health benefits of avocado


1. Rich in nutrients

Vitamin C, E, K, and B6 are all present in avocados, as well as riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium.

2. Great for vision

Avocados contain two phytochemicals found in eye tissue, lutein and zeaxanthin. They provide antioxidant protection to help minimize damage caused by UV radiation.

3. Healthy for the heart

Avocados contain 76 milligrams of beta sitosterol, a natural plant sterol. The consumption of beta sitosterol and other plant sterols may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, which are essential to heart health.

4. Components may prevent cancer

Avocados have not yet been directly linked to a reduction in cancer risk in studies. Avocados do, however, contain compounds that may help prevent the development of some cancers.

6. Reducing depression risk

Avocados are an excellent source of folate, an essential nutrient for good health. There is also evidence that low folate levels are associated with depression.

7. Protection from chronic disease

Avocados contain monounsaturated fatty acids that may prevent chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

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