13 eBook Torrent Sites For You! [Working]

Whether you are a book lover who does not have time to visit a library or does not find the number of books available there appealing to your desire, then you can pick up from the “12 eBook Torrenting sites”, which will ultimately give you access to the global library where you don’t need to pay anything but your smartphone or pc will suffice to download your eBooks from these .websites for free.

Best eBook Torrenting Sites

List of eBook Torrenting sites

Look at the eBook torrent sites listed below to get a virtual library of eBooks that you can use online or download at your leisure. Scroll down below!

Note: In no way does USBcelldrive.com endorse torrents as a means of illegally obtaining content. It is your own responsibility to refrain from using the following torrent websites for illegal purposes. USbcelldrive cannot be held responsible for any legal trouble you may encounter. In addition, if any of the torrent sites below ask you for credit card information or other details in order to access the content, you should not visit them.



A comprehensive list of the best torrent sites is suggested by the name with a complete list of torrent sites that can be used to download torrents, as it provides a comprehensive list of the best torrent sites to use and is regarded by its users as the best eBook torrent sites to use. 

The site offers a wide variety of free content, including independent movies, TV shows, music, open-source software, games (PC, Xbox, PS), and anime. 

You can browse the list according to popularity and can choose anyone from the list. It’s easy to find the right site for you here due to the vast number of options.

As well as torrent clients, VPNs, download managers, and torrent news sites, torrent sites offer many torrent client programs. You will be able to find anything related to tormenting here!

Visit: Here



Are eBooks your favorite form of entertainment? If so, you’re in the right place!  Here you’ll find links to more than 90 free eBook categories.  There are books on science, engineering, programming, and fiction. 

They can all be downloaded for free without registering. Once you become a member, you can upload new books and post comments. 

You need to register to do so. It only takes a minute. Writing with a society allows you to create your favorites list (to download later), add new eBooks, and send messages to members. 

Visit: Here



If you are unfamiliar with this site, you must have guessed that it carried a digital library. This takes you to a fantastic collection of virtual books via another free torrent site for readers.

The most popular categories include Novels, Biographies, Magazines, Business, Education, Medicine, Non-Fiction, Fiction, and many more. The site has been categorized to simplify navigation for users. They can easily choose the category that best suits their needs.

Here, the site has established a sound system of classification. Among the categories on the website are the top 10 eBooks, recently added eBooks, recommended eBooks, and recently viewed eBooks.

Visit: Here

Planet eBook


This site offers an ample number of books where each book will offer an alternative to paying for books for readers who want to read for free. 

A large portion of the content on this site is exclusively public domain books from Australia. Another thing you need to do before downloading anything is to ensure that your country’s copyright laws are in place.

As a result, free eBooks available on the web are generally of lower quality than paper books, making reading them less enjoyable and more challenging. However, attempts to improve this circumstance are continuously made.

Visit: Here



With this site, you can download free eBooks in a format of your choice, and that’s the reason why this site has been included in our list of the best torrent sites.

Freee-Books.net features a variety of categories, including Action, Comics, Biography, Business, Economics, Horror, Fiction, Romance, and many others.

So, yes, this is a good website from where you can easily read your loved books anywhere with your favorite category. Additionally, users can earn commissions of 25% on every sale on this site.

Visit: Here



Torrent sites like ManyBooks are following best for eBooks. In addition to the best and peculiar aspect of this site, you can also use this site as a platform for promoting your book if you have written or are a writer.

There are multiple categories available for you to choose from. There are several options – Genres, Authors, Recommended, Languages, titles, Popular, etc.

You can download more than 50 thousand free eBooks here. ManyBooks is undoubtedly one of the best eBook torrents sites with an excellent interface and an extensive collection of free eBooks.

Visit: Here

The Pirate Bay


Furthermore, besides e-books, it can also deliver torrents for games, movies, TV shows, music, etc.

Besides being the world’s most popular torrent site, The Pirate Bay is also the most popular torrent search engine. 

With it, users can download torrents and transfer files without worrying about viruses. All its servers use SSL encryption for safety reasons and do not track or store your personal or private information.

Visit: Here



This is a good source for eBook readers who wish to download eBook torrents for free. It works as a search engine for finding the best torrents online. 

This is a great site to download movies, books, video games, and software. Using the menus and links on the homepage, you can access everything the area has to offer.

Featuring a beautiful interface and is easy to navigate, options are the advantages offered by the site to all the lovers of books. 

Visit: Here



Is this torrent site familiar to you?  It offers an easy-to-use interface that lets you browse and download books.  As with any torrent site, it is regularly updated.

1337X has something for everyone, so it’s great for gamers, movie fans, book readers, and television series fans. 

Among the many categories available on this site are movies, television, music, video games, applications, anime, documentaries, and of course, eBooks. 

The site will provide you with thousands of eBook options, and you can choose according to your preferences. A large number of the books can be downloaded together or separately. 

Visit: Here

Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents is an awesome torrent website that helps you to download free books, music, movies, software, TV shows, and games.

Kickass Torrents (KAT) is a community of developers, designers, and users who share their resources with each other to make the world a better place. Kickass Torrents (KAT) is a torrent meta search engine founded in 2008.

It is the 2nd most popular torrent website on the web with millions of unique visitors per day which makes it top from of the crowd.

Visit – Here


Check out 01Torrent, as you can also download movies, television shows, anime, and music.

This torrent site has the most straightforward interface, so you can easily download everything you want. Since the site updates every day, you are likely to find all eBooks on the site, regardless of when they were released.

Unlike other sites you must be aware of, you would have seen there the need for login or registering yourself, but here on this site, registration or logging in is not required to use this torrent site.

Visit: Here

Get Free eBooks

The following eBook torrent site is Get Free eBooks. Nevertheless, the site is far behind any other sites listed down here, one of the most capable and rich content sites to provide eBooks to its users through torrent seeds.

The site does not require you to sign up on it, and of course, there are non-collection charges on downloading any of the eBooks from this site. This site will undoubtedly have the eBook you’ve been looking for.

It’s a simple-to-use website specially created for all the booklovers. There are, like other sites, thousands of categories of eBooks like science fiction, fiction, short stories, horror stories, fantasy, erotica, engineering, and others. 

Visit: Here


Here, on this site, readings are customized to your needs. You can choose from audiobooks with highlighted text, braille books, large font books, and more. You can read books anywhere, anytime, on almost any device, including smartphones, tablets, Chrome books, computers, and assistive technology devices.

This is Cost-effective if you are long searching for this means. For qualifying U.S. students and schools, it is FREE, while for adults, it is less than $1 per week, and in certain countries, it is much less.

A total of 1,064,102 titles are available. Access a vast collection of textbooks, bestsellers, children’s books, career resources, and more for people who have reading difficulties.

Visit: Here


Final Thought

If you use these eBook torrents, only a device to read all your favorite content is required and no requirement to carry loads of books.

On these sites mentioned above, you can readily check and get access to all the eBooks you cannot find in a physical library. Check the links mentioned along with the site and download your searched eBook.

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