18 Games Like Spore For You! [2022 Edition]

There is a highly famous game called “SPORE”, which we all know very well. Spore allows you to unleash tons of events, such as creating empires over planets, altering new species’ evolution, and creating new kinds of species that take up residence on planets.

As part of Spore, players fight against each other on five stages for control over the universe. The game offers hundreds of possibilities for creating personalities that appear to make money, preserve religion, or subdue the universe.

Nevertheless, there is a desire to try something new if you feel monotonous doing the same thing all the time. If you played Spore at some point in the past, there are also many games that you might want to check out if you still do. We have come up here with the best list of games like Spore, which you must try!

List of Best Games like Spore

Here, we have compiled the list of the best games like Spore for you which you can download and install on your device. Scroll down!

Endless Space

It allows you to experience concepts related to science in “Endless Space.”. With high-quality graphics, Endless Space is a science-fiction game.

Your task in Endless Space takes you back in time to 3000 when technology has advanced dramatically, and you are required to take control of your empire by choosing one of nine different civilizations, settle political issues, conquer nations peacefully or with force, and move it forward through the ranks. 

Regardless of whether you love science or not, you can still play and enjoy this game—the aid of the “Academy”, which will train your heroes how to do so.

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No Man’s Sky

Another best game is “No Man’s Sky”. While No Man’s Sky is technically the most significant game ever made, the number of planets is over a trillion, despite some looking alike and giving you the same feel as those you have encountered while playing.

A galaxy full of planets and galaxies awaits your galactic exploration in No Man’s Sky. One of the most noteworthy similarities of the games is that you do not alter your course of advance as you march continuously towards the center of the universe.

As our sun revolves around the Atlas, the universe revolves around its caretaker. You’ll discover that every alien you meet and every planet you visit has its unique characteristics. 

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One of the best games recommended to you is none other than but “Thrive”, which is a free, open-source game similar to Spore and is, in fact, a video game. 

Similar to Spore, Game of Life allows you to become a single-celled organism and progress through the six stages of evolution using the resources and elements available in your surroundings.

Using ultramodern technology, you’ll be able to dominate other species and rule the entire universe and let your creativity do the next part, and get yourself immersed in the unique features of the game.

There is no cost involved in playing the game since it can be downloaded from the official website, which lets you tweak it to your taste.

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Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

This again is the best game with devastating monsters. The game could be spiced up with a bit of evil by creating them in packs and sending them off to various parts of the world to cause trouble for all species since your life depends on it. 

Procedural generation of the environment and open-ended gameplay allows players to see the evolution of the gameplay without having to pry into the process. 

This evolution game gives or takes life depending on your actions. As a player in Species, you can create living entities, observe them, and destroy them if necessary.

A gamer would love the experience of evolving a worm into a massive dinosaur or a lizard into a dragon. You can get a glimpse of this process by combining and matching genes and strains in the game nursery. 

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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

A solar system battle, building an empire, and strategic concepts are factors that will drive you to conquer. In the multiplayer mode, your friend will place a bounty on your head, forcing you to fight for your life as the battle line will be at your doorstep. 

When you face the need for extreme wealth, power, and territory, you will soon find that extremely high levels of technology can be the cause of any war that breaks out in the galaxy.

This sci-fi game requires you to draw up strategies, gather up the power of your troops, make magnificent use of the universe, and lead your forces successfully to conquer those empires that have rebelled against you and are troubling your mind for their sins.

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Plague Inc.

This is a game with great features and is worth trying. Throughout the game, you must select one pathogen from several different ones with different attributes and mechanisms. A hidden infection is spreading across the entire globe in a timed race before the cure is found. 

You will achieve your goals the more hidden you are in this infection, and the faster you spread it and by. Using different evolutionary mechanics and traits can increase your strain’s effectiveness to wipe out the planet with ease.

The ‘neurax worm’ can enslave them, while the ‘necro virus’ can turn them into zombies to save the earth.

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Endless Space 2 

The gameplay mechanics of ‘Endless Space 2’ are similar to is again a great featured game. There are five planets with different weather patterns, habitats, and races to choose from.

You will need to boost your race’s technological power to advance to the last civilization stage by holding researches that determine whether you move forward in the game. It is possible to interact with other planets.

While many gamers compared Endless Space to Spore, the game differs quite in its various technicalities and additions. Depending on your preference, you can play the game in single-player mode or multiplayer mode with a friend.

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Void Hunters

The game will give you three versions to choose from. To move forward in the following stages, these modes require a high level of focus and attention. Using ships and rockets, gamers must defeat their opponents in Void Hunters. 

There are a lot of dramatic battles involved in the game because the action is so intense. Void Hunters has a war mode where a player can attack an opponent as a team. As opposed to blueprint mode, players are asked to customize their ships and engage in battle. 

Also, gamers can test their scrap-made spacecraft in sandbox mode. Players must also understand warfare to flourish in this action-packed game. At times, the opponents could be attacked ferociously, making the game exciting with highly customized ships.


