17 Best Games Not Available On Google Play Store

Today everyone is fond of playing games and most probably some of you might have taken a dig deep into the games offered by the google play store, and you could be a fan of many of them.

Google Play Store offers several games and is the most excellent store for each game, but have you ever imagined a missing gap there even? Yes, some games are top-rated and played by many users but not available in the google play store. 

So, our objective is to make you familiar with these games in this post. Scroll down to have a look and download these games.

Before that, a minor point that needs to be added is why these games don’t find a place in the excellent google play store. Violations prevent some games from being uploaded to the Play Store due to their violent or explicit content. But we’ve selected the best Android games that aren’t available on Google Play for you.

List of Best Games not in Play Store  

We’ve selected some of the best Android Apps that you won’t find in the Play Store. There are a large number of games that are action-adventure and shooting games which you must try upon. From those, we have come up with the list of best ones.

The Joy of Creation: Reborn


You can play Joy of Creation: Reborn in a dedicated full-screen window. All the settings and functions can be accessed via the top left side menu. This section also displays your stats, life total, and current level. 

Nickson, a fan of the series, created this game as a homage to Five Nights at Freddy’s. The game is an original survival game with Scott Cawthon, creator of FNaF. You can easily install it.

Starting the game, you will notice it is all in the first person, and you have to move through an abandoned house shrouded in darkness and creaks as you move. 

Your limited view makes everything you see seem like a threat and leaves you feeling frightened. It’s important to remember you’re not alone. 

There are animated characters and a variety of additional symbols in this game. You’ll think on your toes as you move through the house, worrying about getting attacked. 

Download: Here

Pangya Mobile


Its graphics are outstanding, and its control system is perfect for mobile devices with touchscreens. The LINE app needs to be downloaded and associated with a LINE account to play; downloading is not enough.

The aim is to make the hole with the fewest swings possible in this 3D golf game themed after an anime style. To hit the ball into the hole, you need to use specific techniques and clubs. 

Swiping your finger on the screen will allow you to adjust your swing direction and aim at your target. Swinging begins with tapping the screen, then timing your second tap ideally to send the ball flying.

You can customize your character when playing golf. By playing through the game, you can improve the attributes of your golfer and obtain new clothing, such as shoes, skirts, shirts, sweaters, hats, etc.

Download: Here

Fortnite Battle Royale


As part of Fortnite Battle Royale, players compete individually, as a duo, or as a squad (usually three to four players). Players without weapons can airdrop from a Battle Bus across the map. 

Players have to scavenge, use weapons, and gather resources to survive and overcome other players during the game. Consequently, the remaining players will be living in tighter quarters and will meet one another more easily. 

This will ultimately lead to the proper candidate, team, or player winning the contest. Each time a toxic storm approaches, the safe area on the map shrinks. A player who does not escape that area quickly will suffer damage and be eliminated.

Download: Here

Flappy Bird


In Flappy Bird, an arcade-style game, you control Faby, a bird that constantly moves to the right. A random gap equal in width and height must be placed between two pipes for Faby to navigate between. 

Tapping the touch screen is the only way to ascend Faby. When the player successfully passes through two pipes, he scores one point. 

Collisions with the ground or line result in the player losing the game. A fact here is that as soon as the developer made the app available in both stores, he took it down. 

When the player gets ten points or above, a player receives a bronze medal. A silver medal is awarded at twenty points, a gold award is thirty points and a platinum award at forty points.

Download: Here

Zen Bound | Puzzle Game


A painting game is played in which you must paint different objects. Each level introduces a new thing with a rope attached of increasing lengths. The string is wrapped around the object using a mouse or touch screen.

Each time you lay down the string, the area near the rope is coated with paint. It is not always necessary to cover protruding nails by wrapping yarn around them.

When using a finite number of ropes, it is only necessary to stretch them as far as possible to achieve a certain percentage of an object. For each level, the coverage objective is divided into three parts: the minimum, the medium, and the maximal. 

