14 Best Harem Games For Android & iOS

Looking for a game with plenty of romantic options? A harem game may be just what you’re looking for. These games typically involve a protagonist surrounded by attractive members of the opposite s#x, each vying for their love and attention.

In these types of games, you are not only met with passionate dialogue; there are new plot twists and challenges at each turn. Chinese history, Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and post-apocalyptic societies illustrate this very well. There are no limits to where this could lead.

Rather than resembling a Roman game, the games seem classic. The architecture, the character design, and all the various events in the game reflect this. Players enter this world feeling immersed in all these intricate details, including maps, background music, and so on.

So if you’re curious about which titles are the best in this genre, read on! We’ve compiled a list of the best Best Harem Games that offer an abundance of love interests and plenty of romance.

Best Harem Games For for Android & iOS

List of Best Harem Games

You can take your time exploring the levels to get to know various characters and build your interest as you move onward. The possibilities are endless. It’s okay to make enemies, friends, or lovers.

RankingGame’s Name
1Golden Empire-Legend Harem Strategy Game
2Illusion Connect
3Legend of the Phoenix
4Princess Connect! Re: Dive
5ISEKAI: Demon Waifu
6Nightmare Harem
7Call Me a Legend
8Mystic Messenger
9Be The King: Judge Destiny
10Obey Me!- Anime Otome Dating Sim
11King’s Romance
12Dangerous Fellows
13Call Me Emperor
14Amnesia: Memories

Golden Empire-Legend Harem Strategy Game


Since it incorporates components of an RPG game, it differs from traditional SLG games such as COC. Participants may participate in world events, such as the Second World War, instead of investing only in building a nation and setting up a strategy. 

It started off with an ancient Roman theme. In the game architecture, characters, and numerous events are reflected in everything it contains.

Emperor of an ancient Roman empire, your role is to lead the empire. By strengthening your army, you can conquer new territories through intense real-time action against rival lords all over the world.

Due to all of these details, such as maps, backgrounds, music, and so on, players are quickly drawn into this world. The warrior can acquire different skills. For instance, he or she can go on missions against other nations or raise a family. It will give them a leg up when a ruling is finally made.

Plays like a role-playing game but also incorporates aspects of strategy games. This is not your typical country-building game. The training also enables a team to clean up areas in order to ensure peace in China.

These Warriors use digital tools to fight battles all over China. In cooperative modes, players can work together.

Download: Android 

Illusion Connect


Create your Radiants with the Illusion Connect app and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and other social media tools. Take advantage of the Radiants to form a lineup that is tailored to your needs.

In real-time combat, you can control your Radiants only with your fingertips. Take control of their actions with your fingers! The game also includes tactical combats in which you coordinate your Radiants with the main character to devise various strategies. Create the Radiants to defend the world! 

During and after combat, spend time with the Radiants to learn more about them. Growing power will develop between you and the Nightmares! Make your dream home a reality! Choose your wallpaper and decorate! Provide your Radiants with a comfortable and enjoyable home away from combat!

Learn more about the backgrounds, personalities, experiences, and interests of each Radiant! Each of the 50 Radiants has been designed in 2-D, and each can be customized as needed. Make a stand for justice and champion the truth!

Download: Android l iOS

Legend of the Phoenix


With its beautiful UI, Legend of the Phoenix is a classic harem game you’ll enjoy for hours. Featuring many different endings based on our battle performance, the game’s captivating story will keep you hooked for hours. Additionally, there are countless quests waiting to be completed, so explore every nook and cranny.

It’s all about the choices you make in the game. In real life (just as in fiction) each one has a huge impact on the plot. At times, this may seem overwhelming.

Everything is so different and different. As we overcome these obstacles together, every decision you make could affect how our relationship grows.

As you navigate the levels, you will meet multiple characters and form different relationships with them. It could be friends, enemies, or lovers. You may receive help from every character that likes your personality in the future, so keep this information handy before moving on to gameplay.

However, before playing for real, players will have to create their own character: here, they can pick their name, appearance (including clothing), etcetera; however, it doesn’t end there as players can also customize everything about them, including their history.

In addition to costumes, the game also covers the world as a whole. You will be ashamed of your previous games after watching this game, as it has a certain elegance that can be seen throughout every inch of it. You don’t have to pay for this game, though.

