How to Bypass 40 Minutes Time Limit on Zoom – step by step guide

When you’re trying to get work done, and you need to Zoom in with a client, the 40-minute time limit can be frustrating. You might be thinking, “Is there any way to bypass the Zoom limit?” The answer is yes!

Here are four ways to bypass the time limit so you can focus on your work (and not worry about the clock).  

Many people have run into this issue, but there is a way to get around it. Keep reading to find out how.

What is the 40-min restriction:

The Zoom web conferencing software – which is used by companies like Post Office, BBC News, and Greenpeace – allows for 40 minutes of video conference time with a particular host for a free plan.

After that, the individual either needs to sign out or be removed from the meeting so another person can take their place, or you have to upgrade to the premium. Some users have been complaining about this feature for years, but the company hasn’t been willing to budge on it.

You might have run into this problem when you’re in a Zoom meeting with a client, and you get called away for a few minutes. When you come back, your laptop’s screen is black, and the timer has stopped at 40:00.40 >

What to do after the 40-minute cutoff:

The easiest way to get around this limit is to request a host change.  

Once you’re near the 40-minute mark, let your client know that you need to step away for a moment and then request a host switch when you return. If no one else has signed in by then, it’ll be easy to remove yourself from the meeting.  

Just remember to be courteous when you’re timing out of a meeting. It’s probably not the best idea to sign off right after your client has said goodbye because they might still think that you’re on the call. 

You don’t want them wondering why you’ve disappeared halfway through their sentence! If someone else has already signed in, it might be trickier to get out. 

You can try asking them if they mind sharing their screen with you for a second but keep in mind that not everyone is thrilled about letting strangers view their screen. 

If they’re hesitant, don’t push it – you’ll only end up annoying the other person and ruining your professional relationship.  

Another option is to try and snag a screenshot of your screen so you can share it with your client later on. Or, if the meeting was particularly important and urgent, you might be able to get away with sending them an email or setting up another Zoom call for later on that night/the following day.

#Second way – set the Calendar to Others:


This is one of the easier but, on the other hand, annoying for the other method. To bypass the 40-minute limit, you just have to follow the below instructions, and you’ll be able to do it.

  • Create an account and go to the schedule a meeting option.
  • It will open a pop-up box with information about the meeting start and end times, the name of the meeting, and more. So select as per your needs.
  • Create a meeting for 35-40 minutes only, and instead of google calendar, select “other calendar” from that tab.
  • Now click on the schedule meeting option.

The zoom will then display all meeting information, such as the meeting link, ID, and pass. Be sure to save this link, as we will need it later.

It is now time for the main method,

In the meeting window, a countdown clock will appear when the meeting nears the 40-minute mark. It is now the host’s turn to click on the Leave Meeting button so the session can end automatically. 

Note: make sure you do not click on the End for All button, but rather click on the Leave Meeting button.

Now you just have to rejoin the meeting by using the link which you saved earlier; that’s it. This way, you can skip the 40-minute meeting restriction and continue the meeting as long as you want.

#Third way – have a quick meeting with yourself:

If you have a subscription, the 40-minute restriction is easy enough to get around. However, if you only have a free account, here’s how to do it:

Invite yourself into the meeting and hit ‘Self’ as the host. Then you will be able to zoom for as long as you want.

#fourth way – pay for a more expensive subscription:

The easiest way to get around the 40-minute limit is to choose a plan with fewer limits. The company’s premium plans allow you to host meetings for longer than 40 minutes, but they also come with other benefits like HD video conferencing and unlimited meeting space.  

But since most companies don’t really need those features, they can probably get away with paying for a more basic plan that costs less every month. 

If you’re not too worried about high-quality video conferences, then you might want to consider splitting the subscription fee between several people who each host once or twice per month. 

That way, everyone will be able to avoid the 40-minute restriction and, hopefully, save a little money in the process.

Alternative of ZOOM:

In case you’re not a fan of Zoom, there are also other web conferencing alternatives that have been gaining in popularity over the past few years. 

Apps like Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting allow for video conferences with up to 25 people at the same time without cutting them off after 40 minutes. You can then upgrade to paid packages if you need more features.  

Just keep in mind that Google Hangouts won’t allow you to host a meeting without a Gmail account. Alternatively, GoToMeeting doesn’t require a sign-in and can be used immediately after downloading the desktop software.

The downside is that Gotomeeting services don’t offer any sort of free package for light users; however, they do have free demos if you want to test out the software before investing any money.

There are also other video conferencing alternatives that can be used with both your personal device and computer, but they might take some time to set up properly. 

For example, Skype for Business is bundled together with Office 365 subscriptions, but it requires a few extra settings to work properly. 

Messenger, another business-oriented app, is also easy enough to use but might not offer the best sound quality at times.

You can always check out comparison guides online if you want to learn more about which tools work best for your team.

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So there you go! How to avoid the 40 minutes time limit on Zoom. It’s pretty simple once you know-how. Plus, it can be really important if your meeting is over 40 minutes because you will not get kicked out of the meeting when it’s over.

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