8 Best Fast Charging Apps That can Save Your Time

Are you tired of waiting for your phone to get charged? You can easily change them like before. Here is a handpicked Best Fast Charging Apps that can get your phone charged instantly like a new one.

There are many Fast Charging Apps For Android that guarantees that it can boost your battery power, but they never work like that. 

Fast charging depends on what type of charger you have, your mobile phone, etc. Because the app is only capable of optimizing your mobile phone process, it also cleans your phone ram and displays the battery condition.

So if all the conditions work out, then the Fast Charger app will boost your charging performance faster, and you’ll notice that your phone is charged within a matter of minutes. Let’s know which app is suitable for your device so you can use them.

Best Fast Charging App

Best Fast Charging App For Android

On the Internet, many apps claim to be the best fast charger, but most of them will not fulfil their claims, that’s why I have tested the best apps and handpicked them, so you do not have to test them all individually.

Let’s look at that.

Fast charger – Fast Charging & Charge Battery Fast

fast charger app ss

This app is one of the popular apps for fast charging. It claims that your phone will charge faster than usual. You may be wondering how it works. As I got the info from the dev, it cleans all the apps which are running in the background.

Also, it optimizes the phone by disabling wifi, Internet, Bluetooth, and other tools so that no apps will interfere while charging.

You don’t have to worry about data loss since the app only closes background apps, so no data is lost after enabling the settings. If you are concerned about other factors such as app blocks and other device settings, you can manually do it from the app to ensure your device works properly.

The settings can be enabled with one click, and it optimizes everything immediately. You can enable/disable everything by yourself from the fast charger app settings. This app will also show you the status of your battery and its temperature.

Install from the google play store

Super Fast Charging – Charge Master


The Charge Master app is one of the apps I like, so I decided to add it to no #2. It claims to enable your phone to be charged up to 50% faster. You can simply activate it by clicking the activate button, and your phone will be optimized for charging within a second.

In order to optimize your phone, app closes all the apps that are running in the background, and it also disables the tools such as wifi, Bluetooth, and the Internet. 

Furthermore, You can also monitor the battery condition and their temperature; thereby, you can choose a mode according to the need.

Whenever your phone gets charged, you can click on the stop button to allow all the applications. There is an alert option for full charges, which notify you of when the phone gets totally charged; now, you can stop the charging mode. This feature is one of the best ways to get updates on the battery.

Install from the google play store

Charge Battery Fast – Fast charging


The app is ideal for people who use their phones a lot and want to charge them quickly. It boosts the charging speed by two times with one tab. You can activate the app while plugging in your charger.

After installing this app, you will notice your phone charges half the amount of time that it used to. The app displays the charging status, average charging time and temperature on your lock screen, so you don’t have to check it every time by unlocking your phone.

Charge Battery Fast works as follows: it stops all background apps and disconnects the phone from tools like Bluetooth, NFC, wifi, etc., in order to optimize it to charge.

In addition to that, there is also the option of brightness control, which adjusts the scale of your phone’s brightness based on the lighting around it. You can test it out, but I am damm sure it saves battery.

Furthermore, the app offers a minimalist lock screen with only essential widgets so as not to conduct more battery and charge your phone faster.

Install from the google play store

Green Battery – Power Saver Free, CPU better


This app is ideal for travellers since it not only helps you charge faster but also optimizes the phone to be faster. Besides charging fast, it also saves battery, so you can use the phone longer.

While charging, you can enable this app to get your phone charged quickly, and during travel, it can also help you save power, so you don’t have to worry about battery life because it will optimize your phone to give more battery power.

After activating the app, it automatically closes all the apps, disables all the tools, and lowers the brightness. It also disconnects from the NFC and the Internet.

Green Battery shows you when your battery will run out, the battery’s current condition and temperature. The optimization feature is available in several different modes. You can select the mode that best suits your needs.

If you want to change settings on your own, you can select the advanced or customized settings that give you full functionality.

