5 Ways to Manage Your Steam Games

Amongst numerous gaming platforms, Steam is considered the best and the feature-rich retail destination for gamers. It’s not just a gaming marketplace, but the desktop client allows you to stream your gameplay to the online audience, organize your game library, and chat with co-players. 

With so many features on display, many useful and significant elements may go unnoticed by beginners and even long-time players. The article enumerates some of the best Steam tips so that all avid, as well as new gamers, can make the most out of it. 

Ways to Manage Your Steam Games

Enable Steam Guard

When you are playing a game online, security is important, and assigning strong passwords is the key to ensuring maximum protection against online threats. However, adding an extra layer to strengthen security is never a bad idea.

Enable Steam Guard on your account, as it will ask you to add a special access code to verify your Steam account when you attempt to log in from a new device. Once you enter your Steam account credentials, you will receive the special code via email or in the Steam app on your mobile phone. 

The way you receive the special code depends on the Steam Guard Setting. To enable Steam Guard for better security, go to Settings, click Account, and tap Manage Steam Guard Account Setting. 

Create a Collection


Collections are an easy and great way to arrange your games on Steam. That’s similar to organizing games on a computer, but before wasting any disk space. Sometimes, you may need to refer to the tips mentioned here to delete several games and other data when you are low on storage, particularly on MacBooks with 128 GB SSD.

Collection stores games in a user-specific manner; else, all your games are stored in an alphabetical sequence. In Steam, you can create as many collections as you want to store your digital games efficiently. To create a collection, right-click on the game, click Add To, and then tap on New Collection. 

You can provide a desired name to the shelf and can put as many games as you wish in a particular collection, Action Games, Adventure Games, for example. Later, if you want to move a game from one collection to another, right-click the game, select Add to, and pick the name of the collection where you want to move the game. 

Join Steam Beta

By creating a Steam account, you gain access to the features that are offered by Valve Software to the public. If you want to access additional adventurous features, we recommend you sign up for the Steam Beta.

By participating in Steam Beta, you can access the features that are not released to the public and are still in the testing phase. For example, Storage Manager will allow the players to manage various games installed on the computer in a much more organized manner. 

To participate in Steam Beta, log in to your account in Steam, go to Settings, click Account, and tap on the drop-down menu in the Beta Participation section. Click on the Steam Beta Update, click OK, and reboot. 

Add Non-Steam Games


Several games, such as Battlefront II, are not available in the Steam Store; you need to download them directly from the developer’s website. This is something that gamers do not like as it compels them to use different clients for launching the games. 

To make Star War: Battlefront II a part of your game library on Steam, click Add a Game in the bottom-left corner of the interface and tap on Add a Non-Steam Game. Next, pick a title, and click Add Selected Program. 

This will help you keep all your games in one single place, which seems more convenient. You don’t have to put in extra energy to visit any particular website, search for the game you want to play, and then launch it to start your gameplay. 

Track Gaming Activity

Steam allows you to check the details of the other Steam players with whom you have recently played using the Recently Played With feature. It also helps you track the commonly played games. This prevents you from playing the same game with co-players over and over again. 

To check the Recently Played With on the computer, log in to your Steam account and tap on the username. On the left side of the window, spot the Friends section and click Recently Used. A list of recent games will appear along with the games played with other players. 

You can also check this within the Steam app on your phone. But you can only access this option if another player has also played with the awareness option enabled during the gameplay. The feature works on Android and iOS devices.

Steam is an excellent platform that stores, organizes, and manages your games seamlessly while allowing you to track the gameplay in different ways. You can also use the gaming platform to bulk-install or bulk delete games to save your valuable time and energy. 

Originally posted 2022-11-01 01:50:27.

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