In “SimLife”, you can customize many aspects of the game as it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with anything that is there to replace. Gamers can make their fantasy world imitated in the game. 

In addition to being entertaining, the game also serves to educate gamers about life’s evolution. Players can also observe genetic development through the game.

Gamers can experiment with plants and animals of this world in SimLife, and it becomes the playground for them. Regarding the environment, the possibilities are endless; plants and animals can be created in SimLife, which makes it so engaging. 

The player in SimLife becomes the creator in real life with exciting characteristics.

Osmos ]

“Osmos” is liked by the number of users; here, you must absorb planets with your planet as your world grows in size to avoid destroying it.

As you control your bubble (planet) in an endless stretch of space, you will come into contact with other beads. Their size will determine how big your bubble will grow, but it will swallow it, and you lose when it comes to a giant bubble.

To succeed in this game, you will need to be cautious when playing for extended periods.

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The Kerbal Space Program

When playing Kerbal Space Program, gamers can create a lot of spacecraft. In every step of the game, players are tested on their skills.

Game players have to launch their crews to keep tabs on the happenings in the galaxy in these space wars. During the game, players were able to choose from three different play modes.

As the game progresses, the gamers must upgrade their crews to increase their strength and power. Customizing the game is the exciting part because it keeps getting better and better. 

You can either choose career mode, science mode, or sandbox mode in the Kerbal Space Program.

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The Mims Beginning

Whenever you prepare well, you will lead your people safely through times of threat and disaster. Even though fighting plays a significant role in the game, this aspect is one of the most appealing for me.

Even the Mims, who are your people, aren’t that smart, as they will need your assistance before they can do the basics. This will keep you busy throughout the game.

Structure crafting, animal breeding, and food provision are all aspects of helping your people survive.

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It’s possible to clone a creature in the game world that is either a little different or a lot different depending on how the DNA is cloned. Life begins at an introductory rate, and you’ll need to figure out how to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Developing more complex creatures from the clones of others will be a part of the game, too, as it gets more complicated. 

It has an odd art style with everything in the game represented in its most basic form, good gameplay features, and good graphics, which you may like or dislike.

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Similar to Spore, “Cosmogonia” is a game about exploring a universe and colonizing it. In Cosmogonia, creatures, both living and dead, provide challenges that require strategizing, winning battles, and scaling through.

The objective is to defeat other planets and conquer the entire universe by engaging them in a heated battle.

Just try it once, and you will never regret playing it. It is a very well-liked game with boundless enjoyment hidden in it.


The marvelous fantasy world of StarMade can be experienced in a sandbox environment. In this sandbox game, you will share a lot of fun on a platform in space that uses sandbox technology. 

Known for its stellar themes, StarMade is a game for those who love the stars. There are various tools that you can use to achieve success for your lead, such as spaceships, shields, etc.

With the world you rule, you can customize things according to your tastes. You will also encounter asteroids and other things that make the game more entertaining.

Throughout the game, you will be able to collect various minerals and elements that you can use to build different kinds of things. You can gain skills that can benefit you in a real-life situation this way.

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Spore Hero

In the game, one must defend one’s planet. To do this, gamers must participate in various battles as the organism they have chosen to be in the game. Players can also earn rewards by solving multiple puzzles in the game.

Various weapons and spaceships can be upgraded by solving puzzles in the game. A player could also use these rewards to expand their territory in the game.

 As well as this, fellow players are attacking each other in the game, invading the planet with aliens.

Alternatively, you can download Spore Hero for an advanced version. With Spore Hero, gamers have to use their imaginations more and create spectacular stuff. The gameplay incorporates the evolution of life, and controls are unique. 

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In the game, genetic changes and the urge to live are the main themes. It would help if you battled your way through various hunting stages to defeat hunters with altered genes who are more powerful than you.

Games like this are an excellent outlet for those who enjoy science fiction and want to showcase their talents as they learn new facts and theories in the game.

Let your creativity rock on and make you an ultimate winner.

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In Eufloria, you sow seeds and let them grow, similar to several other games we’ve got here. There is a lot of beautiful scenery, and it’s on the artistic level.

There are many ways to explore the fantasy world, and it takes advantage of different strategies to make it exciting and easy. Only when these seeds reach the final 21st level you will know you have got it.

As you progress through the game, you can explore over 21 levels. It has many features that can sometimes make you feel relaxed. You can also encounter game features that can prove quite challenging at times.

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Final Thought

It’s exciting because there are no time limits in the Spore stages. Regardless of how fast individual advances, they may do so at their own pace. But you should eventually try these best games which have been liked and played by millions of users worldwide.

The gaming world has many other games to offer gamers who have achieved the end of Spore. 

As you have seen the list of best games like Spore, you must be willing to start playing with them to have a seamless playing experience. 

If you have any queries, they are highly welcomed, do share this post with your friends and dear ones to let them enjoy these exciting games. Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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