7 Best Food Delivery Apps That Accept Cash for Android or iOS

Food delivery companies play a crucial role in ordering food online to be delivered to our home or want a package delivered to our home. There are times when we don’t want to cook or want snacks without leaving the house.

But there are times Neither a bank account nor an e-wallet contains any money, or we don’t want to pay online. As a result, cash on delivery plays a significant role, allowing us to pay for our products in cash. 

Ordering food from the restaurant with cash leads to many difficulties due to misunderstandings. To make it possible for us to pay cash instead of credit, we decided to find the best apps that let us do so. 

As part of our search for the best, we tested many apps and have come up with these 7 Best Food Delivery Apps That Accept Cash for Android or iOS, with which you can place food online and pay with cash. 

List of Delivery Apps that Take Cash in the USA

If you’re a foodie who doesn’t like to eat out, then this list can be useful for you as these are the top Food Delivery Services That Accept Cash. Now you can order and enjoy food from your home using these apps.

Here are the apps.

Swiggy Food Order


One of the most popular brands is Swiggy, an e-commerce site that specializes in food delivery. If you are out of vegetables, want to eat some snacks or pizzas, or are in the mood to eat something from the outside without going anywhere.

Swiggy is always there if you need it. The brand is a mobile application where all the restaurants and supermarkets are available. You just need to open the app, choose the shop, add the item to the cart, and place the order.

The package will arrive at your door after some time. Regarding its payment methods, it accepts cash, and, in addition to that, you can pay online via debit card, credit card, or net banking. Check it out; I’m sure you’ll like it.

Download: Android | iOS

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Uber Eats: Food Delivery


Uber Eats is the second app on the list that accepts cash. This is another application-based company that lets its customer’s order products online that they want and get them delivered to their doorstep.

A wide variety of restaurants and eateries can be found here. You can order anything by downloading the app from the given link below, selecting the item you want, and placing it.

Along with cash as a payment method, it also accepts PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards. Additionally, you can schedule your meal to get it whenever you want. Also, there is the option for real-time tracking so you can see where the driver is when they will arrive, etc.

Overall, it’s a great app for ordering anything from home. You should give it a try. Download it from the link below.

Download: android | iOS

Grubhub: Local Food Delivery & Restaurant Takeout


Grubhub is another food delivery app that accepts cash. This is the perfect place to eat fast Food or outside Food, as there are many restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Grubhub offers attractive discounts and rewards to its customers, which you can claim while ordering. It’s easy to order from this app; all you have to do is download the app, choose the restaurant, add items to your cart, and place your order.

You’ll receive the order at your door after a while. You don’t need a debit card or bank account to order food here because it accepts cash. Grubhub also offers a subscription plan that allows you to take advantage of many offers.

If you choose the subscription, you’ll enjoy greater savings. You should give it a shot; overall, it’s a great app.

Download: ANDROID | iOS

DoorDash – Food Delivery


Among the top food delivery apps for Android and iOS, DoorDash also accepts cash payments. This app also allows cashless transactions and can be used to buy even if your e-wallet is empty.

There are a lot of options to choose from; you can cater to your mood based on the restaurants available. Moreover, it offers free delivery and charges a service fee based on the order amount, so it can charge zero for a small card amount.

Apart from that, it has a subscription model in which it offers members-only items and offers. When you place an order, you will receive real-time tracking of your food, so you will know where it is and when it will arrive.

Besides restaurants, you can also order from grocery stores, convenience stores, pet stores, and more from one tab. You can try it out using the link below; it’s a great app.

Download: Android | iOS

Delivery.Com: Order Food and Laundry


If you want to eat something spicy or something else and don’t want to leave your house, delivery is available for you. All you have to do is open the app, choose the food, and place your order. It is one of the apps that accept cash.

With Delivery.Com, you won’t have to wait long for your food to arrive at your front door. Along with cash, it accepts payment by credit or debit card online.

This will also save you time while working if you schedule your order to say this is what you want at this time.

Moreover, it offers rewards to its customers after a transaction is completed, which are worth up to $100. You can use it to order a free meal or anything else. It is a very good app; everyone should try it at least once.

Download: Android | iOS

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Seamless: Restaurant Takeout & Food Delivery App


Another great app for ordering Food is Seamless. It’s an application in New York that lists all the best restaurants, food, and drinks you can order. You’ll receive your order soon at your apartment.

Additionally, it provides many other offers to its customers so they can benefit from them. In addition, people can pay with cash, and no bank account is needed to use the service.

Here you can search for anything you want, and Seamless will show you some best recommendations. Check out the link below to try out this great app.

Download: Android | iOS

Deliveroo: Takeaway Food


Lastly, Deliveroo is another app that accepts cash. When you’re hungry and don’t want to cook at home, then Is there any food delivery cash payment near me? It must cross your mind,

Maybe you should give Deliveroo a try. It’s a food delivery app with a wide range of restaurants to choose from and filters as well. Once you have chosen your food, add it to your cart and place your order.

In a few minutes, your order will be at your doorstep. You can also check the offers section for more discounts. The option to pick by yourself is also available. You can go there and pick it up yourself.

Track the delivery man and find out where he is and when the meal will arrive. You should give it a shot; overall, it’s a great app.

Download: Android | iOS

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Final Thought

As you have seen, the list of best food delivery apps that accept cash for your order when you want to eat and are out of balance. The apps are top-rated and have positive reviews, so I hope you enjoy them.

If you know of any other apps that I missed or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment down below, and if you liked the post and found it helpful, please share it with your friends.

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