7 Best High Speed Camera Apps For Android & iOS

Currently, smartphone cameras have improved dramatically over the years. As the smartphone market continues to grow, smartphones that operate with cameras are becoming more critical.

The camera quality is one of the most important aspects people consider when buying a smartphone today. Even though countless smartphones have suitable camera hardware, the software that processes the images on these devices varies so much.

Phone cameras produced blurry images and had slow shutter speeds. We cannot get bright ideas in the night mode even though we have a camera on our phones.

Due to the development of the best HD camera apps for Android and iOS. The purpose of using high-quality mobile camera apps is to enhance the image quality and appearance with some stunning features available in the app.

We have compiled a list of the best highspeed camera apps for users who had been struggling with picture quality for a long time:

Best High Speed Camera Apps

List of Best Highspeed Camera Apps

Here is the list of best camera apps which you must give it a try at least once for an excellent photographic experience. Check it now!

RankingApp’s name
1Footej Camera 2
2Open Camera
3Google Camera and GCam Ports
4ProCam X — Lite
5Simple Camera

Footej Camera 2


Footej Camera 2 is again a good camera app if you’re looking for a reliable one for both photos and videos.

Video recording features include the ability to pause or intercut clips and resume in real-time, plus the ability to convert small videos into GIFs. As with the iPhone’s Live Photos or the motion-enabled shots taken by Google Camera, Live Photos are also supported here.

The Auto-HDR feature is available, as well as various aspect ratios and resolutions. Additionally, you’ll find multiple different effects as well as a photo editor to edit your photos.

Download: Android 

Open Camera


Still another best camera apps are “Open Camera.” With the Open Camera, you can take pictures and record videos on your smartphone for free. It has a simple user interface and no ads.

Some of the cool things you get with this app include an alignment blip so that your photos are straight, noise reduction in low-light, and the ability to snap photos by saying phrases like cheese or making sounds.

The Open Camera app can be an excellent place to begin if you want to control the photographs you click and experiment with manual settings.

Download: Android 

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Google Camera and GCam Ports


It is one of the high-speed cameras available for use. Despite their older hardware, Pixel smartphones can still produce fantastic images using the Google Camera application.

Because of their computational photography prowess, Google’s Pixel phones have consistently been among the best for taking pictures. Also, Google has released Night Sight, and it has revolutionized low-light photography over the years.

Google Camera has both Night Sight and Portrait Mode that are unmatched, and, best of all, you can install a ported version of Google Camera on your existing smartphone to produce Pixel-like images.

Download: Android 

ProCam X — Lite


ProCam X – Lite offers many other features that any manual camera app would offer. One of the best-provided features is a simple time-lapse and stop motion feature that lets you shoot videos straight from the app.

You can use HyperFocal with your DSLR as the perfect photography accessory. HyperFocal is the right choice if you are a pro photographer looking for the best photography app for ensuring focus & zone of sharpness!

Additionally, you can also take videos in manual mode with the option of selecting a custom bitrate. And at last, the iPad supports video recording up to 4K. You can easily configure hyperfocal distances and manage profiles for multiple setups.

You can also export your files to various formats for easy sharing and exporting·A quick and intuitive way to view information is provided by the advanced graphical representation. For preparing your photography for specific scenarios, you can now use the latest update for an angle of view and field of view.

Download: Android l iOS 

Simple Camera


The name very well suggests the attributes of “Simple Camera” which is probably the most straightforward app both in terms of features and UI. The user experience is simply because there are no ads on the app.

As the interface is straightforward so there are not too many options to get lost in. It will be easy to use this smartphone camera app if you are handing a phone to someone who does not have much smartphone experience.

With a clean and minimalist interface, the UI only shows you the bare minimum options for taking a photo or recording a video.

Download: Android l iOS

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It is one of the cool apps available, which provides a wide variety of options to those obsessed with creating perfect portraits. The Brighten function enlightens the look of your eyes in a few seconds, and you can get a perfect photo that requires only retouching and editing.

You can use blemish and pimple remover with blush to add radiance and charm.  An easy-to-use photo editing tool that gives your photos the perfect aesthetic while enhancing the beauty of your retouching with beautiful and dramatic effects.

It makes use of technology that allows real-time editing. Smooth 2.0 is among the new features that are included. Using its 3D lighting presets this camera app that enhances the brightness and softness of photos.

Download: Android l iOS



SnapSeed is the best app for taking flawless photos with great colors, exposure, etc. You can use Snapseed filters To change the quality.

The app can also be used to edit videos, especially on touch-screen mobile phones. The application combines easy-to-use editing tools and filters with extensive processing options. An ordinary image can be transformed into a stunning masterpiece using this photo editing app.

SnapSeed is a free, well-designed, and raw-compatible app with excellent photography capabilities. So what are you waiting for? Get started with the remarkable features of SnapSeed.

Download: Android l iOS

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Final Thought

We have shown you the list of the best camera apps to help you improve your smartphone’s camera performance), gain new features, and take advantage of manual controls not available on your smartphone’s default camera app. We compiled a list of Android apps that aren’t just for taking pictures for those looking for a similarly diverse selection.

If you have any queries, they are highly welcomed, comment them down and share this post with your friends and dear ones and give them a worthwhile camera experience. 

Hope you enjoyed reading the post!

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