12 Best Launchers For Android

Want a fresh personalized look on your phone but don’t know the best apps? This post for you which will let you know the Best Launchers For Android to try them out.

You can download launchers for Android to add new functionality such as intelligent folders and search assistants or change the appearance of your phone. Even though the Android interface changes every year, there is more than one way to open the device.

Certain apps help to change how a phone feels daily have long attracted the interest of users. We can organize shortcuts and widgets, as well as an app drawer, on the launcher’s home screens.

If you want to personalize your Android phone, there are many different launchers to choose from, but that may cause confusion in your mind about which one is the best for you. Well, don’t worry, we have come up here with the list of best launchers for your device.

List of Best Launchers for Android

You can easily change your device’s homepage layout by installing any of these Android launchers mentioned below in our list. Our list of the best Android launchers can enhance the overall user experience on your Android.

Smart Launcher 5 


You will undoubtedly like this launcher with intelligent search, and an intelligently sorted, customizable app drawer makes it easy to find everything, whether on your phone or online.

The simple “flower” favorites grid and sorted app folders of Smart Launcher are unique features. In addition to Smart Launcher’s flower grid, several other thoughtfully designed layouts keep your favorite apps easy to find with one hand.

You also get an option of icon and color customizations, widget resizing, and more customizations to round out the package for a welcoming update to a classic launcher.

Smart Launcher 5, the latest version, adds a plethora of new features and improvements. Thus you can download it as per your requirement!

Download: Android 

Niagara Launcher


“Niagara” is again a top-rated launcher which you must give a try; it filters out spam and persistent notifications automatically from the messages displayed on your home screen.

A minimalist Android launcher designed for putting apps and notifications front and center while minimizing distractions. That means you can’t count on any visual frills or additional options you might find in most third-party launchers.

Your favorite apps appear automatically in the app drawer, while alphabetical shortcuts are available. Try it now!

Download: Android 

Nova Launcher


“Nova Launcher” is a fast, slick, and highly customizable launcher used by millions of users. It is possible to customize many options, such as selecting color themes and icon packs, customizing the app drawer, or changing folder settings. 

The Nova team settles for mediocrity, consistently adding new features, such as Sesame Shortcuts, animations, and other improvements. 

It offers extensive appearance and utility customizations with minimal performance impact, so you can set your home screen just right without sacrificing performance. 

Download: Android 

Hyperion Launcher


“Hyperion Launcher” comes with great features. Apart from the standard wallpaper and widgets, users have many options for customizing their desktops, including themes, folders, transparencies, animations, icon packs, adaptive icons, and shadows. 

The Pixel-style user interface allows you to adjust a wide range of settings which is user-friendly and makes it easy to use.

The free version of Hyperion offers many features, but the Pro version unlocks features like launcher-level font changes and custom gestures.

Download: Android 

AIO Launcher


AIO Launcher is again a well downloaded and rated launcher. Its interface may not be the most friendly out of all the best Android launchers; nevertheless, it is an exciting choice if you do not mind a high level of information density.

It does not declutter your screen but rather cram as much information into a relatively simple interface. Upcoming calendar events, recent calls, messages, emails, and information about your frequently used apps are displayed.

You will get to unlock additional features such as widget support, Android notifications, and app icons after purchasing it.

Download: Android

Apex Launcher


Its name captures the essence of the launcher as it embodies an excellent Android launcher with a good balance of features and performance. 

You can even choose a different style for your app drawer, endless scrolling, transition animations, and numerous folder styles. Upgraded versions of Apex Launcher will give you access to additional features, such as many drawer options and gestures.

There is also a scrollable dock with five pages and customize the home screen grid size.

Download: Android 

Action Launcher


“Action Launcher”- the name very well arouses interest in your mind to download and start using it. Aside from the adaptive app bar, Action Launcher also includes a pill-shaped Google search bar and Android 5 app shortcuts (backwards compatible).

Users have quick access to an app library and widgets when a slide-out app drawer is displayed, in addition to combining extreme customizability with new interface features and styles.

You can enhance the speed with unique gestures like “covers” and “shutters.” You can have Action Launcher automatically select the dominant colors in your wallpaper and change their appearance in the application drawer, folder background, and search box.

Download: Android

ADW Launcher 2


“ADW Launcher 2” is a user-friendly application with lots of customization options available for users. Besides a dynamically colored interface based on your wallpaper, an app drawer indexed under your wallpaper, transition effect, icon badges, app categorization, and more.

ADW Launcher 2 comes with a wealth of features and customizable options. You can probably use it very simply for an unforgettable experience!

As well as supporting Android’s newer features, it supports shortcuts.

Download: Android

Lightning Launcher


You can easily customize the home screen icons with the “Lightning Launcher” Android launcher, and also you can use it to assign app icons through grids or pixel-perfect placement on the home screen.

Lightning does have a bit of a learning curve once you begin tweaking the app’s options and settings, but it offers a rich and featured experience that’s ideal for users who want to customize their home screens.

The user can customize the look and feel by changing fonts, colors, lines, gestures, and more and adding JavaScript extensions to expand functionality.

You can download the paid version for zooming capabilities plus separate workspaces for work, play, and home environments.

Download: Android 

Big Launcher


A simple yet powerful Android launcher for seniors, Big Launcher, provides a simple interface. Many customization options are available with BIG Launcher, including text sizes, full-screen displays, navigation bars, safe border sizes, and more.

Users with poor vision will also benefit from the heavily contrasted home screen. The grid-style home screen features large and colorful icons that make it easy to distinguish between apps featured on it. 

Seniors are also prioritized with the dialer, the messages app, the gallery, the camera, and an SOS button. The app drawer can be accessed from the app drawer’s button as well.

Download: Android

Lawnchair 2


Lawnchair 2 is a minimalist Android launcher you should try if you prefer minimal launchers. Furthermore, the launcher supports customizable icon sizes and customizable icons, and, most importantly, it is highly customizable.

This interface is as clean and stylish as the launcher for Google’s Pixel smartphone. The Lawnchair 2 app provides a Pixel launcher-like UI that allows for the personalization of the home screen.

This version of Lawnchair 2 features icon pack support, so you can use other custom icon packs to make your own.

Download: Android 

Wide Launcher


There are also various Applets included with the software that can be added to the home screen to provide additional functionality. Also interesting is Wide Launcher, an app that replaces the home screen. 

It is worth experimenting with something new if you’re willing. It offers a 3-times wider home screen so that you won’t be limited to the size and grid of your typical home screen.

In addition, you can choose from a variety of icon styles, themes, and decor stickers. Furthermore, you can let your imagination run wild with Decorate.

You can download and use Wide Launcher for free.

Download: Android

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Final Thought

Almost every smartphone comes with its launcher, but when they have trouble launching, there are endless third-party launchers that can fix it and blow it away. There is a launcher for everyone, but if you haven’t found your favorite yet, here are a few we think will work for almost anyone.

If you have any queries, allow us to sort them out by commenting them down. Also, do share this post with your friends, family, and dear ones and help them change their home screen with a lot of customization options provided by the apps mentioned in the list.

Hope you enjoyed reading it!

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