17 Best Games Like Total War to Try Next

There are many settings to choose from in Total War, from the Roman Empire to the French Revolution to Medieval Japan and more. Throughout each era, you can explore historically appropriate factions, units, and technology.

Total War’s a blend of tactical turn-based and grand real-time strategy. In addition to its turn-based campaign system, Creative Assembly’s seminal strategy series offers a separate, real-time tactical map, where you can deploy your armies in real-time and fight it out for the Glory of Rome/Sigmar/Troy/etc.

Combining these subgenres has allowed gamers of both subgenres to interact and enjoy gaming together. But do you wish to try more games like Total War? 

List of Best Games like Total War

Here we have compiled the list of best games like ‘Total War’ to give you the same pleasure you always had while playing Total War. Check it below!

Star Wars: Empire At War


As the plotlines of the Star Wars movies move from Episode III to Episode IV, the game depicts the struggle between the Rebellion and the Empire. There are some side missions to add extra life to each campaign, and both campaigns are very well written. 

A player can choose between the Rebels campaign, which takes them across the galaxy to halt the Empire’s advance and stop their new superweapon. 

The game also includes a galactic conquest mode and a skirmish mode in which players can take on the entire galaxy in a few short battles. You’ll be able to play a good mix of vehicle, infantry, and spacecraft battles regardless of which platform you choose to play Star Wars strategy.

In the Empire campaign, players will work closely with Darth Vader to help him crush the last Rebel forces, complete Death Star construction, and prevent the leaked plans from reaching the Rebel leadership.

In this mode, you manage funds generated by the planets you control and utilize them to improve your troops, research technology, and so on, all to gain the upper hand over the opposing force and different hostile parties.

Download: Here

Hegemony III : Clash Of The Ancients


You can discover countless cities in Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients, thanks to the grand strategy style of gameplay you’ll experience. 

The historical Hegemony theme is also a mainstay of RTS games. Multiple maps have been expanded, new units have been added to the game, and critical areas have never been explored.

Once you manage several cities and resources, you will realize that you have to work and navigate ancient lands as you manage resources and deploy military tactics in Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients. 

Your journey begins when you choose one of the factions. Combat experience is available in the Roman Empire. It will help if you remain vigilant against enemy attacks after you have secured the resources.

Choose your faction: Greek, Roman, or Etruscan. This RTS game is all about winning battles. Players can view the history of ancient Mediterranean worlds through cities and armies in Hegemony III. 

Download: Here

Mount & Blade: Warband


While traveling, players can encounter conflict, politics, or quests. By experiencing these factors, players can broaden their skills, increase their stats, and become more proficient. Although it has some improvements, Mount & Blade: Warband is very similar to the original, so anyone who has not yet played a Mount & Blade game should give this one a shot instead. 

The player can pick their faction as soon as the game begins, giving them plenty of freedom regarding playing the game. The combat in Mount & Blade: Warband involves bows, shields, and swords. 

Players can control their movement with this interface by using point-and-click controls. Since Mount & Blade: Warband is set in a medieval world, the weapons and combat systems should also be based on those of that time. 

Download: Here

Europa Universalis IV


Throughout viewing this series, you can learn about the evolution, change, and conquest of nations over time. It’s up to you how challenging to make the game and what era and Civilization you want to play, as long as you’re comfortable.

Europa Universalis IV is another outstanding project from Paradox, continuing their grand strategy series earlier in the decade. It represents a significant improvement on the original. To attract new players, this series has been simplified to attract players who aren’t longtime fans.

Each of these areas offers a variety of options, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. This game is significantly influenced by religion, which plays a vital role in colonization.

Many countries can be managed in this game to an endless extent. Other 4X strategies include exploration, expansion, exploits, and exterminations. 

Download: Here

Imperial Glory


A map similar to that in Total War will be available to you to deploy your troops. Then you’ll drop into a stunning 3D environment where you’ll be able to move your forces strategically to victory. 

Due to its use of the musket as the primary weapon of the army, Imperial War has fewer hand-to-hand combats than other games in the genre. 

The only difference between the countries is that the units are all the same initially, but as you advance, these units become unique, and each country has its strategies and counters. 

Imperial Glory includes both real-time and turn-based gameplay as you try to control Europe. It is reminiscent of the Total War series. A variety of strategic elements must be mastered throughout your journey, including higher ground, formations, and cover. 

Download: Here

Conqueror’s Blade


With this game, you gain various unique abilities, along with the ability to upgrade, customize, and command your troops. The game offers different weapons, including ones designed for specific genders. 

Heavily armored pieces such as swords, shields, and poleaxes that can handle some punishment are suitable for bulky defenses. As the player, you directly control the general on each battlefield, who oversees your own house. In addition to the worldwide gameplay, there are several towns, resource locations, and hubs.

Conqueror’s Blade lets you take on countless enemies in massive battles across medieval lands (PvP and PvE). Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play title with heavy MMO influences, and while it can certainly be enjoyed by itself through its PvE element, its actual depth comes to light when it’s played with others through its MMO element. 