In the game, players must paint various objects. As the player progresses through the game, a different thing is attached to a rope of varying lengths. 

Download: Here



One of the most popular among fans of football is” FIFA 14.” The game simulates association football matches. There are beautiful graphics that make this game thrilling for you. FIFA 14 is a recommended game to all soccer fans. 

If you want to receive a feeling of modernity, there is a feature of real-time player movement, which is a central part of FIFA 14. Players will have a unique experience since the steps are counted rather than blended cycle animations. 

Instead of running with foot slides, runners will use biomechanics to shift weight from one leg to another. Many users praised the game’s realistic tactics and moves along with its gameplay, controls, and controls.

Players will feel more grounded as they move across the pitch, which changes the game’s feel, looks, and realism to a more refreshing environment.

Download: Here

Millet Shootout Battle Field 


You will be able to traverse several battlefields, hunt weapons, and defeat many opponents in Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline. Checkpoints can be captured and held; you can fight alone against everyone or fight zombies. The game features tanks as well as military equipment.

You are fighting for your life on an island, finding weapons, and finding food. Those who survive are the winners. 

It is going to be an action-packed game. Test your tactical skills against competitors around the world. Consequently, it may resemble Battlefield 4 in some situations. Besides holding territory, the application also has two exciting modes: capturing and capturing territory. 

Download: Android

Duke Nukem 3D


The ‘remastered’ Duke Nukem 3D is one of the best first-person action games of all time despite being a remastered version of one of the best first-person games. 

Duke Nukem 3D has arrived on Android as one of the best shooters from the 90s. Players will experience the over ten levels that Los Angeles Meltdown contains and all of the objects and weapons in the original game.

In addition to rocket launchers, shrink rays, freeze throwers, and chaingun cannons. Any of them can be used. In terms of touchscreen controls, there are some flaws, as expected.

As far as graphics are concerned, Duke Nukem 3D has not changed. Computers were already outdated when first introduced, so it’s easy to imagine how dated they are now.

Duke’s movement is sometimes choppy, and in some zones, his movements are almost like “roller-skating,” however, the goal-setting system and weapon change system are both well done, making it a fun game to play. 

Download: Here

NOVA 3 – Freedom


With The Stranger, you can play multiplayer sci-fi games on any smartphone for free! Fight for humanity’s survival! Because of incompatibility issues, Freedom Edition was removed from the Play Store. 

Experience 10 levels across the galaxy, including a war-torn Earth and a frozen Volterite city. The game will let you run, shoot, drive a vehicle, and pilot a mech to defeat hoards of enemies.

There are seven different battle modes that you can participate in, including Capture the Flag, Free-for-all, and more.

The Volterite Protectorate defeated the beleaguered colonies four months after Kal Wardin’s defeat. Yelena has urgently appealed to Kal to come back to save the Earth and humanity since he went underground. 

The beleaguered colonies surrendered to the Volterite Protectorate four months after Kal Wardin defeated the Volterites.

Download: Here

Tiny Thief


The storyline of Tiny Thief is challenging, aside from being fun and easy. Coins are earned by interactivity with the objects on the screen. Over 15 levels make up the free levels, and you must complete all three stars on each level. 

In the 2D puzzle and stealth game Tiny Thief, you will be a white-collar thief from the Middle Ages. You will be tasked with stealing many different items during the gameplay.

If you touch a staircase, you will be able to reach up, but if you feel an object (whether a cake or a pair of jewels), you will be able to grab it. Besides stealing items, you must also catch your pet, which is hidden in the background, and complete secondary objectives.

Tiny Thief offers a unique and fun experience with a touch screen-optimized control system, offering an addictive gameplay experience. In addition, the characters and environments are presented beautifully.

Download: Here

Eternal Frontier


Here you can even play FPS and RPG games on mobile phones with smooth performance and 3A-quality performance! A shooter RPG RPG with Netease’s Eternal Frontier puts you in control of a mobile device. 

