13 Best Vine Editor Apps to Create Your Own Vine!

Interested in making creative vines with an Android or an iOS device? Here I’ve listed 13 Best Vine Editor Apps For Android And iOS to create your own creative Vine. 

Making vine videos is a trend on social media today. Everyone wants to post their video on it, but actually creating a vine on a smartphone was somewhat difficult in the past, so everyone creates their video using a video editor on their computer.

However, thanks to modern technology, you can now create professional-looking videos directly from your phone. There’s no need for a computer and laptop. The only thing you have to do to make a vine video, download one of the apps and edit the video in it. 

Let’s see what apps there are.

Best Vine Editor Apps for android and iOS

List Of Apps To Make Vine Edits

I’ve listed below the 13 best apps, which are self-tested, easy-to-use apps. So It doesn’t require any advanced skills to create or edit videos; everything can be done in a matter of minutes.

There are few free apps, and most of the rest are freemium, so you don’t have to pay just to download them. Furthermore, all the apps have settings for you to connect your social media accounts with them and share directly from them after you have finished creating the video.

RankingApp’s name
11Hype Text


One of the most popular video editors is VivaVideo, which provides all the tools you need to create vine videos. Here you can edit and create creative videos using different effects, shoot new videos, mix photos and videos, add a soundtrack, etc.

The app’s interface is easy to use, so you don’t have to be a professional to edit the videos. Viva video app offers a wide range of effects and filters that help you make even more awesome videos. You can also add texts to your videos, transitions, and more.

The Viva Video app is free to use, and you can easily share your videos on social media. The app is available for both Android and IOS so that both users can download it. Overall, it’s a good app, worth checking out.

Download: Android | IOS


KineMaster is another excellent video editor that I use the most and am currently using. With this, you can easily create professional videos very easily and be able to share them on your social media.

It lets you mix your pictures and videos into one, and you will also be able to add transitions, music, effects, emojis, and text, among other things. Also, you can modify, cut, and choose the ratio according to your preferences.

This application lets you use the chroma feature so you can remove backgrounds, add sound effects videos for the intro and the outro, as well as record live audio. Also, it has a variety of features that make it stand out.

After it’s finished, you will have a perfect mixed video to share on social media. A try is worth it.

Download: Android | IOS


The popular video editor Videoshop enables you to edit your Vine videos easily and quickly. Despite the easy-to-use interface, the app offers a number of useful features that can help users create great videos.

With it, you can add music, sound effects, a text overlay, as well as adjust your video, remove unwanted parts, slow or fast videos, and much more. Additionally, there is an option to change fonts, change text colors, add effects, and merge videos.

Afterward, you can share your videos on social media sites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, and others. Overall, this is a very good app. You should give it a try.

Download: Android | IOS


One of the best free video editors around is StoryCut, an app that lets you edit videos professionally. Using this program, you can easily edit your collection of photos into a video, add effects, add text in a variety of fonts and colors, and so on.

Additionally, you can speed up/down your video, apply a freeze type, adjust, and filter it the way you like. You can also reverse your video, add audio music, voice-over, emojis, stickers, chroma-key, copy clips, etc.

The feature I liked the most was multilayer editing, which allows you to place layers on clips to make creative videos. When you’re done, you can export a Full HD 1080P video at 30FPS and share it on social media.

Download: Android | IOS


FilmoraGo is another excellent video editor that allows you to edit your videos professionally for free. Like other apps. Here, you can also mix your photos into videos, apply effects, add text, and more.

The video editing application is equipped with all the features required for more creative editing. For easy access to all the features, developers have designed the app with an easy-to-use UI. Thus, anyone can use the app without any trouble.

The main thing is that after exporting the video, you will not see any watermarks. The filmoraGo app is available for iOS and Android, so both are able to use it. Overall the app is good; you can try it from the given link below.

Download: Android | IOS


InShot is for anyone who wants to make vine videos with high quality. It allows you to make creative videos easily. A wide range of features, including trimming, filters, text, music, stickers, and more are included.

Furthermore, you can use video effects, set slow/fast speed, create video memes, blur the background, etc. After editing your video, you can export it in high quality; it can export in up to 4K, making it unique from the rest of the competition.

