8 Best SMS Forwarding Apps For Android

Today, for android users, there are plenty of third-party messaging apps that allow you to keep in touch with anyone, anywhere. However, with thousands of them out there, you can be spoilt of choices when choosing the best. 

Your device’s default text messaging app cannot provide you the quality of service you deserve if you enjoy communicating via text messages.

In that situation, what you can do is you can refer to free SMS forwarding apps for Android. There are several messaging apps for Android users that can connect them to anyone, anywhere. Due to a large number of options available, you have got lots of possibilities.

Best SMS Forwarding Apps For Android

List of Best SMS Forwarding Apps for Android

Here we have come up with the list of best SMS forwarding apps for Android, which must give it a try!

Google Messenger

One of the best SMS forwarding apps is “Google Messenger” with an ample number of features like an appealing design and free texts, and features such as audio recordings, photo sharing, blocking SMS, and location sharing.

If you no longer want to communicate with a person, you get an option of archiving it, and later you can see if there are any messages from that person. Also, it doesn’t allow the scheduling of text messages, but still, there are many beneficial features to try at.

Also, there is a feature automatically backed up in every text, making it the best group texting app. Thus the app offers a superior text messaging experience. It is free software.

Download: Android

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Handcent Next SMS

Again, the most liked apps among the users are “Handcent Next SMS,” With this app, you can pin contacts you want to stay in touch with.

It has outstanding features such as built-in spell checking, theme support, password protection, group texts, and much more with many emojis and stickers, due to which you can have a peaceful and fun time with your friends.

Sending eCards, making free phone calls over the Internet, and backing up your text messages are other valuable features offered for a boundless experience. Must give it a try!

Download: Android 

Chomp SMS

It is one of the most recommended SMS forwarding apps with customizable options. Over 100 different skins and themes are provided for free, so users can customize their app to fit their needs.

Additionally, it has an expansive collection of Emoji One, Android, iOS, and Twitter emojis. Further, it includes advanced features such as privacy options, a passcode app lock, scheduled SMS senders, backup.

There is also a block listing feature that comes with the product. So, if you have trouble contacting any person, you must give it a try; the software is entirely free to download. 

Download: Android 


One of the most widely used apps is none other than but “WhatsApp” with secure settings and robust features.

One of the outstanding features offered is that of international use. This app features a distinctive design that allows you to chat via text, video, and pictures. Besides group chats, it is also equipped with end-to-end encryption, which makes all messages sent over the platform secure. The application is free to use.

There are a lot of valuable features offered, including security and privacy settings. If a problem persists, there is no delay in getting notified even.

Download: Android

Pulse SMS

With a simple user interface and excellent material design, “Pulse SMS” is a great feature offering an app.

You can sync your texts from any device, regardless of whether it is a tablet, phone, or computer. In addition to spam blocking, delayed SMS sending, and advanced search within contacts and messages, it offers several other features.

The app is highly customizable, with tons of themes, GIFs, and sound effects to choose from. With great customization features, every conversation can be customized using its exclusive features.

Download: Android 

Textra SMS

Textra SMS has a stylish dark theme and customizable color accents and is renowned for being the first SMS app to embrace the new Material Design standard.

It is a simple-to-use app with a high degree of customization; a minimalist design that is clean and simple to use makes it easy for users to enjoy texting long messages, emojis, etc.

Aside from SMS blocking, scheduled SMS, blocklisting, GIFs, 21 text sizes, and an extensive emoji database, it also has additional features.

Download: Android 


“QKSMS” is an app full of great design and numerous excellent features that directly touch your heart. These include several hundred themes, android wear compatibility, and night mode, among others.

Messages can be replied to without opening the application. You can even set a notification for each conversation. It provides convenient Android Wear support for your device.

Although compared with other SMS apps, it has limited features, but all the app features are available in the free version and are astonishing!

Download: Android

Mighty Text

With “Mighty Text, “message scheduling becomes easy, and the videos and photos can be synced from the phone and shared quickly.

Additionally, it lets you receive notifications whenever you receive an SMS text message, miss a call, or restart your phone. 

From your tablet or computer, you will send and receive SMS and MMS, and notifications. An app with a lot of customization options is worth trying!

Download: Android 

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Final Thought

As you have seen that these apps depending on your preferences, offer you the best SMS quality with a broader range of communication features, such as video and audio conferencing, instead of only focusing on privacy and security. You can surely try these apps without any confusion in your mind; as they are worth trying!

If you have any queries, we are pleased to sort them, comment them down and share this post with your friends, family, and dear ones and chat with them in the manner you wish.

Hope you find the reading informative!

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