[Guide] How to see Recently Played With in Steam?

How to see Recently Played with in Steam? Recently played with is a unique list that keeps track of all the games you have played against another user while playing on Steam. It also helps you see your commonly played games and other players who play Steam.

It can also be helpful for you to avoid the conflict of playing the same game repeatedly by notifying you about your commonly played games. Let’s move on to the guide on how to do this without wasting any time.

How to see Recently Played with in Steam 

Recently Played With will continuously update your list of recently played games if there are changes in your Recently Played With in Steam list.

Basically, the option will automatically synchronize so that you can see any updates without having to refresh the page or restart Steam through the Recently played with window.

#PC Process

Step 1) First, login with your ID on steam and click on the username.

Step 2) In the FRIENDS section on the left side, an option is titled ‘Recently Used.’ Simply click it.

Step 3) When you click this option, a list of your recent games and those played by other players will be displayed.

This is how you can see your recently played games list. This would also show you the friends you played with previously.

#Check through the app

Checking “Recently Played with in Steam” through the app is also super easy. All you need is to follow the below-mentioned process, and as a result, you’ll get to know what you are looking for.

Step 1) Open the Steam mobile app on your device.

Step 2) Now, log in with your Steam ID and password.

Step 3) In the top left corner, tap the hamburger menu and select Friends.

Step 4) Select Your Friends from the list.

Step 5) Steam will now display the Recently Played With option.

Step 6) Selecting it will display the most recent people you’ve played with and what game you were playing previously.

Here’s more 

  • Recently Played with in Steam will work only if the other players have recently played with the awareness option enabled. If you do not know how to enable the Recently Played with in the Steam option, email any Steam support team to know more about Recently Played with in Steam.
  • It doesn’t work only on the computer but also on mobile devices like Android and iOS, So Recently played options can be used by anyone who is signed into their account. 
  • It’s a great feature that allows you to discover new friends who are unknown, even if they have recently played with you.
  • Recently, Played with Steam is a straightforward process. If one of the players hasn’t recently played with the feature enabled, then recently played with it will not work for them. Still, sometimes the Recently Played with in Steam feature does not work if it is overcrowded, making the Recently Played with in Steam feature inaccessible for both users. 
  • It updates all the Recently played lists as soon as the Recently Played with in Steam option is enabled by both the users who want to play Steam games together.



Recently played with option is a great tool to connect with new Steam players; recently Played with in Steam also functions the same way. Recently played lists can be shared by both users willing to play Recently played games together. 

I aim to make this post useful and help you find what you seek. Let me know if you have any questions below, and if you find the post useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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