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If you have been looking for a way to increase download speed from file-sharing websites, you may know that quite a few software utilities are available on the market. 

One software is IDM Optimizer Download which can increase download speeds by cleaning, repairing, and optimizing Internet connections.


First off, it is considered the best and most popular tool on the market, mainly due to its simplicity & effectiveness, and IDM Optimizer Download is the way to go. 

Let’s get to know more about it along with the IDM Optimizer installation Guide.

IDM Optimizer Free Download

What is the IDM Optimizer?

IDM Optimizer is a unique application designed to speed up downloads and optimize internet connections for faster speeds. 

The software has many new and improved features that will help you boost up your downloading speed, and results will be noticeable almost instantly after installation.

The software features many tools to help you in optimizing your internet connection. The accelerator will scan the system for a few seconds and display all the available connections in the PC.

It will check how much speed can be increased when certain network protocols are used along with the advanced Networks adapters settings; this feature makes it compatible with various types of internet connections like DSL, Cable, Satellite, and dial-up.


The software will set the optimal TCP receive window size for your particular internet connection speed. The latest version of IDM Optimizer features support for IPV6 networks along with many other new features that were not present in earlier versions. 

With this tool, you can also increase the download speeds by specifying the number of connections that you want to use; the tool also includes intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology, which will increase your download speeds up to 5 times faster.


Other than increasing download speed, IDM Optimizer Download has many other perks. First off, it automatically detects and compacts your files by removing excess data in them (e.g., ‘garbage’ characters). 

It also supports multiple languages for its interface and locale settings. You can also regulate its settings according to your preferences. 

How To Increase IDM Download Speed with IDM Optimizer:

1) Download the latest version of IDM Optimizer [Click Here].

2) Next, install it and simply open it.

3) Click on the ‘Browse’ button and choose the folder to store your cache file. 

4) After that, it will detect all the necessary settings for you to optimize IDM download speed.

5) Finally, click the ‘Apply’ button to apply changes and start optimizing your internet connection speed with IDM Optimizer Download.

The software will display an image depicting the percentage of maximum achieved download speed; for example, if you are using a 2 Mbps line, then it will tell you that this particular line can support up to 5Mbps.

To get the maximum download speed while using IDM or any other download manager, we recommend that you use a broadband line with speeds of at least 1Mbps. This will give you the best possible results when it comes to downloading large files from the internet. 

The tool also features an option for users who want even higher speeds; this is available in the ‘Settings’ window; you can select custom TCP receive window size by using the slider provided on the top-left side of the window.

How To Revert Back:

If you don’t like the new changes or some of them are not working correctly on your system, it is straightforward to revert back to older settings.

Simply go to the ‘Tools’ section and choose ‘Reset All Settings. This will reset all of your internet connection speed tuning options to their default values.

This way, you can try different settings for specific connections and revert back to the original settings if something goes wrong.

Increase the download speed of secret tricks:

If you are not getting the best possible download speeds, IDM Optimizer also features some secret tricks to increase your download speed.

There are many broadband providers that throttle down internet speeds once certain limits are reached. Still, if you use these secret techniques, you can easily bypass this restriction and get the maximum possible speed from your internet connection.

This feature is available in the ‘Tools’ section and is called ‘Bypass speed throttling.’

After you select this option, all you have to do is wait for a few seconds while IDM will automatically detect your internet connection type and configure itself to get the maximum possible download speed.

This feature will work regardless of your type of connection, whether it is dial-up, DSL, or cable. It doesn’t matter if you are using Windows 7, 8, or XP operating systems because this feature will still find the best settings for your broadband internet connection and will maximize your download speed.

When we tested IDM Optimizer, we were able to increase our download speed by 20 percent with this feature.

You can also increase the download speeds of IDM (Internet Download Manager) by modifying its internal configuration file manually. To do that, you need to open the ‘preferences’ file in notepad and find the following line:


Now simply change the number 5 to a higher value and save these changes, this way, you can achieve maximum download speed from IDM when downloading large files from websites such as Rapidshare or Torrents.

In our tests, changing this setting to 20 worked perfectly for us, and we were able to double our download speed when downloading big files with IDM.

This can also come in handy if you are having problems with your current Internet connection and the default settings of IDM Optimizer Download do not work correctly on your system.

Task Manager Tweak to get maximum speed:

Another simple way to increase download speeds is by tweaking the Windows task manager settings. To do that, simply right-click on your taskbar and select ‘Start Task Manager.

Now go to the ‘Processes’ tab and end-all of the unnecessary processes that you don’t need at the moment. Doing this will free up lots of memory on your local computer, which will allow programs to run faster.

This tweak can help you get higher download speeds from IDM because the program will have more memory available for itself, and it won’t slow down your computer while downloading huge files.

This simple procedure is often enough to solve speed problems, and you don’t have to make any other changes. Still, if you want to get maximum speeds from your connection, then we highly recommend using this optimization tool because it has many great features and is very easy to use.



IDM Optimizer Download is an amazing tool to boost up your download speeds; it’s compatible with all types of internet connections and has many features that will help you speed up your downloads and help you improve your internet connections with just a single click.

I hope that you have got all the information related to the Increase IDM Speed With IDM Optimizer; still have any queries, comment down below; we would love to answer that further, and if you liked the post, do share it with your friends.

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