How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp [3 Ways to Do It]

Did someone block you on WhatsApp, and are you How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp when someone blocked you? Don’t be worried; there are ways to unblock WhatsApp in case you have been blocked.

There are a lot of us, if not all, who have been in the position where a loved one has blocked us from contacting them on WhatsApp. 

Those of us who were and are still victims of this can take comfort in the fact that there is good news on the horizon. Fortunately, there is a way to unblock WhatsApp in a safe and secure manner.

It is imperative that you know that nowadays, WhatsApp is highly secure and will not allow you to text someone who has blocked you. 

However, you can use a few tricks to unblock yourself on WhatsApp and start talking to them again. We’ll show you how!

How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp

How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp:

A lot of us are under the impression that there is no way to unblock yourself when you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

The reason for this assumption is that WhatsApp itself does not provide any functionality in its app to let you do this. Therefore, we need some other method to unblock yourself on Whatsapp.

Luckily, we have a couple of other options available to us in order to unblock ourselves on Whatsapp.

As we already mentioned, you cannot use WhatsApp’s official app in order to unblock yourself. Instead, we will be explaining two methods that you can use to unblock yourself on Whatsapp.

However, The first thing you need to confirm is that the other person really blocked you, or you’re just assuming that you are blocked.

How do I know if I have been blocked on WhatsApp?

1) It won’t be possible for you to see the profile picture of someone you’re blocked from. An avatar will be displayed if the person who blocked you does not have a profile picture.

2) You will not receive any messages, calls, or notifications from the person who blocked you.

3) Attempting to send a message to that person will result in an error stating that you are unable to send messages, or there will be a single tick.

4) The contact’s About section will not display its data. You won’t be able to see the contact’s last seen. Therefore, you can’t tell if the contact is online or not.

5) You will not be able to share photos, videos, or documents.

6) You won’t be able to invite them to join any group chats you may have. The person who blocked you will not see your invitation, and the group chat that you wish to add them into will have one less participant.

7) WhatsApp will display “calling” rather than “ringing” when you attempt to contact the contact.

There is a chance that the contact hasn’t blocked you if the above-mentioned verifications are false in your case of yours. As long as all of the above is true and has occurred to you, then you have been blocked. 

Now that we have determined this, you can go ahead and use the following two methods to unblock yourself.

How To Unblock Yourself On Whatsapp when someone’s blocked you?

Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp by Creating a Group:

The first method to unblock yourself on WhatsApp is by creating a group. This method requires two phone numbers.

To start out, simply tap on the Settings button in your WhatsApp and tap on the Groups tab. After this, tap on Create Group to create a group with two participants.

Now left the group with the third number. You can now talk to that person in that group. If you do not have two phone numbers, you can ask your mutual friend to do that. This way, you’ll be able to do it quickly.

Suppose you have mutual friends who know you and the person who blocked you. If the contact has blocked you, ask a mutual friend to add you and the blocker to a WhatsApp group and then exit the group. Now you can communicate with the blocked contact.

Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp with Deleting Account:

If you cannot find a friend who will be willing to create a group, you can try the second method. This method requires deleting your WhatsApp account and creating a new one.

Here’s how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp by deleting your account:

  • It’s as simple as it sounds. You have to log into your WhatsApp account, press the three dots in the top right corner, and then select Settings. 
  • After this, tap on Delete Account. After this, you will be asked to confirm that you want to delete WhatsApp. There is an option in case you change your mind at this point. If this happens, simply click cancel.
  • Now, delete the account and then rejoin WhatsApp using the same mobile number.
  • It’s that simple! Just make sure you backup your data before deleting your account.

It’s important that you have a backup of all the data stored in your WhatsApp account because once you delete your account, your previous chats will permanently be cleared, so the restore option will let you get back the messages.

If you have backed up any files via WhatsApp Desktop, your files will be safe. You won’t lose them due to deletion. 

