Garena Free Fire: A Beginners Guide and Tips on How to Play

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena in 2019 and was considered the most downloaded mobile game that year.

The game revolves around the player landing on a remote island, searching for weapons and resources while having the skills to eliminate their opponents for a chance of survival to win. The players would have to develop plans and abilities as the last one standing will be the winner.

You can download this game on your smartphone by heading to Google Play Store on Android or the App Store on iOS. If you are just beginning to play Free Fire, then we have the beginner’s guide to playing the game and also provided some tips to ensure you have a smooth play!

How to Start Playing Free Fire

1. Choose Your Character

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Decide your role and choose a character who best suits you, and observe their characteristics, skills, and strength to ensure you pick the right one.

Every character has their own functionality, and by understanding their power and what they are capable of, you will get the gist of how they will work for you and if they compliment you on the battlefield with how you play. You can also adjust the character’s appearance to be more customized to what you like.

2. Land on Your Chosen Location

The game starts with an overview of the map and the player ejecting from an airplane. The character will later glide down on a hoverboard and parachute to land on an island.

Based on the map, you will choose which location to fall on, in which you will then land at your preferred location.

3. Collect Resources

After landing, you will need to scout around the buildings and structures nearby. By loading your inventory, you will be equipped with items that will help you in the field, which are weapons to fight your enemies.

It is ideal for you to collect long and close-range weapons such as a sniper and a shotgun that you can use in any circumstances.

Moreover, you also need to collect things that could sustain the player’s health during battle. To gain EP (energy points), there are mushrooms surrounding the island you are scouting and consuming them helps boost up your energy, especially if you have taken a hit in the field and need to recuperate.

The mushroom has different ranges of EP based on the different colors available such as 50, 100, 200, and more, to restore your energy.

4. Be on the Lookout and Aim

With the resources you collect, you can start to sneak out and discover where your enemies may be. You can search for clues and hear gunfire sounds to identify their location while being on your guard as you don’t want them sneaking up on you and aiming from behind.

Make sure that you are not as targeted as possible and try to survive before the final showdown so you can have a chance of winning.

Tips and Tricks for You to Play Like a Pro

1. Practice Your Weapons

To be skilled in combat, practice the different types of weapons that you have collected and loaded to have better aim and quick movements to produce a clean shot. In addition, you will need to get used to the variety of commands on your smartphones.

Later on, your finger movements will be faster, and you will get the hang of it, making your skills to be much better during battle.

2. Shoot When Turns Red

When a visible red dot suddenly appears when the player is aiming, it means an enemy is in sight and nearby.

This feature in Fire Free is beneficial for you to target and have a chance to shoot your opponent quickly, so you should take full advantage of this remarkable attribute.

The red dot may sometimes not be a total kill, but it contributes to you weakening your opponent. Practice with pulling the trigger can help you execute better kills and have a sharp and fast aim, especially in intense fights.

3. Be More Tactful Than Aggressive

If you want to go and experience the full battle, by all means, go ahead. You can always hide and sneak in places or loot locations where your enemy will sure come by, and you can attack from there. You can also go to higher grounds to see a better overview of the battlefield and aim from above.

However, a tip for beginners of Free Fire is to be more tactful, and staying low will have a better chance of you surviving.

While staying in one spot will prevent you from getting aimed and in the safe zone, it is better to switch locations here and there as you want to survey the situation and ward off any disputes from happening.

4. Download Free Fire on PC

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Some people prefer to play Free Fire on PCs or gaming laptops than on their smartphones as the controls are hard to maneuver when you fiddle with your fingers. However, playing Free Fire on the PC would help enhance your experience as the game overview will be much larger, and the control keys will be much more convenient.

Plus, the framerate will experience a boost, allowing you to have a chance at amping up your skills during the game. Fortunately, emulators are available for you to play Free Fire on a PC that you can download, making your overall game experience more enjoyable.

If you want to experience a great battle royale game, then Free Fire is worth giving it a try as you will enjoy the structure and the whole game overview. So, have fun battling in the game!


So this was all about A Beginners Guide and Tips on How to Play Garena Free Fire, I hope you liked it and found it useful. If you have any queries related to it, comment down below. I would be happy to answer that further.

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