How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on iOS and Mac

Whenever you use your browser to search for anything, it’ll store your browsing data, including cookies, so it doesn’t need to restart everything from scratch when you reopen the website later.

Generally, cookies can be helpful to speed up the browsing experience, as, without them, you need to do the login process each time you close the website from the browser window.

However, there are times when you need to clear these cookies, especially when you really find them to be troublesome. And in this article, we’ll walk you through the methods to clear Chrome cookies on iOS and Mac.

Clearing the browser cookies may offer you some useful benefits. If you often feel that a site you frequently visit suddenly not responding or has stopped working completely, the reason might be a cache conflict between the old and the new version. Clearing cookies may solve this issue.

Deleting these cookies may also be useful if you desire more privacy. By removing them, you’ll cut the ties to all the previous websites you’ve visited, and be free from those personalized ads. 

Before we’re learning about ways to remove these browser cookies, we think it could be best for you to first learn about the cookies themselves.

How to Clear Cookies in Google Chrome on iOS and Mac

Understanding The Cookies

Cookies are essential in any browser. These bits of data can help a website to remember you, so the next time you visit, you don’t have the things all over again. Thanks to these cookies, the site will remember your account, your carts, your logins, and many more.

Although they are functional to keep the browsing experience smooth, there’s still a possible risk of privacy as third-party users can use them to spy and steal your personal data. But, it doesn’t simply mean that you should avoid cookies at all costs.

You could mitigate the risk by knowing the different types of cookies, including the harmful ones, and how to avoid them. 

Are They Dangerous?

In general, no. Browser cookies are not dangerous. The data within these cookies doesn’t change, and can’t be used to infect your device with malware or virus. The cybersecurity risks come from the hijacking process by hackers. They will hijack the cookies, and check them to know your browsing activity deeper.

And by knowing your browsing history, they could easily know everything about you.

As mentioned above, there are several types of browser cookies, one of them being First-Party cookies. These are cookies used directly by the website, which are generally safer. However, the safety depends on the website you visit. The more reputable it is, the more safe you can be. 

Aside from first-party, there are also third-party cookies, which can be more troubling. These cookies don’t come directly from the website you visit. Instead, they came from totally different sites that might haven’t been compromised, causing a much bigger security risk.

Imagine this; although you only visit one website, the ads that might generate there can be 10 or more of that amount, causing lags and terrible browsing experiences as these keep popping out from anywhere. Although you don’t click these ads, the cookies will still record your browsing data, which is later used by companies to spread their ads. 

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on Mac

Now it’s time to clear some things. Regular cookie clearing is recommended if you are concerned about your privacy. In the first section, we’ll explain how to clear Chrome cookies on Mac. The steps are actually not that complex. See them below:

  • First, find the Chrome app on your Mac, you may easily find it through the taskbar or desktop icon. 
  • After you’ve found it, select the Customize button, or in this case, the three dots button. It’s in the top right corner.
  • From the dropdown menu, click the Settings
  • And then, find Advanced on the column, and from there, click Clear Browsing Data. It’s right under Privacy and Security section.
  • Now, you’ll meet two options here, Basic and Advanced. By selecting the Basic, you can see some checkboxes for cookies, browsing history, and other data, including cache. On Advanced, you may find even more options to check, like autofill data, passwords, and site settings. Select any of them you like, and proceed to Clear Data. 

If you really concern about your internet privacy, clearing the cookies alone won’t do it. What we’d recommend is using a VPN when you’re browsing. Try to pick the VPN for Mac can help prevent IP spoofing. IP Spoofing is really harmful as the hackers can access your device right through your IP.

So to better protect your IP, try to find a VPN that also offers this feature. 

How to Clear Chrome Cookies on iOS

For iOS, the process is basically similar.

  • First, open the Chrome app
  • Find the three dots button (a.k.a the customize button) on the bottom right corner.
  • A pop menu will show up, and then click Settings.
  • Click Privacy
  • Once you see the Clear Browsing Data option, click it. 
  • What’s different is that you can now also select the time range. So adjust it and the data you want to clear accordingly.
  • Click the button to Clear Browsing Data, and you’re done!

How Often Should I Clear Browser Cookies?

There are no strict rules about how often you should clear the cookies as it highly depends on you. If you tend to use the browser much, then it’s natural that you want to clear the cookies more frequently

Generally, you need to clear the browser cookies at least once a month, and it’s best to do it at the very end of the month as it’ll clear everything. So in the next coming month, you may start your browsing journey anew. 

Aside from the cookies, you might also delete the browser cache to make it cleaner and possibly smoother. 

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Clearing cookies in Google Chrome on iOS and Mac devices is a straightforward process that can help improve privacy, security, and overall browsing experience. Whether you’re concerned about online tracking, want to remove saved login information, or simply want to start with a fresh browser session, clearing cookies can be beneficial.

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