11+ Best Games Like Torchlight To Try Next [2022 Edition]

We all know very well about Torchlight-An action role-playing game set in a fantasy town with secret dungeons and caves; Torchlight is fantasy-themed. Although the gameplay is simple, there is still a lot of depth for those who want to dig deeper.

Across the town, adventurers are battling flocks of monsters and collecting loot.

In Torchlight, you can explore randomized dungeons, take part in fishing, and take on bosses. As for classes, the game explores some options different from the usual archetypes found in most RPG action games.

Players in Torchlight travel from the town center to the town center to equip themselves for their travels, do quests, and sell any random items that their enemies have dropped.

As a break from Torchlight, if you want something similar, there are plenty of other games that you can enjoy. There are a variety of games you can play below, most of which cater to casual players.

Games Like Torchlight

List of Games Like Torchlight

Here we have come up with the best games like Torchlight to give you an incredible experience like the “Torchlight,” which you must try once!


The world was almost destroyed following the disaster, and everyone except for Kid was left as stone. During the game, you take on the role of the Kid and must protect Bastion from collapse, where Rucks, Bastion’s narrator, orders you to collect the Cores. 

Music and narration play an essential role in telling the story.

The isometric map of Bastion offers action-packed role-playing gameplay. Collectible weapons and items will be found and redeemed as you progress through the levels. 

Whenever you run out of fragments, known as cash, you can play any level again. Additionally, you will have to use collected weapons within a given time limit to complete challenge levels.

Once you complete the levels, you’ll discover Cores that you can use to upgrade Bastion’s hub, which will allow you to unlock a shop, a blacksmith, and an arsenal.

Download: Here


Aside from being a great action RPG, the Diablo series comes with exciting hack and slash mechanics. To make it out of the Diablo world, you must take charge of the Lone Hero character and fight off the hordes of enemies.

Additionally, there is a co-op MMO mode in Diablo where four teams can battle in an arena. Diablo offers superb gameplay, stunning graphics, and a lot to explore in its fantastic storyline. 

Diablo takes place below Tristram town, where you travel through 16 randomly generated levels and fight off enemies in multiple dungeons. There is no other way out of Diablo alive other than to defeat his evil army.

With all the hack and slash battles with the enemies, the many items you can find, the spell casting, and the ability to talk to the non-player characters in Diablo, it certainly offers a lot. It lets you use your unique skills to defeat enemies using a variety of character classes, including Warriors, Rogues, and Sorcerers.

Download: Here

Book of Demons

Using Flexiscope TM, the quest-length determining feature of Book of Demons, you can predict how long each quest will last. You can customize your play style and get the most out of the game, making it the first hack and slash game to engage genuinely. A devilishly charming game, Book of Demons lets you kill the troops of darkness found in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral. It also allows you to save Paperverse from Archdemon’s terrors.

The cliché story of good and evil and saving the land from destruction in Book of Demons. It is possible to retell the story in another way, with the humorous perspective of a parody.

Create your own set of devastating skills! Gather powerful skill cards, use them together based on your enemies, and collect your favorite bunch of destructive powers. Be warned, though. The efficiency of your cards will depend on the predicament you find yourself in, so be ready to make constant tweaks.

Dungeons should never be explored twice. Book of Demons’ levels are procedurally generated and randomly populated. The game offers three different classes (Mage, Rogue, and Warrior), the option to replay favorite quests or another choice of tackling dungeons on a greater difficulty level and progressing from there. With good reason, the difficulty level of the massacre is the highest.

Download: Here

Torchlight II

Additionally to continuing the story of Torchlight, it also features a flurry of activity in a rogue-like game world. Torchlight II is a new experience for newcomers and veterans and a well-established genre with hits such as the Diablo game series. Almost everywhere you turn, danger lurks, allowing you only a short time to gather your thoughts before you must once again face evil.

You can experience the beauty of grass in different environments, vast deserts filled with gems, and shining caves bursting with mushrooms in the steampunk fantasy setting. It will be difficult for you to reach your goal as you will face many opponents. 

After Torchlight, Torchlight II begins with chaos spreading from below the earth. Various creatures are heading against you in the form of a crazed ex-hero. To defeat him and your enemies is your ultimate objective.

Download: Here

Monster Hunter

This exceptional title is the story of a hunter who’s tasked with completing different jobs.

In, you set off on an epic questline, gather up things, weapons, armors, and so on. Then you have to fight and kill some of the most ferocious monsters and craft stuff using their body parts. 

You can join three other players in the co-op mode and delight in being part of a fantastic world.

Monster Hunter allows you to be an expert hunter and gives you several different quests to complete, like hunting quests, capturing searches, and gathering quests, all with missions of their own as well as tasks and monsters.

To complete the game’s objectives, you must kill some monsters and create different items and weapons with their remains like bones, scales, horns, etc., and hunt down many more monsters roaming about in the game. With a beautiful open-world setting, immersive gameplay, and beautiful visuals, Monster Hunter is one of the greatest ever-action role-playing games ever to be played.

