12 Games Like Gone Home To try Next


We’ve all probably played “Gone Home,” where you enter a house and start with your critical thinking to solve the mystery of the people residing there. With the game, you can become Kaitlin and explore the game world from a first-person perspective. 

You can complete various objectives in the game to earn rewards, open doors to new game areas, and search for hidden messages throughout the game world.


If you’ve completed a good portion of the game and your interest is now turning towards something new, check out the list of the best games.

List of Best Games like Gone Home

Here is the list of best games like gone home. You can simply install these apps and get started at the exact moment. Scroll down to check the list!



In Soma, psychological horror is utilized rather than the conventional scares found in most genre video games. There is a great deal of evidence in the form of notes and audio tapes that contribute to the atmosphere and the plot of the game.

In Soma, we experience the horrors in the first person from the perspective of a character. Throughout the game, the player will encounter a variety of creatures, each embodying one of the themes.

A “Safe Mode” has been added to the game, which keeps the monsters but prevents them from killing the player like it did in the initial release, similar to most Frictional Games games that require puzzle-solving, exploration, and stealth.

Download: Here

The Stanley Parable


A protagonist named Stanley is a 427 in an office building. Stanley is instructed to monitor data on a computer screen and press buttons according to circumstances. 

 In the confusion of what to do, Stanley explores the building and discovers that the workplace has been completely abandoned.

As a first-person observer, the player can move around and interact with the environment, such as opening doors or pressing buttons, but has no combat or other action-based controls.

The player is presented with the story by the narrator. We suddenly lost all data on our screen monitoring one day, something we’d never experienced before.

Download: Here

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 


By solving the deaths of the Carter Family, the player can piece together the story. As soon as the player finds a dead body, they can use paranormal abilities to recreate certain events. 

Ethan Carter vanishes in an open world where players may roam freely and explore at will; the game notes in its opening that it “does not hold the player’s hand,” and that includes very little explanation of its mechanics and plot.

First, they must find the location of critical objects, restore the scene to its original state, and then reconstruct the timeline of events tied to that death.

Various additional storylines must also be completed for the game to receive its final ending; some of these are puzzles, others are more like stealth games, in which the player will fail if the goal isn’t achieved.

Download: Here

Dear Esther


Dear Esther is a minimally-played affair in which you explore an uninhabited island, listening to a man reading fragments from letters to his late wife Esther read by an anonymous voice. 

A man named Donnelly charted the island in the past; Paul and 18th-century shepherd Jakobson lived on the island; and a man named Donnelly, who drove drunk when Esther was killed.

With each new spot found on the island, the game plays a letter fragment about that spot. Throughout the game, various audio pieces can be heard, delivering a slightly different narrative each time.  

Download: Here

The Witness


The Witness surpasses the standards of most other puzzle games. The walk between the puzzles and clues, broken up into over ten sections, is a breathtaking experience combining artificial structures and natural formations, among some almost alien-looking facilities.

Even with this extra context, The Witness remains relatively light on the actual backstory with players waking up alone on a strange island, opting for the standard amnesia setup players won’t have a clue about who they are or how they came to be on an entirely isolated island.

In order to regain your memory and return to where you called home, you’re going to have to solve over 500 puzzles in the game by using a repeatable mechanic and offering hundreds of puzzles.

Download: Here

What Remains of Edith Finch


Although for the moment, Edie believes she and her family have survived the curse, she soon notices strange happenings. In Molly’s 10th year, she consumes fluoridated toothpaste and holly berries; Barbara is 16and murdered during a home invasion or implied domestic conflict. Calvin is 11 and falls to his death from a cliff. 

Taking a ferry to the island of Orcas, west of Washington state, the player character carries the journal of Edith Finch. For the first time in seven years, Edith returns to her ancestral home on the island in her diary. At 17, Edith describes herself as the last remaining member of her family. 

Edie loses her husband Sven in a construction accident at her house. Walter steps outside for the first time in 30 years after living in a bunker under the house for the last 30 years and is hit by a train.

Download: Here



Exploration is the main focus of the game, not interactivity, as there is no narrative and no instructions are given on how to proceed. There are limited opportunities for interaction instance; animals can flee if you come too close to them. 

From a first-person perspective, the player explores an island in Proteus. The game’s soundtrack layers additional sounds and notes when the player gets close to objects and animals.  In contrast to the three-dimensional environment, many island objects are rendered as two-dimensional sprites.

A pixel art style is used to illustrate the island, consisting of hills, trees, structures, and animals such as frogs and rabbits; the layout of these elements varies each time the game is played.  

As the player moves around the map, their soundtrack changes based on their position and movement. For example, it may go silent at the top of a hill and become denser on the way down. 

Download: Here

Until Dawn 


The players control a linear environment as they search for clues and items. Moreover, players can collect totems that provide insight into the game’s narrative. 

A drama interactive game, The Game of Death, places players in control of eight young adults stranded on Blackwood Mountain until dawn and must survive until rescued. The game also has three-dimensional virtual environments.

In-game information is collected from everything players find and the length of time it takes them to find it as they play multiple times. “Don’t Move” prompts players to hold their controller as still as possible.

Download: Here



As the protagonist of Microsmata, the player navigates treacherous terrain, avoiding a mysterious threat, and searching for medicinal plants and fungi that can prolong his life. 

Due to this, he will quickly dehydrate if he doesn’t drink water regularly, and even though he carries a small canteen, it won’t hold up if he gets lost at night or on high terrain. 

A territorial creature may also stalk you on the island and you may fall down cliffs. A near-drowning or loss of consciousness can result in disorientation.

Download: Here

Heavy Rain


With the right analog stick and DualShock 3/4, you can control the environment by pressing on-screen prompts. In addition, the player can choose the difficulty level during the game.

The death of all playable characters causes a branching storyline. Players are faced with quick-time events in these scenarios. Various symbols are featured in each scene.

You can move the character forward and play your desired move in the game.

Download: Here



Here you will control the “imp” of Dreams. “Imp” interacts with the game world, creating new objects and characters and manipulating them with the interface. 

Accessibility is a priority at Media Molecule with Dreams. In Dreams, we aim to make the game more accessible to as many people with different needs as possible. 

Players control the imp by using the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Move controller. Demons can take the form of characters featured in dreams, allowing players to interact directly with them.

Using non-motion controls, the imp can be controlled with analog sticks.

Download: Here

The Beginner’s Guide


Wreden himself describes what the player sees and draws conclusions about Wreden as a creator in the game. 

From a first-person perspective, players can explore the environment and interact with some aspects of it as the interactive storytelling unfolds.

There are puzzles and conversation trees in some game areas, but there is no way for the player to fail or die.

Download: Here

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Final Thought

A game like Gone Home allows you to look at objects, interact with them and collect clues, objects to unlock and enjoy the game’s world. Each and every object in the house is meaningful and contributes to the solution of the mystery.

The broken photographs and old notes symbolize a larger puzzle or mystery that must be solved. This is what makes Gone Home unique.

Let us know what your favorite games like Gone Home are in the comments section, and please share this list with your friends.

If you have questions, leave a comment down below, and we’ll do our best to answer them all. Thanks for reading!


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