As it is infused with advanced and grand gestures, it lets you quickly find out what kind of planet you are looking at. Discovering undiscovered planets is central to the game. Using the latest technology, the game has a giant playing field with a border that gives it a distinctive 3-D look. 

The second-person shooter Eternal Frontier is an unusual MOBA-style game that should be played by everyone.

Download: Here

Dragon Ball Mobile (3D)


Survivors of semiautomatic battles will have a larger impact in the saga of the series created by Akira Toriyama.

The game does not allow you to direct your characters directly. The ability to change the appearance of characters is unlocked by using their special attacks and swiping vertically.

It includes many characters and scenarios from the Dragon Ball saga to choose from. Internet access is required to access the original, which is in Chinese. Therefore, it is a top-rated and highly recommended game app! 

Download: Here

Dead Space


As Isaac Clarke, players will take control of a ship systems engineer who will have to battle an alien threat aboard a mining starship. The game takes place from the point of view of a third-person viewpoint. 

The game in D.S. is a horror-sci-fi tale. Each creature has a different ability and requires a different strategy to defeat as the game progresses.

As a result of being slaughtered, the corpses of numerous people have become “Necromorphs.” A wide range of critical acclaim was achieved by Dead Space’s cinematic experience and visually appealing animation.

Download: Here

Residential Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 is a third-person horror game that Capcom has developed. If you zoom in with a sniper rifle in the latest version, you will be looking behind Leon’s shoulder, which you can also refer to as a third-person view. 

This game offers a great experience in the mobile version, with excellent gameplay. In areas full of zombies and dangerous insects, you’ll be provided with minimum equipment to survive.

However, if you zoom in with a pistol, you will be looking at the first person. As a crosshair, you had just a dot when you shot up or down in the previous version. There have been improvements since the last version of the game. Zombie shooting has become somewhat obscure in recent versions. 

Initially, it was only released for PlayStation, and it won a lot of awards and became very popular after that. It has since been released for Windows, several game consoles, and Android devices. 

Download: Here

Fatal Fight 

The gameplay of Fatal Fighting is straightforward and addictive, like that of other competitive action games – just tap right or left to play. You can spend hours playing this game because it has simple but addictive gameplay.

Despite being designed primarily for boys, girls will enjoy this game, too, so you should still download it no matter your gender. 

The game can be downloaded and played free of charge, although some items can be purchased for real money. This game is highly addictive and involves fighting with blood, so you have to be at least 12 to perform it. 

A kung fu master is vengeful in this game after meditating in the mountains and coming down from the hill. 

Download: Here

NES Games

Playing this game brings back childhood memories with this app lets you control your flight with a virtual joystick using the controller as a touch screen.

Super Mario Bros. was a game that dominated the world, The Legend of Zelda was an action-adventure game, and Metroid was a coin-op game. Aside from the Nintendo 64, the NES was one of the industry’s top-selling consoles following the 1983 video game crash. 

The most enjoyable Android App in the world features Mario, Contra, Battle City, Jackal, Street Fighter, and many other retro games. 

Download: Here

Call of Duty: Strike Team

During first-person viewing, the game uses virtual analog sticks on both sides of the network as a control scheme. The reticule is aimed at the closest target when you choose an arrow. The Strike Team app allows players to control their squads using simple gestures on their devices’ touch screens.

Providing cover, throwing frags, firing, and even securing objectives from the air, will be at your disposal. This mode increases positioning awareness and tactical gameplay while offering strategic gameplay as well. 

The small arrows also provide a quick aim feature at the bottom of the screen used for changing targets. A drone overhead offers the players a first-person view of the scene. 

Download: Here

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Final Thought

Users of smartphones are most likely to download apps, tools, and games from Android devices and Google Play Store. Apps and games can be found in abundance on the Google Play Store. 

Despite its efforts to make it easy to discover and download apps, the Google Play Store has several restrictive policies, rules, and regulations. You can nonetheless download the best games from the apps without having to go to that website.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best apps not available on the play store with your friends as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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