The app is available for Android and IOS users so that the app can be used on both devices. And You can share your videos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Download: Android | IOS


Lomotif is another great video editor that you can use to make vine videos very easily. It lets you edit videos using tools such as filters, cropping, cutting, and trimming video clips, among others.

Furthermore, it allows you to add texts, animations, emojis, stickers to your videos, and more, all for free. You do not need any special skills to use this app; it has an easy-to-use user interface that lets you edit quickly.

Once you’ve finished editing, you’ll be able to share your videos on social media. It’s free and available for both iOS and Android.

Download: Android | IOS


If you’re looking for video editing software that does it all, VideoShow is for you. With this program, you can blend your photos into memorable videos very easily. It also includes a camera for capturing memories and importing them into the editing area.

In addition, you can also add text to the video, GIFs, stickers, emojis, sound effects, transitions, music, and many more. Apart from that feature, there are also excellent tools for users to use, such as clip edit, reverse video, filters, zoom in/zoom out, trim, rotate, crop, speed control, etc.

With their easy-to-use interface, you can edit your video quickly and share it on a variety of social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, TikTok, and others.

Download: Android | IOS


 Vita is one of the best free video editor apps that let you create video-like vines on your smartphone. The app has all the features that every video editor needs.

Here you can combine your photos into a video, add effects to them, add different types of text to the video (there are hundreds to choose from), and use ready-made templates. Additionally, you can add sound effects, music and make fast and slow-motion videos.

When you are finished editing the videos, you can export them in HD quality. The app is free and can be used on Android and iOS. It’s a good app; you should try it.

Download: Android | IOS


One of the top video editing apps, Magisto, allows you to edit videos easily. Because the interface is easy to use, it doesn’t require any special skills to use. Using this app, you can convert your favorite photos into videos with amazing transition effects.

Additionally, you can add music to your video, use filters, create stickers, and add text to the video. Besides this feature, the app has many other tools that are amazing to use, such as editing your clips (cut, trim, merge), changing orientation, etc.

Once you have finished editing your video, you can share it on your social media profiles to show off your creative abilities. It works on a freemium plan, so you can upgrade it to the premium if you want more functionality. Overall it’s a great app.

Download: Android | IOS

Hype Text

Hype Text is a remarkable video editor that makes vine videos easy to create. The app is designed to add animated text to your photos to create inventive animated videos. Basically, Hype Text lets users make animated text stories and videos for free.

As a result, the final exported video is so incredibly cool that you can share it anywhere. It gives you a variety of animated text templates to use in your video. You can also add captions to it and add an introduction to it.

Additionally, you can add effects like a glitch, Renderforest, Flixpress, and many more to enhance your video. Basically, the app allows you to create videos for any purpose that needs animation graphics. 

Download: Android | IOS


Another great app for creating vine videos is VLLO. With the app, you can easily edit your video since it has an intuitive user interface.

In addition to the standard video editor functions such as resize, crop, overlay, stickers, emojis, colors, a blurry effect, clip animation, and transitions, VLLO also supports various other features like chroma key, video layer, and many more.

The best part about VLLO is that even the free version of the software does not have a watermark. Overall, the app is a good one. I recommend trying it out once.

Download: Android | IOS


Quik video editor is another excellent option for both Android and iOS users. With its easy-to-use interface and a lot of essential features, this app is a must-have option.

It has all the necessary features such as trimming, cropping, text overlays, slow mode, adding texts to video, etc. In order to edit videos, you just need to add images and videos to Quick and let Quick do the rest. Within a few seconds, the results will appear.

In just a few seconds, you’ll see how the video is filled with amazing effects, transitions, music, and many others. Overall, the app is good. You can download it by clicking the link below.

Download: Android | IOS

How to edit vines

The editing of vine videos is so simple; all you need to do is select one from the list and download it, add photos and videos, choose effects, transitions, and others according to your liking, then export it to your device.

Take a moment to share it on social media with your friends:)

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Final Thought 

Video editing apps for Vine are covered in the post. These apps don’t require any special skills or devices; you can simply download any of them on your phone. I hope this post was helpful for you, and you can now select one of the Vine video editors for yourself.

Most of the apps are free, but there are a few that work on a freemium model, so if you feel that you need access to more features, then you can upgrade. 

I’d be happy to hear your suggestions and queries down below. Also, please feel free to share this post with your friends on social media if you find it useful.

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