Download: Android l iOS

Princess Connect! Re: Dive


The plot of the game is very interesting. Yuki, an unknown young man, wakes up in the beautiful lands of Astray without any memories of his past. The prophecy of Ames has sent Kokkoro to accompany Yuki there.

The nature of one gender is surrounded by a large number of characters of the opposite gender. Additionally, you will have to pump and collect cute girls who are constantly requesting your attention during your turn-based battle. The game is now available to everyone worldwide.

By far the most intricate twist of fate is the encounters between Yuki and Kokkoro with Pekorin, a wandering swordswoman, and Kyara, a cold girl with cat ears, a wizard. It will be their joint efforts that will reveal the secrets of the world and the guild.

Download: Android l iOS

ISEKAI: Demon Waifu


Here in this game, there is a stronghold fortress in Paladina; you take on the role of a demon prince who defends his people from evil. 

So it would be best if you won your fight despite all your odds, and for this, a strong subordinate is essential for establishing your dominance. To put it another way, you should only engage in combat if you can win it. 

To expand your influence without fear and defeat your enemies bravely. Become a couple if you want heirs to your kingdom. Using a dating portal, you can find a woman that meets your needs anywhere.

Their attention can be won, their hearts can be melted, and you can raise a family with them. Invest in a stylish wardrobe.

Download: Android 

Nightmare Harem


Playing harems is like playing the role of a noble young man in love with his future spouse. People of different classes are known to be less friendly with each other, especially aristocrats.

You can choose from a number of hairstyles and costumes: humans, demons, angels. Their stories converge when our protagonist falls into their arms. 

At any given opportunity, the saboteurs attempt to sabotage your marriage plans by dating someone who is not in your family. It lacks side missions, unlike other games of its type. The primary objective is to avoid distractions.  

NPCs in the game desire to establish a relationship with the player. If you seek greater control over relationship dynamics, a Nightmare Harem may be the option for you.

In order to reach the top of their careers and marriages, players need to remain aware of what is going on around them and deal with political intrigues. 

Download: Android l iOS

Call Me a Legend


Another one of the best harem games is “Call Me a Legend.” In addition to love affairs, political intrigue, fighting scenes, and quests.

Suppose you want to become famous among women you need to date and buy gifts for them. The game is a role-playing simulation game.

Also, be prepared for zombies to hunt you as your world is full of them. Therefore, your only chance of surviving is to build alliances with others. Finding other survivors and recruiting heroes is one thing you need to do to defeat the zombies.

It would be best to build intimacy with women to achieve legendary status in this game. It’s just a matter of getting married and having children.

The responsibility doesn’t stop there; you must also look after your wife and children. 

Download: Android

Mystic Messenger


This is a fascinating game with fascinating gameplay, a clever plot that is twisted, and linearity that also appears. As a romance simulation game that mixes Japanese animation with comic books, the mystic messenger game simulates a romance between guys and girls.

There is a plot in every anime game. There is a mysterious messenger who confirms it. A Japanese company develops the property. An attractive girl likes using mobile devices, and the story revolves around this.

A kind of messaging service, Mystic Messenger provides access to the Internet. She installed it on her phone as a result of curiosity. A variety of interesting features make it a fascinating game.

One of the player’s responsibilities is inviting guests to the party. Having an initial conversation is important. It only takes one mistake to keep people away. When the word “Done” is colored green after three answers, you will see three choices.

Getting good endings in the game is possible because the player gains knowledge and avoids making mistakes. In the game, the main antagonist is Unknown, aka Seran Choiwe.

Upon getting into a party community, the hero of the game mystic messenger meets a character named zen who abandoned school when he was a kid and had to work any part-time job he could get. Despite his eccentricity, he found success as a theatre actor.

Characters in the mystic messenger games have many ambiguities, such as jumping. Despite growing up in luxury, this guy prefers to work over idleness. His hobby is working. He loves cats, but he is suspicious of women.

Most women only value Jumin because of his wealth, which is actually his greatest asset. That angers rich guys.

Download: Android l iOS

Be The King: Judge Destiny


By playing Be The King, you can create a virtual empire. Despite your judicial position, this harem game will crumble within a short period. 

In order to restore the rule of law, you must decide what to do about the Imperial Court’s imprisonment. The emperor has granted you the ability to live on his legacy, in addition to being surrounded by nobles and officials.

