Skyrim vs Witcher 3: What’s the best one?


Skyrim vs Witcher 3 is currently one of the hottest topics in the gaming community. Both games were released within three years in their respective formats, and Skyrim came out in November 2011, while The Witcher 3 was launched in May 2015. 

Some people like Skyrim more than Witcher 3, some like Witcher 3 more than Skyrim. Hence, the detailed post is here to provide you with all the details about the games, including gameplay, story, which is better, etc.


Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Differences Between The Witcher 3 and Skyrim

The main difference between Skyrim and Witcher is that lies in the graphics department. As seen from screenshots by many gamers across forums on Reddit, NeoGAF, TweakTown, etc., Both are visually pleasing. Still, somehow The Witcher seems to have a more realistic overall look, especially when it comes to the overall color tone given to the world.

The Witcher 3 provides a flawless gaming experience with a great storyline and quest. It was also praised for having a great PC version as compared to its predecessors, who were not so great in this regard. 

The controls are easy to understand, even for those who have played single-player games just once or twice before. 

There is an extensive tutorial provided within the game that explains all you need to know about each button on your screen and how they can be used together. 

And finally, there is no need for any graphics card by top-end PCs – everything runs smoothly even if you play it on minimum settings! However, one thing remains constant, and that is that all of these graphics can be attributed to Nvidia.

The Witcher 3 cannot be played with AMD because the fans were not used in this game at all. In addition, if you have a Radeon card, then you will need to upgrade it for high-resolution texture packs, etc., although there are still issues when playing on Vsync, which causes stuttering considerably when enabled. 

Many gamers have discovered that disabling Vsync resolves this issue almost entirely.

Skyrim provides a good storyline along with good gameplay overall. Still, it doesn’t seem so real as compared to Witcher 3 because of its colorful world and nonsensical quests just for the sake of entertainment without any hope for reward. 

If we talk about controls, then Skyrim was made for PC, and there is no doubt about it. First of all, the controls are easy to understand if you have played games on PC before. The tutorial provided within the game explains all that you need to know about each button on your screen as well as how they can be used together. 

However, sometimes, during quests, NPCs would start talking at a faster rate than the actual voice, which makes it difficult to understand, but this isn’t that much of an issue because everything else is excellent in Skyrim compared to other single-player games available today. 

Some people also say that the graphics are too colorful, but I feel this adds more character to Skyrim overall, so I don’t really care about it!



Both games are basically RPG with fantasy settings; the gameplay is quite different. For example, instead of using potions, you drink alc#hol and regain health and stamina as well as damage enemies by throwing bottles at them! Some people also find it challenging to upgrade armor and weapons because they cannot change how much each material costs or what can be done with it.

When it comes to one-on-one combat, Witcher 3 is much better than Skyrim since you can parry attacks and then use heavy blows that deal a great amount of damage. The same goes for magic – lighting strikes and other spells basically come out as fast as possible, unlike in Skyrim, where they needed mana points for each attack and a cooldown before a different magic attack could be used. 

Some people also hate the fact that Skyrim is much more linear in terms of quests and overall storyline as compared to Witcher 3.


However, Skyrim provides a better combat system in general since you can use all kinds of weapons effectively, for example, swords, daggers, etc. But when it comes to Witcher 3, it relies more on sword-fighting and that alone which makes it quite boring. To make things worse, the combat was also criticized because of its slow and clumsy nature as compared to Skyrim’s not so clunky but faster and smooth system.

Both games have an array of features such as looting dead b#dies for treasure, fighting creatures like wyrm, dragons, etc., talking with NPCs, but these are old features that have been used in the past.


Skyrim’s storyline has many flaws that can be seen right away. For example, there is no background story behind the game, which means you cannot play this game just for fun without knowing the story. 

This is because Skyrim’s overall storyline was not created to be connected with the game, which basically means that you needed to read into books and other stuff for clues or answers before actually playing the game.

However, Witcher 3 has a good overall storyline that explains everything in detail by providing sub-stories and subplots that make it much more enjoyable.


Skyrim provides great graphics, but it doesn’t live up to the expectations of Witcher 3, which is more realistic with its graphics and detailed world map than Skyrim. 

However, Skyrim has a color-rich environment that makes you want to explore all around just for the sake of seeing beautiful views! Without this, Skyrim’s graphics would be bland and boring since it only provides one type of environment.

Witcher3, on the other hand, provides all kinds of graphics, one being realistic color-sided while others are simple but always beautiful.

Skyrim vs Witcher 3 – which one is better?

The question first appeared because people were comparing the two games and deciding which one was better than the other. I decided to look into it and see if there was a clear answer. 

After looking at both, both games have their own pros and cons, so It is difficult to choose, But if I am forced to choose one, it would be Skyrim because the game had many interesting sub-plots and sub-stories, which made it more fun to play. 

For example, you can read books about dragons and their history leading up to the war with humans, the destruction of Alduin, etc. This is unlike in Witcher 3, where the game lacked depth and was boring after a while.

So I would go with Skyrim, although this is just my opinion, you can choose Witcher 3 if you want!

#pros and cons

Witcher is speedy and smooth in terms of gameplay, with a wide array of weapons to choose from, unlike in Skyrim, where you only get to use swords, daggers, etc. But when it comes to Witcher 3, it relies more on sword-fighting and that alone which makes it quite boring. 

To make things worse, the combat was also criticized because of its slow and clumsy nature as compared to Skyrim’s not so clunky but faster and smooth system. However, in Witcher 3, you can use magic and other stuff, so this makes up for its slow gameplay in the long run. 

But in Skyrim, you cannot use any magic except in some scenarios and in particular instances, so this is a big setback, in my opinion.

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Skyrim’s gameplay still beats that of Witcher 3 because even though it may be clunky, slow, and simple, it provides a unique type of combat system unlike any other RPG out there, where characters are required to use swords instead of spells in order to defeat enemies.

Plus, Skyrim’s customizability is much better than Witcher 3, where you can change how combat works by simply downloading different mods for the game.

On the other hand, Witcher 3 has a realistic environment with amazing graphics, which are also color-sided, unlike in Skyrim, where colors are simple but still very beautiful! Witcher 3 also has a good storyline, sub-stories, and subplots that run in a web of mysteries, making the game all the more enjoyable.

It’s that time. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section. If you enjoyed this, be sure to share it with your friends.


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