CPU and RAM temperatures well-organized and systematic.

If your phone is overheated due to the malfunctioning of any application, you can search it with the help of this cooling app, ultimately shut down that application giving your phone time to cool down.

Aside from lowering your smartphone’s temperature, this app can also clean up RAM to boost up the speed of your device.

You can also clean, extract cache and delete junk files while adding this application widget to your home screen.

Download: Android

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Super Phone Cleaner


Another best cooling air for checking your Android smartphone’s temperature is “Super Phone Cleaner,” which allows you to perform various tasks on your device to optimize performance.

 It helps to find out those apps that cause overheating and displays the list on the mobile screen.

Here you get a junk file cleaner that lets you delete unnecessary files and an app manager that allows users to delete undesired applications.

 It offers you a system of streamlining apps so that you can access them more quickly, plus intelligent charging features. Only a few taps and you will be able to gain backspace and speed on your device.

Download: Android

Finally Clean App


As the name very well suggests, “Finally Clean App” is a solution to cooling and storing problems on your device.

This app helps in the optimization of your device and makes it run smoother and faster. It is an app amongst the millions that completes the task at hand.

Storage and RAM status are displayed on the application’s simple interface. You can simply click the option of “Cool” and lower your phone’s temperature. 

In addition, it allows you to delete all the junk and cached data files from your phone and increase the device storage capacity. Thus, as a result, the battery life extends with boosting speed and cooling of temperature.

Download: Android

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Battery Doctor


For users of Android devices, the “Battery Doctor” is a tool that helps you to cool down your device and conserve battery power by closing all unnecessary background apps that are draining your device battery and increasing the temperature of your phone unnecessarily.

It has a one-touch optimization feature and also offers battery-saving tips. It’s an easy-to-use smart app that measures the temperature of your device. 

It discontinues those apps leading to more heat production, due to which the battery’s life extends while maintaining the cooling efficiency.

So to keep track of your phone’s overheating apps and junk files, “Battery Doctor” is an optimum choice. It can even adjust the brightness of your phone when the battery is draining too faster.

Download: Android

Smart Cooler


Yet another popular cooling app among users is “Smart Cooler.” The software has several options that help you to make your smart device cool down. It has a free CPU temperature detection tool that regulates the operating in temperatures while also monitoring the temperature in real-time.

It has remarkable features making it one of the finest cooling apps for Android smartphones.

Download: Android

DU Battery Saver


The “DU Battery Saver” app is a well-liked program that includes several useful excellent management functions. 

The DU Battery Saver software automatically identifies issues that may be reducing your phone’s performance and causing fast drainage of the battery. Because of its excellent optimization features, thus can manage everything well with just a single tap.

Now, suppose you are an Android smartphone user. In that case, you will love this because most smartphones we use today get heat up ( such as multiple availabilities of the features and applications installed, playing games for a longer duration, or other tasks that involve CPU usage). It is a problem that a lot of people are dealing with

With its phone cooler, DU Battery Saver features monitors, regulates, and disables overheating, causing apps to lower your phone’s temperature and protect its hardware.

Download: Android

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Final Thought:

After going through the entire article, you would be able to solve instant heating for your Android device and let the temperature cool down. The apps mentioned in the list above offers excellent features, and all are tested thoroughly and have been downloaded by millions of users worldwide.

For an Android device, you can use these apps and cool down your phone and avoid complications caused by aggressive heating production. Do spare a few minutes of yours and pick up the best cooling apps that work well for your device.

If you have any questions about these cooling apps, please comment below and let us know your choice! Please share this article with your friends and give them a list of apps that ensure healthy battery life and improved device performance after removing overheating problems.

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