Monster Hunter allows you to craft your guilds to enlist and train extra hunters and build your teams. Moreover, the game offers event quests you can enjoy in co-op mode online.

Download: Here

Path of Exile

A continent called Wraeclast is the setting for this game. Some skills are available for all classes, and there is a solid in-game economy in Path of Exile that will appeal to Diablo fans. 

A unique feature that the developers have built-in is player vs. competitive player mode, which allows you to fight your teammates and rise to the top of the leaderboards. 

Path of Exile is a free game that features a player vs. player mode. You have the option of choosing from the Marauder, Witch, or Templar camp for your character. According to the game’s creators, it will never abandon its roots, and it will never be paid like so many other games. 

There are gems, which are items you can earn during the game, that increase your skills.

Download: Here

Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is a fantastic action role-playing video game. In Boletaria, players can embark on heroic adventures. Players can leave warnings and messages in the game. There are scary monsters, ghosts, and other creatures in the world of Demon’s Souls. 

Devils from Demon’s Souls invade the mortal world in an enchanted fog. While fighting various enemies, players can create characters and pick up loot. You can obtain loot during battle if you defeat your opponents. Demon’s Souls features fun controls, graphics, and gameplay.

It is necessary to defeat enemies in order to earn experience points. Be careful when fighting ghosts and monsters. 

Download: Here

Titan Quest

Humanity has been destroyed by mythological creatures known as Titans. You must save humanity in this game. If you are looking for Torchlight alternatives, Titan Quest may be your best choice. Try it out!

You can customize your Titan Quest character in thousands of ways by using the in-game items that vary according to each class. There are 28 courses available when creating a character. 

In addition to the Great Wall and Babylon Gardens, it has some iconic sites. In addition, playing together with friends will be fun. 

Download: Here

Grim Dawn

Through this role-playing action game, Crate Entertainment has achieved widespread popularity worldwide. In addition, enemies can be dismembered, the environment can kill them, and there are new missions. There are eight classes to select from. A number of factions are featured as well. 

In Grim Dawn, you’ll find a world that is reminiscent of the Victorian era. Conflict-torn Cairn puts humanity at risk of extinction. It depends on where the storylines goes where your choice of side lies. A protagonist joining a rival section will make it hostile to them. 

Grim Dawn has several human characters facing adversity. As with most action role-playing games, Grim Dawn focuses primarily on killing enemy characters and collecting loot, such as gold, weapons, armor, and potions. 

Download: Here

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

Your character can be shaped in any way you like! Battle your friends, collect loot, and build your own house and dungeon! Wolfen: Lords of Mayhem is an action game that is made of hack-and-slash action accompanied by modern graphics. 

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an action RPG influenced by Diablo 2 that delivers a rich and intense gameplay experience. There are infinite ways to build your character, and many hidden secrets lie all around you. 

The mysterious Templars recruit you after you’ve been hunted by humans and wild monsters. You are now about to begin an epic journey in which you must fight inhuman, mutant monsters and discover humanity’s terrible secret.

It is an action RPG with a corrupt open world. Although you developed magic powers against your will, you fled the death penalty in order to escape the death penalty as an officer of the Human Republic.

Thanks to the unique Apocalyptic Form mechanic in the game, players can drastically alter their appearance! The game has a comprehensive customization system so you can make your character look exactly how you want it to. 

Download: Here

Dungeon Hunter

It is an action role-playing game developed by Gameloft, which is a hack and slash title. Initially designed for iPhone, Dungeon Hunter is now available across a variety of devices. This game series includes several headers.

Rogue, Mage, and Warrior are the three main character classes in Dungeon Hunter – mechanics and gameplay inspired by Torchlight and Diablo. These characters are all unique in their fighting style and abilities. The goal of Dungeon Hunter is to assume the role of the resurrected dead king, assemble your troops, and embark on an epic quest to find and kill the evil queen, undo the ritual, banish all the darkness, and save Gothicus from destruction. 

Featuring melee combat as its core gameplay, Dungeon Hunter offers multiple quests and battles against enemies to rid the Gothicus kingdom of its dark powers. As a way of reviving his wife, his Majesty performs a Dar ritual while grieving. Gothicus, therefore, becomes engulfed by an eternal terror as a result of darkness. It also corrupts the queen. 

It is revealed in the game that his Royal Highness and his bride die on the day they get married. It also corrupts the queen. After murdering the king, the queen plots to overthrow the king.

Download: Here

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Final Thought

Randomly generated dungeons and monsters await you in Torchlight. Nonetheless, the campaign length and overland areas in the mentioned list have a more realistic feel than other action RPGs. Each character class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Players can customize their characters according to their preferences!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any further questions. Make sure to share this list of the best games like Torchlight with your friends as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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