9 Best Offline Lyrics Apps for Android & iOS

Here I’m presenting the Best Offline lyrics Apps, so if this is what you are looking for, then you are at the right place.

Music is an excellent way for people to express themselves. Whether you want to sing alone or are participating in any music competition that requires preparation, then lyrics are the key elements that you need to pay attention to.

Lyric apps are designed specifically for users to be able to access accurate lyrics, so they can practice or sing to music alone while listening to it.

There are numerous online apps that provide lyrics; however, some only work online, and some don’t provide what we expect. Because of this, our team tested many Lyrics App Offline and chose the best applications for you.

That way, you don’t have to install and test them separately. Let’s find out about that.

Best Offline Lyrics Apps for Android & iOS

Best Lyrics App Offline

Lots of applications are available online which show lyrics while you play music. However, it is often impossible to access these applications while offline, so we will discuss the best Song Lyrics App Offline in this post.

Let’s dive into it.


genius app ss

It is one of the popular platforms that allows users to find their favorite song lyrics very quickly. This platform is for lyrics lovers who enjoy singing. To practice your favorite song, just search for the song and click on it.

It will display the rest of your lyrics of the song. It also shows the song that is currently being played by music players, such as Musixmatch and others. It has the largest collection of song lyrics.

Besides that, if you don’t understand the lyrics, as the author mentions a few lines, you can search it through the genius app to find out the meaning. This feature will help you to understand the song in depth.

If you want to view some song lyrics offline, you need to download them to check them out later without internet access. 

Using the app, you can search song lyrics to your favorite song in many ways, like you can use a voice assistant to listen to the music around you or even search through its name. The app is awesome; you should definitely check it out.

Download: Android | IOS


shazam app ss

Another popular music player is Shazam. This music player lets you play lyrics and play songs quickly. With it, you can find any song you want in a matter of minutes & get access to any music you want with just a click.

You will find out your favorite song name within a second, and you can also listen to your favorite songs and add them to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. the app will suggest you a few songs that are effectively based on your interest and also shows you the popular songs in your country.

This app lets you follow your favorite artist and also enables you to create your favorite playlist in a second. You can also get realtime track updates and many other features that help you listen to your favorite artist’s song anytime, anywhere.

Also, you can play your favorite song without an internet connection by downloading your music or saving it on your device. You should indeed look at this; you’ll love this.

Download: Android |  iOS 


QuickLyric app ss

It is one of the best apps for all fans of music and lyrics; it has many useful features that happen to make it easier to find the lyrics of your favorite songs. Currently, it is only available for android users, but soon it will be available for all IOS users.

The app is excellent for finding lyrics because not only can you find lyrics by searching, but you can also find songs by voice option. The app can observe any karaoke song and will show you its name with lyrics within a minute.

There is also an option called floating mode [if you allow it], which will enable you to see the lyrics of the music being played in the background [a floating window on the smartphone display] by clicking on the view button.

In order to view lyrics offline, you need to save your song lyrics to the Saved lyrics option so that they can be viewed without an internet connection. 

It’s totally free to use QuickLyric. There’s no need to pay any bucks; overall, it’s a fantastic app you should try!

Download: Android


Musixmatch app ss

‘MusiXmatch’ is one of the most famous lyrics apps available with a massive database of song lyrics. This app was made for all the song lovers who want to practice for competitions or simply want to sing.

As I said, this is a very popular lyrics app, so it has almost every feature a song lover desires, such as identification of music, synchronization with other apps (Spotify, Youtube, Pandora), karaoke mode, floating mode, etc.

One good thing about it is that it has a simple interface so that any user could use it without any guide. Another advantage is that every user can translate lyrics to his own language to understand them very easily.

It is a freemium app, so if you want to upgrade for extra features, then the premium version is well worth it. It is also available offline for use without an internet connection as well.

Download: Android | ios


Lyrix app ss

There is another good app for all song lovers; it works differently than all the other apps. The data that you can find there is uploaded by users. Basically, it’s a community app so that You can find your favorite lyrics within seconds.

If you cannot find your favorite song lyrics, you may contribute your verse! To find your favorite song, you need to search by typing the song’s name. Also, you can search your song lyrics using voice search.

This app also allows you to save song lyrics offline by clicking the save button. It is a very useful and convenient feature. You should try it once.

Download: Android 


SoundHound app ss

The SoundHound app contains one of the valuable music apps that can find any songs playing in the background and show the lyrics and videos of them. It has the option to play karaoke-style LiveLyrics, and also you can watch videos of songs.

Another exciting feature is that if you remember a few lines of lyrics or a tune but don’t know the song title, then there is a higher possibility that the app can find it.

Furthermore, you can create playlists of your favorite songs. This is a really great app. It would be best if you gave it a shot at least once.

Download: Android | ios

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania app ss

Lyrics Mania has everything you need, it’s almost the same thing as the Musixmatch application, but many of its features are implemented in a far better way. It also has superb lyrics databases. That’s the reason I picked it. 

Additionally, it has various features such as realtime lyrics while listening to any music, auto-identifying playlists within the selected songs, postcard, which will allow you to design an image based on a quote from the lyrics of your favorite songs.

A built-in music player will play any song you have and show you lyrics in real-time. There is also a search option that allows you to search millions of lyrics and also search any song using artist and album name. 

Download: Android | ios

Lyrics Match

Lyrics Match is a music app that gives you a song lyric for a song you already have on your phone. To use it, simply select a song on your phone and a lyric will pop up!

Lyrics Match connects with a variety of music apps so the lyric you get is more than likely the lyric of the song you just played. Just select your song from the app you want to connect it to and tap “connect”.

It’s that simple! Lyrics Match is a great app for people who enjoy music and want to sing along with their favorite song. It’s a fun way to get more out of the music you already have.

Download: Android


MetroLyrics app ss

MetroLyrics app is another excellent app for all music lovers; it has the largest database of song lyrics, so you won’t have to go anywhere to find your favorite song lyrics. MetroLyrics also has a simple and easy-to-use Ui.

This is a search engine, so you have to find lyrics manually. It also syncs with Last.fm. Although It does not have many features like other apps, this is one of the most useful apps. If you only need lyrics, this app is a must-have.

In addition, you can see what people in your region are most interested in listening to. I found this to be a cool and excellent feature that I liked.

This app also shows you biographies, photos, and albums, along with the news about them, so if you want to know more about your favorite artist, you will love this feature. It’s very straightforward and easy to use.

Download: IOS

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This post presents 9 Offline Lyrics Apps that I have tested and selected for you. I hope the post is helpful for you in finding a Lyrics App which can work without the internet.

What’s your favorite? And have any suggestions or queries, comment down below, and if you liked this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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