More agile weapons like the nodachi, the Dual Blade, and even the bow appear to yield greater tactical flexibility than direct combat. 

By improving your Conqueror’s Blade skill, you can also enhance your ability to penetrate armor, as well as boost your health. Each level the player gains will allow them to customize their mount and armor pieces.

Download: Here

Knights Of Honor


The last pillar of the strategy is to trade in Knights of Honor, and it is surprisingly more intricate than most strategy games you have played before. 

To access everything, you must actively seek a trade to ensure that all of your buildings are built, and because each province has a limited number of facilities, it can make. In addition to its strategic gameplay, it has real-time battles to let you conquer and sack those cities.

It is possible to conquer many provinces in Europe, including cities, farms, and even monasteries. In control of a town, you will be able to erect buildings that will help your province’s rural areas gain additional bonuses. 

Depending on the religion you choose, each mechanic will enable you to adapt your strategy. The Catholic Church, for example, can organize a crusade against non-catholic kingdoms, granting powerful units.

Because each city has a limited amount of building space, players must pick a strategy. It is a strategic pleasure in the journey to conquer all of them, even if you ultimately desire to destroy them all.

The lack of time limit and objective makes Knights of Honor easy to turn into a medieval Europe simulation as you manage your relationships with each province. It is a strategic pleasure in the journey to conquer all of them, even if you ultimately desire to destroy them all. 

Download: Here

Age Of Wonders III


The core of Age of Wonders III is city-building, which involves recruiting units, generating resources, and developing technology. Aside from your own and your enemies’ cities, aligned cities can also be absorbed into your domain, which can be critical to your strategy. 

You will enjoy exploring, interacting, and fighting as you expand your Empire when you take control of your race. Besides the game’s 3D gameplay and 4X components, it also features several elements of role-playing. 

Gameworld residents include humans, elves, draconian, orcs, dwarves, and goblins, among others.  The game offers several modes of play. As a result, you would have access to units that would ordinarily not be available to you.

After you acquire a leader (who can be highly customized through skillsets) for your Empire, you will be asked about formulating your brand strategy. As you level up your leader and collect characters along the way, you will have the opportunity to purchase new equipment and gain powerful abilities.

Download: Here

Warhammer: Mark Of Chaos


A Warhammer-themed title will feature two campaign modes, one from the Empire’s perspective and the other from the Chaos viewpoint. Players can also obtain weapons, armor, and potions that provide additional stat bonuses through the campaigns. Many of them are obtained by accepting side quests. 

The gameplay occurs in Warhammer Old World as the Empire tries to rebuild and recover from the Great War against Chaos. Taking inspiration from the Warhammer universe, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is a real-time tactics game. The game was initially released in late 2006, and two years later, an expansion titled Battle March was released.

For Warhammer fans, this title offers a decent strategy game with tactical elements that never really take off past the first few missions. Additionally, it has a less-than-stellar story and a lackluster plot, which makes it a bit monotonous. 

Although the Choas warbands are scattered, they continue to raid isolated villages on the fringes of the Empire. Unlike before, chaos is once again threatening the Empire without resources to stop it.

A hero unit also needs careful management since it has more power than your average unit and can gain several abilities by fighting enemies. Despite not having traditional resource gathering and base-building elements, gameplay elements mix real-time strategy and real-time tactics. 

Download: Here

Civilization V


Civilization’s longevity comes mainly from its multiplayer features. Still, players who prefer to play on their own won’t be left out either with a sophisticated multi-level AI system that ensures you’ll have a real challenge to overcome.  

Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game that will use the depth and detail of its turn-based panel to allow you to explore the world through thousands of hours of gameplay. 

From the technology-heavy to the military and economic play styles, there is support for all playstyles in Civilization so that you can choose your preferred approach to each game.

Your Civilization’s culture, for example, will be shaped by the decisions you make about its cities, your military movements, your technology, economy, and diplomacy once you get to the second stage of the game. On randomly generated maps, players will put their Civilization on the path from prehistory to the future. 

You won’t only find the AI challenge, but its tactics are pretty varied as well. When combined with an impressively varied AI, the core game will give you countless combinations to deal with and counter.

Download: Here

Crusader Kings II


There will be plenty of historical figures making an appearance, allowing you to live out their legends while also carving out your own. Education and genetics systems will be the starting point of many decisions in the game. 

The journey is more critical in Crusader Kings II than the end, and you will soon realize it’s more of a play about traveling than chasing a high score.

Based on the original, Crusader Kings II provides a Middle Ages experience that builds on the foundations established by the previous game. Creating a firm family name and protecting your dynasty is the focus of this game, an open-ended narrative that ends without leaving any heirs in your wake. 

The goal is to finish the game with as many prestige points as possible (indicating the strongest dynasty). The journey is more critical in Crusader Kings II than the end, and you will soon realize it’s more of a game about traveling than chasing a high score.

Download: Here

Tom Clancy’s Endwar


In this real-time command game, you control your team in real-time. In addition to the PSP and Nintendo DS versions of the game, these versions offer turn-based tactics instead.