While striving to restore the balance in the timeless struggle between good and evil, you may make new friends.

Officials with corrupt motives profit from their citizens’ suffering. What are your plans to combat corruption? Will you be able to overcome it, or will you cave in?

Download: Android l iOS

Obey Me!- Anime Otome Dating Sim


Like an anime character, you can experience a harem world in Obey Me. No matter what you do, it will impact your relationships. Download these Android and iOS harem anime games.

You take control of all things in a fantasy world where demonic brothers try to defeat you. To prepare for battle against these insidious demons, you must undergo rigorous training sessions.

At the same time, an opportunity will be available for you to customize your character. No matter what gender, no matter what voice you choose, their storyline will remain the same.

Even outside of meeting up in person, text messages, calls, and other forms of communication strengthen relationships. 

The immersive nature of this game is also worth mentioning. There are fewer loading screens and cutscenes, so the gameplay is almost like watching a movie.

In addition to customizing our appearance online, we can change our hair color & length at any time in order to make sure our friends will always recognize our appearance when they meet us on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Download: Android l iOS

King’s Romance


The game offers more than just dress-up options; it also provides a storyline that allows a player to customize their avatar to their liking. As a general rule, the referee is chosen and decided who manages each match.

Throughout King’s Romance, you will find love through the ranks while testing your mettle as a warrior in ancient China. 

As the action picks up, players have to decide whether to create their own character or borrow one. Having a good time with this game prompted me to realize that there is much more to it than one might expect from the beginning. 

The most rewarding thing is having a lot of wives to choose from if that is what works best for you. Who you think would make a good spouse is a personal decision.

When you achieve success, it would be helpful if you built your harem around women who are eager for attention.  

Download: Android l iOS

Dangerous Fellows


There is a good experience waiting for you in this game, thanks to the attractive characters, stunning sound effects, and choices for building intimacy between the player and our favorite guy so we can survive together during this horrifying time. 

During an exciting mini-level, you will find out whether or not he is aware of suspicion. Fun, fast-paced dialogue options build rapport. Unless you want to give up your social life, just like everyone else, if the zombie apocalypse occurs.

Dangerous Fellows, a visual novel dating simulator from GameHouse, has you covered.

It is possible for him to warm up to us or become suspicious of us based on tempting multiple-choice decisions. 

Download: Android l iOS

Call Me Emperor


During the harem parties, you will probably get to dress like a royal person. Everything about EmpireMMO is in your hands.

Own your empire and become the king or queen! As soon as you begin reigning, you are an emperor or empress. Not likely, but with enough effort, anything can be accomplished.

Information about the city, such as the number of coins citizens earn every day by selling widgets, is available. The choice is yours, and the consequences are yours.

Download: Android 

Amnesia: Memories

Your biography is calling you to discover the reasons behind your difficulties from the call of Orion, the cheerful horned man. Those who find themselves in bad situations should keep in mind that bad endings don’t always involve a guy not getting your heart.

What you’re about to see is a classic visual novel otome. There are three main characters: a girl, a boy, and a girl. Orion is the one you must face on this journey.

In Amnesia: Memories, you play the visual novel.  It is Orion who is here to assist you. In the case of amnesia, memories provide an alternative route to different conclusions. 

Choosing the world the heroine lives in must begin at the very beginning. One person, you will decide to establish a relationship with already exists within this world.

The heroine seems to be on the verge of death for some reason. There does not seem to be anyone who cares for her.

Download: Android l iOS

What do I need to know before playing a harem game?

Harem games are typically visual novels with several romance options. Choosing one girl for the duration of the game will usually result in some “bad endings,” while choosing another character will lead to different outcomes.

Harem games tend to offer a lot of replayability, as each subsequent playthrough can vary significantly depending on whom you choose. Some games may even offer a choice of which lead character you want to r#mance, each with its own unique story.

Harem titles typically come in multiple parts or installments. Players should look carefully for any additional costs once they’ve purchased the first part of the game, as some games require players to purchase and download additional episodes in order to reach a complete ending.

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Final Thought

For singles, dating has never been easier and more convenient than it is today. Now, players can flirt with influential women (or men) in numerous mobile games, and some of them even become chosen ones.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best games like Harem with your friends as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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