How to unblock yourself on WhatsApp without deleting your account by broadcast:

There is also another way to unblock yourself on WhatsApp without deleting your account. You can bypass this issue by using WhatsApp’s broadcast feature instead of sending a message directly to your contact’s phone number.

WhatsApp broadcast is a message that you can send to multiple contacts simultaneously. The feature is similar to messages that have been sent to groups or broadcast lists.

Note: this method will require you to have an older version of WhatsApp in order to work; if you do not have then there is a lower chance that it will work for you. However, you can try your luck by using it.

Now, here’s how you can use broadcast to unblock yourself on WhatsApp:

  • To create a new broadcast, tap the three dots menu, as you can see in the screenshot below.
  • Select at least two participants/contacts. Consequently, you can choose one WhatsApp number that has blocked you from sending you a message and a second WhatsApp number that is in close proximity to you.
  • Once selected, tap the tick icon to finish.

  • The broadcast will have two members now. When you send a message through that broadcast, the message will reach both numbers through the Whatsapp number associated with your personal account.

So, if your WhatsApp version is older, this message is most likely to be sent to the person who blocked you. However, there is a lower chance that this method will be perfect as WhatsApp releases updates frequently and also forces us to update it.

Nevertheless, you can try your luck by following the instructions above.

In my opinion, this is the easiest method to unblock yourself on Whatsapp because it does not require you to involve a third party and delete your WhatsApp account, which is a major pain.

If we have missed any unblock yourself on WhatsApp tricks, then do let us know in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to add them to the list once we’ve verified that they work.

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Can I unblock myself from someone's WhatsApp?

Yes, you can – All you need is your phone number in both WhatsApp and the person who blocked you. Then follow the steps above, and you’ll be able to unblock yourself very quickly.

How do you WhatsApp someone who blocked you?

There are a couple of methods from which you can choose from. Choose to create a group or delete your account. These methods will require a third phone number.

Should I unblock myself on Whatsapp?

Yes, you should because if they block you, it only means that they can’t see your messages, calls, or photos. It also means that you have no control over what they can see.

Can I call someone who blocked me on WhatsApp?

No, you’re not able to call someone who blocked you. You’re definitely not able to call them from your WhatsApp number.

When will I unblock myself on WhatsApp?

As soon as you have been added to the group or after deleting your account, the person who blocked you will get a notification on their Whatsapp, and they’ll be able to see your messages. But that doesn’t mean that they’ll accept your request and start talking to you.

Can I unblock myself on Whatsapp with a phone number?

Yes, it’s possible – That’s what we did, and it’s working fine for us. It worked perfectly fine for me as well. But, make sure you have both your mobile number and the phone number of the person who blocked you.

Is it safe to unblock myself on Whatsapp?

Yes, this method is safe because WhatsApp doesn’t store any data or chats on its servers.

Can I unblock someone on WhatsApp without deleting my account?

Yes, you can! It’s possible. You can use WhatsApp’s broadcast feature instead of sending a message directly to your contact’s phone number.

Can I see the DP, Last seen status, and WhatsApp status if somebody blocked me?

No, it doesn’t work like that. If somebody blocked you, you wouldn’t be able to see what they are sending and what they have sent you before, nor last seen status and the WhatsApp DP.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Whatsapp?

You can only find out if someone is blocking you when you try to send them a message. If they don’t receive your messages, then it’s a fact that they blocked you.


In conclusion, I think the safest way to unblock yourself from someone’s WhatsApp is to create a group or delete your account. This can be done by adding another contact number to a group along with you and the blocker.

Whatsapp users have a choice: they can create a group, and they don’t have to go through with deleting their accounts. If you are one of those people that don’t like deleting your account, then I suggest you use WhatsApp’s broadcast instead of directly messaging them.

I hope you find the article helpful to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. Do share this article with your friends.

In any case, if you have any queries related to how to unblock yourself when someone blocked you, then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We’ll be happy to assist you with our answers.

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