While the European Federation includes faster units at the expense of armor, the Russians possess heavy armor, and the U.S. has an advantage in stealth and robotics. 

The United States, the European Union, and Russia engaged in arms races following the incident. Anti-ballistic missile systems protect those who control the system from missiles launched at them. 

Throughout this conflict, players lead one of 28 different factions onto the battlefield. It captures the classic rock-paper-scissors formula by having each unit counter the other in its way. 

You will enjoy lots of exciting moments with this robust system. As a result of the 2016 nuclear attack in Saudi Arabia, the world’s oil supply was severely impacted, causing chaos. Several key capture points are scattered across these relatively large battlefields. The players control these large yet compact maps with their controllers, mice, or voice through their controllers. 

Download: Here

Eador Masters Of The Broken World


As you progress in the game, you’ll find that the storyline plays a more significant part than most strategy games, giving the narrative its own identity. In Eador Masters of the Broken World, gaining control of every shard is no easy task, and no one strategy fits all of them. 

Each bit is a world of its own, with its environment and population. Furthermore, players can acquire new technology via the shards rather than through researching it.

As well as grand strategy and role-playing, Eador combines tactical combat with turn-based games. In addition to its unique setting, the game also includes near-endless pieces of land scattered across the Great Nothing. 

Combining genres leads to an exciting experience and provides a level of depth above and beyond what is found in other strategy games. If you’re able to learn all the game’s mechanics, you’ll get a rewarding and fun game that has a lot of replay value. 

A big cataclysmic event shattered the universe into these shards. The game’s protagonist, a demi-god, must battle against others for control over the chips, winning the ability to reunite the now-broken universe. Additionally, random events will be encountered which break up the gameplay and keep it exciting.

Download: Here

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades


The game builds upon the success of Total War – Real Warfare 1242 and XVIII Century, two previous alternative games to Medieval. 

The Real Warfare series was a great example of indie strategy projects from indie publishers across Europe. A map of north-eastern Europe would have you controlling a military force before switching over to a separate real-time tactical layer.

All of them had similar problems of underdevelopment you wouldn’t be able to get away with in the year 2021. Only Northern Crusades added a campaign later as the only difference, making it on our radar today. 

Download: Here

Ultimate General: Civil War

By having robust AI on both sides of the War, you will find that your troops make informed decisions, allowing you to take a higher-level approach while enabling you to delve into the level of the soldiers to build connections to the front. 

Whether you defend a critical position or attack from a deadly flank, the enemy will look to adapt to these strategies, as well as capitalize on any mistakes you make when taking the high ground, moving troops, or duplicating positions.

Along with officers who will act as commanders, this system will grow and develop over the subsequent 50 battles. As officers level up, they will be more effective at leading larger forces without significant casualties in War. 

When a soldier is injured or killed on the battlefield, your position could be harmed, and you would need to find a replacement to advance.

The innovative tools in Ultimate General: Civil War allow you to control individuals through micromanagement, should you choose to do so. By clicking a button, you can also command divisions. Instead, you rely on your battlefield generals to command the troops.

Download: Here

Elemental: War Of Magic

Although there is a bit of RPG-style gameplay, it is not only a strategy game. Exploration, building, acquiring resources, and conquering your opponents are the four pillars of the 4X genre. This 4X game offers a lot of depth for anyone looking for something that goes into the realm of fantasy, and especially for 4X fans.

There are multiple ways to win in this skirmish mode, including conquering all enemy factions, being allied with other factions, or rebuilding the powerful magical artifact known as the Forge. 

Fighting makes up the other side of gameplay and involves a tactical grid that most gamers will recognize (this can be skipped altogether by letting battles auto-resolve).

Players must manage their settlements carefully so that they can achieve one of these goals. This involves building buildings, creating units, and claiming the appropriate resources.

In a world where magic once ruled, there are no particular plot points in this book. After several wars and events, the player is on the verge of discovering a sinister plot.

With this game, you can customize the stats, spells, and even the professions of your sovereign, which significantly alters the gameplay experience.

Download: Here

King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame

King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame strikes the right notes in the grand strategy genre with a long quest-driven campaign that combines great mechanics depth. 

A tactical role-playing and grand strategy game set in the medieval period, King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame combines several genres. 

In this role-playing game, players will follow the exploits of King Arthur and the legends surrounding his life while commanding his army of knights to expand the kingdom and search for artifacts of legend.

The heroes, which bring role-playing elements to these real-time battles with their abilities to boost morale, are a vital component of these games. 

Combined with the game’s skill tree, stat point, and item systems, these abilities are a mix of magic and non-magic. You get to play around with knights like Sir Lancelot, who fights powerfully, and Merlin, who uses powerful sorcery to aid troops. 

Download: Here

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Final Thought

In Total War, you can choose settings ranging from the Roman Empire to the French Revolution to Medieval Japan. The game offers historically appropriate units, factions, and technologies for each era.

There are many titles available today that offer historical and strategic experiences, thanks to this series. We have come up with the list of best games like total War to give you the best experience.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best games like “Total War” with your friends as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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