13 Best Photo Blender Apps to Mix Multiple Photos

Are you looking for some of the best blending apps? Still no results after searching for them and you are still hunting for them?

Our goal is to provide you with the three best blender apps you can combine images to create stunning results without having any design skills whatsoever.

The background can be changed or blurred, rotated, dragged, and dropped, as well as mirrored images, and you can combine up to nine pictures in a collage. 

Cropping and adding filters to photographs is easy with these applications, and you can mix multiple shots with different layouts and photo grids.

List of Best Photo Blender Apps

The list of best applications we have compiled for you below can be downloaded and used on your device as you wish. Just check this list below!

Photo PIP, Photo Editor

In addition to providing photo blending, mirror-image effects, a blurring feature, and an album builder, the app also includes scrapbooks. Isn’t that sound interesting?

You can make great collages with photo PIP by mixing up to nine images together. Photos can be rotated, cropped, resized, and emojis, filters, and texts can also be added to them.

Add focus to specific parts of your photos using the picture-in-picture camera app, and enjoy photo blending as much as you can!

Download: Android

Ultimate photo blender

“Ultimate Photo Blender” is one of the best photo blender applications available for users.

With this app, you can blend pictures easily, and your typical daily image will become much more exciting and can. You can choose any photo from your gallery and also capture any picture with your camera.

The software also allows you to choose another picture from your gallery, and you can also capture another shot and then blend them to create excellent results. Some effects can enhance the appearance of photos.

The picture mixer app allows you to create a unique poster from a collection of pictures you have just by blending them into one. Additionally, this app will enable you to share your creative skills with friends through social media apps.

Download: Android l iOS

Artful Photo Blend 

This is an excellent tool for photo blending recommended to you wholeheartedly. This app will help you create double exposure effects by blending two or more pictures.

You’ll love this straightforward yet beautiful photo editor app for its combination of functionality, beauty, and simplicity. Here you get categorized blend effects in multiple blend styles.

Tools for selecting pictures and capturing images are available here. Social media sites allow you to share your creativity.

Download: Android l iOS

Photo overlays- blender

Here you can make the picture blended, edited, manipulated, and enhanced to the limit. This app will make your regular daily photo much more interesting, and you can easily integrate pictures with this app.

You are also allowed to choose another picture from your gallery, and you can also capture another shot and then blend them to get excellent results. This application lets you combine, mix, and overlay multiple images.

All you need is to select any picture from your gallery, and you can also capture any picture with the help of your camera and then mix that picture with the stunning picture collection provided by this app. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Download: Android l iOS

Blend me Photo blender/ Mixer and mirror photos by Signitivesoft 

One of the best applications, you can edit your pictures just like professional apps while enhancing the quality of images and turning them into HD pictures.

Its features include creating professional photo effects like multiple exposures, double exposures, blending in mixing, overlays, and effects.

Utilizing this picture mixer application, you will be able to create a unique poster from multiple photos just by blending them and sharing them on social media sites with your friends.

Additionally, some effects can be applied to photos to make them more appealing. Try it now!

Download: Android 

Fused: Overlay photo and video 

You can create eye-catching photo stories of your family, friends, and vacations using it, making it the best photo blender ever. This is worth trying!

Blend college will help you become more creative, and you will love it. You can add a lot of customization options to make your photo look attractive.

In addition to storing your creativity, this app allows you to save it in HD. Using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more, you can share your created blend picture with your friends and family.

Download: iOS

Blend Me Photo Mixture

One of the most loved apps is “ Blend Me Photo Mixture”.. Using the blend tool, you can adjust the brightness, saturation, and color of your photos according to your preference.

One of the best features is that this application has the unique aspect of taking real-time blended photos and editing saved photos.

There are many editing tools included in this photo blending app that you can utilize during the blending process, and hence you can easily make your photos worth attractive.

Download: Android

Blend me, photo editor

Here you can enjoy the wonderful experience of photo blending. It is an outstanding application that lets you add a significant blend effect and overlay to two images.

By using this app, you will be able to blend your favorite picture with a stunning background. Also, you can make a fantastic photo collage by combining two of your favorite photos. 

You will then be able to enjoy blending your picture with that background. There are many editing tools included in this photo blending app that you can utilize during the blending process, and hence you can easily make your photos worth attractive. Try it now for the best photo blending!

Download: Android

Auto Photo Mixer

Make freestyle and grid-style collages using Auto Photo Mixer, a photo blender, and a photo editing app.

Blend two or more photos using the app’s blending tools. Using the zoom and resize tools, you can adjust the size and rotation of your images.

Moreover, you can adjust the font and text style and add text to your photos.

Download: Android

 Photo blend photoshop

“Photoblend photoshop ”- it can make blending very simple, and you only have to adjust opacity and fade according to your needs.

 Besides blending pictures in different shapes, you can also create 3D shapes with this app. You will be able to apply a wide variety of filter effects with this app, giving you access to a lot of filters.

The app can also be utilized as a great photo editor, enhancing the quality of the pictures and converting them to HD quality.

During the processing of this app, the original picture will be enhanced in beauty, and a spectacular mix photo will be created. 

Download: iOS

Blend Collage Free

Adding many photos to the canvas is easy with Blend Collage Free. Use the app’s images and text to edit your photos.

This app lets you create stunning collages using images from special events and fun experiences. You can either take your pictures or use the ones provided.

Get creative with arranging colors and letters to make beautiful collages and use your creativity to an unlimited extent and have fun while enjoying it.

Download: Android

Blender Camera: Photo blender

With this beautiful app, you can blend your pictures creatively and make a good collection of all of them.

In addition to being a photo editor, the app comes with effects, frames, and a photo editor. It is an app that lets you blend two, three, or more pictures in a creative way.

Two, three, or more pictures can be blended with the help of this app.

Download: Android 


With this application, the pictures can be edited in various ways with many cropping and blending options, such as circular, square, and dissolve modes.

Photo blender app for android allows you to blend more than two pictures, so merging two photos is not compulsory.

In addition to letting you share your creations via email or other social networks, this photo blending app allows you to send them directly to people.

Download: Android

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Final Thought

After going through the entire list, you can easily combine several images to create beautiful designs. Among the features you can use are rotating images, erasing images, resizing photos, adjusting the fade on blended pictures, and many more. 

Aside from using the app’s HD backgrounds, you can also use your photos as backgrounds. Text and stickers can be added to photos as per your choice. 

If you have any queries, comment them down and share this post with your friends and let them enjoy the powerful features of these photo blending applications. Hope you find this post informative!

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