Install from the google play store

Fast Charging – Fast Charge


This app is also one of the good apps like others, and it works on the same patterns. You can optimize your phone to be eligible for fast charging with one tab. Just you need to install the app and click on the button.

It will automatically do all the things which are required. It also shows you detailed battery information such as current health, temperature, voltage, percentage, etc., so that you can know all the status related to the battery and charging.

In addition to helping you to manage your phone’s battery, this app provides a notifier feature alerting you when your phone reaches full charge, so you can avoid overcharging it.

Fast Charging app has 5million+ downloads and 4.4-star ratings, making it one of the most useful apps in the market.

Install from the google play store

Battery Turbo | Charge Optimizer


In order to make every mobile phone optimized while charging, MobileStudios built Battery Turbo for all Android users. This app comes with various features and modes, which is useful for the users.

There are 3 charging modes to choose from: extreme, fast, and slow. Activate the Battery Turbo app with one tab to put your phone in fast charging. It also optimizes the brightness according to the lightness out there.

Once you enable the app, it optimizes the phone as per the mode selected, e.g. if you use extreme charging mode, then it will turn off all the tools like wifi, bluetooth, Internet, NFC, etc. and close all the apps that are running in the background so that the phone will charge smoothly.

There is also an option to set a notification for a full charge, so when your phone is fully charged, it will alert you to turn it off.

Install from the google play store

Battery Guru


When I was researching something, I came across the Battery Guru app, which is quite useful, and it has some great features. The best thing about this application is that it requires no configuration of your system. Anyone can utilize this app.

One thing which I didn’t like is this is a paid app. You’ll have to pay for it, but you can try it out for seven days, and if you like it, then you can keep it.

Battery Guru works the same as other apps, but it has several extra features like battery-draining apps alerts, get notice of which apps are draining your battery, battery temperature alerts, etc., that helps you save batteries and charge them quickly.

Install from the google play store

Fast Charging Booster


Fast Charging Booster is an Android app that is helpful in extending the battery life of your phone. To start charging your phone faster, do the following; go to the app, click on the select button and choose the battery profile along with the charging mode.

This app allows you to operate your phone under a specific mode depending on the situation you find yourself in. For instance, the “Smart mode” has a lower charging voltage to improve your battery life while the “Turbo mode” gives a higher voltage to boost your charging time.

It is also possible to have a custom mode that allows you to have a battery that is optimized for your choice of uses.

Install from the google play store

Does Charging Apps for Android Really Work?

Yes, but it depends. There is nothing miraculous about the app that will ensure good battery life and speed charger charging. Apps only optimize your phone from the unwanted apps that are constantly running in the background and turn off all tools.

Thereby no app and tool can work in the background so that the phone will charge smoothly. You might have heard from somebody that enabling aeroplane mode while charging can help you in quick charging, you know why?

In aeroplane mode, network activity is disabled so that batteries will last longer. There is no need to install any applications if you are using any smartphone that provides a Custom Operating System such as MIUI.

You just need to enable the battery-saving mode through your settings, and then your phone will get charged quickly. MIUI comes with an ultra battery-saving mode, which completely disables all the runaway apps as well as all tools and adds restrictions on phone settings.

So if you have any phone with a custom OS,, then there is no need for any type of fast charging app, and if you’re using stock android,, you can test these apps.

Which one should I choose?

All of them are good and unique in their own way. You just need to understand your phone specs and then download the app that supports your phone.

Some apps can be downloaded only for Android 7+, and you may have Android 6; that’s why I’m telling you, and check the app feature list to choose them as per your requirements.

I have been using many of these apps for a long time and also used them to test it, so I would say Fast charger – Fast Charging & Charge Battery Fast and Green Battery is the one I liked most. So try them which works best with your phone.

Final thought 

Here, I have listed 8 Best Fast Charging Android Apps that can boost your charging performance and optimize the phone for quicker charging. You can check them out by installing the apps from the google play store.

If you have any suggestions or have any queries, comment down below, and if you liked this post and found it helpful, don’t forget to share it.

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