11 Best Equalizer For Android


With the increasing usage of smartphones nowadays, everyone loves to listen to music on their classy cell phones. The stock music player lacks many useful music-related features, including an equalizer.

Most Android mobile devices have built-in music players, and most smartphones nowadays come with music playback capabilities. 


So before moving further, let’s understand what an equalizer is. Various frequencies can be adjusted on equalizer apps to ensure quality sound. These apps will significantly improve the sound output quality of your device.

Although equalizers have been available on Android for some time probably, they have become useless because the controls’ features are limited. An equalizer app will therefore help you to improve your music listening experience.

Best Equalizer For Android

List of Best Equalizer Apps 

Here we have compiled the list of best equalizer apps that eventually help your android device adjust for achieving the right bass impact on music.

Equalizer FX

Among the best equalizers, you’ll find several effects for you, such as boosting the bass and virtualization. Equalizer FX provides quick access to a five-band EQ, products, and profiles through its simple user interface. 

Several EQ presets are available in the Profiles tab, and you can create your own as well. Equalizer FX is free software, which has a hidden bar of advertisements on the bottom.

If you don’t wear headphones, you won’t notice much difference (or none at all if you’re not wearing them). Within the settings window, you can choose how much of each product you want. By sliding the slider to the right or left, you can enable the effects. 


Download: Android

Headphones Equalizer

Here, you can choose from five EQ bands from the presets or control them manually. Among the features of the headphones, equalizers are pause, backward, forward, and others.

Making adjustments to your music is as simple as possible. You can manage the playback of your music while it plays with Headphone Equalizer because it integrates well with whatever audio player you are using.

Besides the free version (without advertisements), the Headphones Equalizer has a paid version with additional features. So, it lets you a rocking fun and entertainment!

Download: Android


Wavelet is an excellent option for the best equalizer if you want to listen to the sound with optimizations and customizability options of about three thousand precalculated optimizations for various models.

We’ve measured and corrected all products to Harman’s target sound quality to ensure you’re getting the best out of your headphones because your experience matters a lot for us.

There is a 9-band Graphic equalizer, and the advantage of using it is that you can fix problems due to missing frequencies or annoyance spikes. Also included is the feature of reverberation, which is an excellent attribute of it.

Download: Android

10 Band Equalizer

Music is played through an integrated player, and an equalizer has ten bands. Music files should be placed in the Android Downloads directory to be played with the built-in player.

With its ten equalizer bands, 10band Equalizer lets you fine-tune your sound in a way that other equalizers can’t. Any open app will appear as an overlay, so you can use it over whatever is currently available. 

The program provides several preset options, or you can modify the frequencies manually. 

Putting ten equalization bands in sequence allows you to create unbelievable sounds. Adjustable between 31Hz and 16kHz, the frequency ranges from -10dB to 10dB. Although it has a name of 10 Ban, the sound is perfectly adjusted with the app, so you can hear it.

Download: Android

Bass Boost and Equalizer

This application’s Bass Boost and Equalizer presets stand out among other Android EQ apps. Aside from those, Android users can download Bass Boost and Equalizer, an EQ app that delivers a 3D effect and boosts the music’s foundation. 

The EQ’s 16 presets cover a wide range of musical styles. The widget in the app can also be used to access sound control straight from your Android home screen.

Many Android music players are compatible with the app. During the accessible version of the app, you can remove ads when watching videos to earn coins. 

Download: Android


There are in-depth preset libraries within the Equalizer that can be adjusted, that can hear, and can also be adjusted manually (limited to five bands). A simple, intuitive interface allows users to adjust the volume on any device. 

According to the song being played, EQ presets are selected. Manual adjustments can be accessed via the upward-pointing arrow.

Equalizer automatically detects presets, which is a great feature. A sound amplifier is also available, as well as bass boosting and surround sound. An equalizer is available in free as well as paid versions.

Download: Android


VLC is, without a doubt, the best player on the market. Regarding the EQ, it looks beautiful, but it is a little challenging to use since it shows only four bands at once. The EQ can be adjusted quickly and is integrated. 

Video files and audio files can be EQ’d with VLC’s 10-band EQ feature. It is for these reasons that VLC’s built-in EQ is valuable. 

The only music player that works with it is VLC, so users will be disappointed if they use another app. Users can choose from 18 settings. Isn’t that cool?

Download: Android


The Neutralizer effect has been specifically designed to restore sound rather than accentuate distortion instead of the other impacts.

It is possible that the hardware of your mobile device needs improvement to provide a better listening experience. Sometimes you don’t know why even if you know most of the time.

If you use an active sound reproduction device, you can ensure that your amplification will fit your hearing. There is no need to explain anything about the user interface because it is easy to use. Just start using it.

Download: Android

Music Volume EQ – Equalizer & Booster

You can access the most popular songs in your library by using the best audio controls and bass booster for Android. Music Volume EQ has multiple features, including a stereo VU meter, a five-band equalizer, an amp, a bass boost, a 3D virtualizer, a volume slider, and audio control.

Among the best equalizer apps for Android, this one has two exciting themes. Music Volume EQ is an excellent complement to your best headphones. This app works well for those who don’t have headphones or who’d like to use a speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker can also benefit from Music Volume EQ’s speaker boost and bass boosting capabilities. Contrary to other equalizer apps, this equalizer app works well with most Android audio players.

Download: Android

BlackPlayer Exclusive – Premium MP3 Music Player

There are many different apps available for you, but BlackPlayer EX is one of the most sorted. You have a lot of options to customize its user interface as well as its various features. This is a must-have app.

There is a light theme, six additional fonts, including the option to use the System font, 11 accent colors, and eight extra now playing pieces with white widgets. The library pages can be customized completely, including crossfading. 

Adding, removing, and sorting are very easy. Artists and albums can also be customized with grid sizes and colors. Using the action bar, the primary and popup windows, and manually searching for and setting artist images. 

Download: Android

Equalizer Music Player

You can also listen to songs through the app, in addition to getting directions. You can select from the options available for your custom adjustment.

This type of app is generally used by YouTube Music users. With the EMP, you can adjust the EQ and more.

Because of this, Equalizer Music Player works well with all music collections, regardless of whether YouTube Music is used. Equalizer Music Player supports YouTube Music playback. 

Download: Android

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Final Thought

Listening to music is probably one of the most common uses for our smartphones. Downloading or streaming your favorite tunes and then blasting them at your leisure is one of the greatest joys you can have with your device. 

However, suppose you’re a real audiophile. In that case, you may be less than entirely satisfied with the default EQ settings of your phone, which may prioritize specific audio frequencies at the expense of others.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the best equalizer apps for Android and iOS so you can fine-tune your phone’s EQ settings until you get the sound you want.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best equalizer apps with your friends as well. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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