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How satisfied are you with the service provided by Tops Markets? You can rate Tops Market in their Tops Market Customer Satisfaction Survey. Initially, Tops Market just started this survey, and people are constantly registering. 

The Tops Friendly Markets Customer Experience Survey is organized at; the site lets you share your past experience with brands to improve their service.


This discussion will focus on the Tops Market Customer opinion survey and tell you everything you need to know about it. So let’s get started. 

Tops Market Customer Satisfaction Survey

What is the Tops market? 

Tops Market is an American chain of supermarkets. Throughout this chain, you’ll find daily-use products at genuine prices. It is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States. This chain is distributed across 50 states in the United States. 

Tops Market introduced a survey to allow customers to express their opinions about the company’s services. Each customer is independent to write about what they experience at Tops Market.

Why is the Tops Friendly Markets Guest Satisfaction Survey conducted?

A survey aims to improve the brands, their services, and customers’ experiences so that there are no complaints. This survey is mainly conducted to know what customers think about a company.

Everyone who has shopped in the past must participate in a survey to improve the environment and services. Similar to the Tops Friendly Customer Feedback Survey, Tops Market collects feedback from its customers.

The survey data will improve Tops Market’s service and environment, and customers who participate will be eligible to win a Tops Market coupon as a prize.

How to enter the Tops Market survey?

Filling out the Tops Market survey is very simple. You just need to follow these steps:- 

  • The first step is to visit the official Tops Market website. This page will show you the interface that you can use to complete the rest of the process. is the link that directly lets you in the survey site. 
  • The next step is to enter your state, store, and date of your visit on the official website. The customer will have to share this information on the site in order to access the survey. 
  • The next option requires you to enter an email address. Well, it is optional, but if you do enter this, then you will easily be contacted by the company and kept in the loop on their next offers. 
  • In the next step, you have to choose the time of your visit and the amount you spend to buy products. 
  • The survey will begin once you click on the “Next” option after entering all the required information. 
  • When the survey begins, the company will ask you questions. All you need to do is answer them and click on the submit button.

Once the survey is completed, you just have to wait for the results. Sweepstakes administrators promote the results of the Tops Market survey. After the results are announced, the company will contact you (only if you win). Survey Rewards and Prizes

The survey comes with a prize so that the users/customers are motivated to provide real feedback about the services offered by Tops Market.

As a part of the survey, the company will conduct a lucky draw. In this case, the card will be given away to a random customer with a $100 top. Thus, one of the randomly selected people will receive this prize. 

The winner of the survey will use the gift card to shop at Tops Market. You can also get a $100 gift card by participating in this survey. 

Note:- Redemption of a Gift card?
The company strictly prohibits the redemption of gift cards. This means that the survey winner is not eligible to exchange the gift card for cash. Instead, the survey winner receives a gift card of $100 which can be redeemed only at Tops Market stores. 

Tops Markets Customer Opinion Survey Rules & Eligibility

Everyone is not eligible to take part in this survey. Some eligibility criteria apply. So In order to participate in this survey, you need to fulfill all the requirements. 

  • You must have shopped at Tops Market Stores at least once because customers will need to enter their receipt number while registering for the survey. 
  • Make sure you have an internet-enabled device like a laptop or mobile phone. 
  • You cannot apply if you are not a resident of the USA. This survey is only available to residents of the United States. 
  • The minimum age requirement for this survey is 18 years old. Please make sure you have reached the age of majority (18+) before applying for this survey. 
  • The customer applying for this survey must be familiar with the English language because This survey requires all responses to be written in English only. 
  • You cannot also apply if you are connected to an employee or participant in the company. Even if you are a relative of a Tops market employee, you are ineligible to participate in the survey. 

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Here we discussed the Tops Market survey. It is an excellent opportunity for you to win a $100 prize by reviewing the services of Tops Market stores. So go ahead and complete your registration now and help them to improve their service.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding this Tops Markets Customer Satisfaction Survey in the comments below, and if you find it useful, please share it with your friends.

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